A few weeks ago we spent the day at the San Diego Zoo with our rad photog friends, the Kaiser family! Its always a good time hanging with these peeps, especially because our kids have so much fun when they're together!



Hudson and Grace are BFF!








Sloan does this thing where he tries to stick his fingers in every person's mouth he comes close to...I guess this ape was no exception!


My favorite shot of the day!

Jasper has the biggest and best smile I have ever seen on a kid! Believe it or not, this is just his half smile!


Peek-a-boo in the photo booths, it was pretty funny!




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Lindy said:
Sometimes I just don't want your blog posts to end because they are just so dang FABULOUS!
(10.17.08 09:46 AM)
david & kimi b said:
is it just me or could gracie and hud be sibs? either way they are too cute!! have a blessed weekend a & j lizzle!
(10.17.08 09:51 AM)
jac said:
yeah!!!! our kids are just toooo dang cute! they all just melt my heart :) we had such a rad day with you guys...especially since all of the kiddos were on their best behavior!
(10.17.08 01:26 PM)
Kathleen Hennessey said:
Amelia & Hud. . . I die! Everytime I look at your pictures I am completely transported! Everything about this shoot makes me soooo happy! From the big beautiful eyes of each of your babes, to the reflection on the glass of your littlest! I live vicariously through you guys! Thanks for posting such an escape for me!
(10.17.08 02:41 PM)
Ben Turner said:
Too cute!! What lens did you use??
(10.17.08 06:53 PM)
sandie said:
i love these pictures.. saw them over on their blog.. of couse yours are the best!!!! I love Sloan looking in a the fish. How fun it must be to have your kids enjoying friends just as much as you do! What cute little monkeys you and have! xoxo
(10.18.08 10:37 AM)
Jenny said:
i'm originally from san diego - i miss it so! i love all of these - my fav is the orangutan shot - very cool
(10.19.08 02:55 PM)
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Justin took this while we were up in Idaho! Obviously, I think Sloan is totally RAD! Happy Friday everyone!

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carlie.renee. said:
that is so freakin awesome!
(09.26.08 12:24 PM)
Lucy M said:
Aww! Super cute! You are a nice-looking family! Hey...I need to photograph my family more!!! LOL :-) Have a great weekend!!!
(09.26.08 12:53 PM)
Jessie said:
Of course Sloan is RAD!! And so is Hudson, and Justin and Amelia! We think you are all rad! Nice photo Justin!
(09.26.08 02:12 PM)
jac said:
awwwwwwwwww!!!! i love it! he is sooooo cute and his shirt is radical!
(09.26.08 02:15 PM)
Chenin said:
awww... you *know* I have to have one now. You think it's tax deductible?
(09.26.08 02:43 PM)
Jasmine Marie said:
Way too cute. He's got your hair color and everything!
(09.26.08 03:06 PM)
Ashley said:
That little cutie pie is all boy- white Robeez or not! And I'd have to say, you're pretty rad as well! So cute.
(09.27.08 01:25 AM)
sandra said:
he is so big!!!! and so cute!!!! i can't believe he is almost a year old.
(09.27.08 10:35 AM)
angie + matt said:
Sloan is soooooooooooooooo RAD! So his Hudson!!!!!!
(09.27.08 03:19 PM)
ROG said:
So I was noticing the cool shirt and it looks like it was made by a company called "small junk", (ironic or not). The name grabs me and I will copyright it asap. I will mass produce it. I will make sure it gets into the finest cereal boxes (such as Golden Grahams) and everyone will be wearing it by Christmas. Thank you Amelia, you've found a way in this economic poop to make me rich. By the way Sloan, we all think you're RAD, and we are all right.
(09.28.08 12:06 AM)
DrewB said:
Brayden has the same shirt in brown and I did a little shoot with him in it last week too! Great minds really do think alike!
(09.28.08 08:28 PM)
Paige Green said:
hey, i was at the Matheson's this weekend and found out you were in their ward! crazy! i worked for them. anywho, right on sloan. keep on keepin on.
(09.29.08 08:43 AM)
Desiree Durang said:
What a cutie! Your son is adorable.
(09.29.08 10:03 AM)
Lauren said:
Where did you get that???!!?? I love it! I am giving birth to my first child in December, and I totally want to get that!..Thank you!!!
(09.29.08 01:41 PM)
jen said:
he is rad! great pic!
(09.29.08 01:44 PM)
cristy cross said:
HOW cute!
(09.29.08 02:04 PM)
Karen Kirkland said:
Love that shirt! I can see why you think Sloan is RAD...he's absolutely adorable.
(09.29.08 07:56 PM)
jeremy Parsons said:
Jeremy Parsons thinks he's rad too. :)
(10.01.08 10:19 AM)
Jonas said:
Nothing beats a little ginger boy, I've got one myself...
(10.04.08 07:37 PM)
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