Happy Happy Birthday Justin dear! I want to take a quick moment to publicly tell the world how proud I am to be your wife and how thankful I am that you found me nearly nine years ago! You are an amazing man, with the grand ability to dream up anything and make ANYTHING happen! Thank you for being my best friend, cheerleader, lover, father of my children, and dream maker! I'm so excited to see what the universe has in store for you this year, it's going to be beyond amazing! I love you Justin Lyon!
PS. Incase any of you are wondering about his crazy beard, he shaved it off last week! LOL!
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jessie said:
Oh My the pure JOY in that face!! Pure JOY he brought to my face 33 years ago and countless times since... so much like his father with that beard. .. Dustin and Jessie did great when they made Justin ...
(07.06.10 11:49 AM)
Katie said:
You two are so cute together. Seriously, meant to be together. Your kids are so lucky to have you both!
(07.06.10 12:22 PM)
Dominik said:
Happy Birthday from Germany :)
(07.06.10 01:17 PM)
CathieGraphy said:
Happy Birthday Mr. Lyon! Plus, I love that you wrote this mini testimonial Mrs. L :)
(07.06.10 05:54 PM)
jen berry said:
happy birthday Justin. i love this picture. full of gleeeee
(07.07.10 06:43 PM)
denise bovee said:
Happy late Birthday Justin! Your an amazing guy!! lucky to know you!! Hope your day was blessed :))
(07.08.10 05:49 PM)
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I'll be honest, at first when I heard about the preschool graduation for Hudson, I thought it wouldn't be that big of a deal, but when I got there I found myself emotional and proud of all that Hudson had accomplished educationally over the last two years. The kid has learned a TON and grown a TON (he was the tallest out of his entire class)! Anyway, needless to say, Justin and I were really proud parents of a super handsome five year old that day!

I made him wear a button up and tie that day, it took some convincing that it was "okay to wear church clothes to school for graduation".
hudgrad_001.jpghudgrad_002.jpgAfterward he told me, "Mom, they got it wrong, I want to be a BASKETBALL player when I grow up!" Cute, but not as funny as the other kid in his class that wanted to work at Nordstrom when he got older, lol!
I didn't even know he knew how to pledge allegianced!
hudgrad_004.jpghudgrad_005.jpgLike father, like son! Everything about Hudson screams Justin in this photo, SO funny!
Now onto Kindergarten....I'm not sure if I'M ready for this! Ready or not, bring it on!
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jac kaiser said:
so cute!!! good job hudson!!! you're going to be an amazing basketball player :)
(07.03.10 09:24 AM)
Millie said:
Wow, he is so big! He looks way older than 5 :) I love how you said like father like son, because it looks like your little boy Sloan is just like his momma....making the exact same silly face as you
(07.03.10 10:05 AM)
Melissa Pearce said:
Congrats to him! I used to live in Brea, love the area! Went to the Olinda School, not sure if it's still around, but I loved it. And you look so cute! I want that dress- love it.
(07.03.10 11:27 AM)
Amy Martin said:
How adorable!!!!!
(07.03.10 11:47 AM)
Lindsey Joy said:
You guys are the COOLEST parents and have such AMAZING boys! Congrats to Hudson :)
(07.03.10 12:45 PM)
jessie said:
FANTABULOUS!! HUDSON you are so much like your daddy, what a great thing!! Darling, fun, great potential, keep being your best! Love you all. Love all the photos! SO CUTE!
(07.03.10 04:25 PM)
nicole deanne said:
How come I'm totally balling my eyeballs out over here!? I cannot believe my little hudders is already 5 years old. Man I love that kid.. I am so proud of him & I am SO in love with Sloany as well. That photo of him sitting down & crossing his legs is amazing.
(07.03.10 05:51 PM)
Katherine said:
I have a picture just like that last pose of me and my brother when I graduated from preschool! :) Congrats!
(07.03.10 09:26 PM)
Tonya Joy said:
i am coming over to borrow your outfit! How stinkin cute is that striped cardi...please tell me where you nabbed it!!!
(07.03.10 09:39 PM)
Christine said:
Hi Amelia! Great working with you yesterday! It seems like you've got such a beautiful family, inside and out! At the rate Hudson's growing, I think he can start in the NBA in a couple of years!
(07.04.10 10:31 PM)
jenn king said:
he is getting SO BIG! he's going to have so much fun in kindergarten!
(07.05.10 08:21 AM)
alec vanderBOOM said:
CONGRATS> milestone achievement.
(07.05.10 06:17 PM)
jean smith said:
i'm looking at all of your posts from the past two months and am continually BLOWN AWAY. honestly. your eye is freaking genius. and your son is adorable!!!
(07.05.10 06:22 PM)
brooke bowland said:
congrats to your boy. so wonderful and exciting. where does the time go? love these photos!
(07.05.10 09:49 PM)
Janice said:
Wonderful! Love this! Special moments like this should be captured, and although many photographers are interested in selling photos online, being able to showcase their talent in this manner will only help.
(07.05.10 10:55 PM)
Souder Photography said:
We have a 6 and 4 year old, just like the Parsons too. Would love to meet you guys sometime. Your children are awesome!!! What a blessing:)
(07.06.10 08:27 AM)
Francis said:
killer set of photos.. congrats to the lil guy!
(07.06.10 09:59 AM)
Shelley Freckleton said:
Watch out--next thing you know, you'll have a kid heading into High School!!!
(07.06.10 10:04 AM)
Chris said:
sweat : )
(07.06.10 12:06 PM)
"Magga" - Grandma said:
I love this incredible grandson of mine- He is amazing and I am sooooooo PROUD of him too! So sad we had to miss the graduation - But for the next one for sure we will be there! Thank you so much for providing me with such wonderful grandsons - I love you so much!!!! Love mom - Magga
(07.06.10 12:30 PM)
Katie Hatch said:
Amelia, I think he looks so much like you! He's so cute :) It was good seeing you at Scott's wedding! When will you have his wedding pics posted?
(07.13.10 03:50 PM)
gus said:
no WAY. Hudson has the coolest style. I'm guessing he had some help from his awesome parents with the look. Man, could you guys be any less rad?
(07.21.10 01:53 AM)
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