Just wanted to say a heartfelt THANK YOU to everyone that made a donation to help Davy Jean! The winner of the free photo sitting has been contacted and I feel overwhelmed with gratitude toward those that participated in any amount. Because of your donations this little girl will continue to grow and have the means that she needs to survive LIFE!

You can continue to make donations for Davy Jean by CLICKING HERE

Happy Tuesday everyone!

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professional pic editor said:
Just Amazing.
(04.17.13 11:23 PM)
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Who wants to win a FREE photo sitting with yours truly?! Read through this post and see how you can help and be eligible to win!

Flash back to March of 2010...The story of Davy Jean and my first birth story:

Imagine after taking a few routine pregnancy tests being told that the child you were carrying had serious genetic disorders. Imagine the doctors having to tell you that there is a great chance your child wouldn't have the capacity to live outside of your womb. Imagine having to muster up the courage to let that child grow full term in hopes that she WOULD live...this is the beginning of Davy Jean's story and my cousin's sweet, sweet wife Ruth is the courageous mother of such a child.

When I heard about Scott & Ruth's situation with the pregnancy I wondered what I could do to help. I knew Ruth & Scott wanted more than anything for this little girl to live, to breath, to run, to laugh, to experience the joy of raising a daughter, and to be part of their family despite her special needs (they already had three little boys and this would be their first girl). 

I suddenly had the urge to offer to photograph the birth. I had NEVER done this before, but it just felt right. Ruth's response was that she had thought about asking me to photograph Davy's birth, but didn't know how to approach me about it. She didn't know if I would feel comfortable being part of this delicate situation, but if I did she knew that I would handle it professionally regardless of Davy's outcome.

I don't normally post images from years past, but I wanted to share the triumphant story of this strong little girl and I also wanted to share the joy that can come from taking a huge leap of faith in life! This has been on mind mind for a few months, so I'm just going to do it.

So let's March of 2010, in the hospital room and Davy's birth story....

Scott & Ruth during labor. I remember Scott being so encouraging to Ruth, and Ruth displayed so much optimism under these hard circumstance, something still I admire her for today.
davyjean_002.jpgThen Davy was born. There was a team of doctors and specialists in the delivery room that immediately started working on Davy...unsure if she could breath or cry.
davyjean_003.jpgI remember watching this, a million hands working on Davy and praying with all my might that she would cry.
davyjean_004.jpgFacing the moment of the unknown...and then it happened....SHE CRIED! It was the most wonderful sound to hear! I had never experienced so much gratitude for an answered prayer! She had the ability to breath outside the womb!
Scott & Ruth's first look at Davy Jean!
davyjean_007.jpgDavy had cleared the first hurdle of birth, but the health issues that she would face ahead were numerous. Through testing they discovered that she has a rare chromosome deletion. She has panhypopituitarism, a cleft lip and palate, and congenital heart defects. Soon after she was born she showed that she wasn't able to digest and stabilize milk/food so she underwent surgery for malrotation of the intestines, and had a g-tube put in to feed her. She also has a GERD with esophagitis dysphagia. She's had to take on multiple medications that would need to be given to her round the clock and three of which she'll need to take the rest of her life.
davyjean_008.jpgDespite the unknown of the future, Scott and Ruth were ready to face this head on!
davyjean_009.jpgFLASH FORWARD....December 2012! THIS is Davy Jean now! Nearly three years old and full of SO much life, SO much joy, and SO much strength! Despite her disabilities, this little girl's happiness is indescribable!
davyjean_010.jpgScott & Ruth's family today...and my favorite shot of the day!
davyjean_011.jpgdavyjean_012.jpgImagine after being told everything from before that you could experience the joy of this little perfect person! I say PERFECT because that is what she is, she's perfectly Davy!
davyjean_013.jpgDavy still has many MANY more health issues to deal with. She still has a g-tube that feeds her and most recently, through some "close calls", she was also diagnosed with hypothalamic obesity and hypoglycemia.
davyjean_014.jpgThis girl loves unconditionally! What an inspiration she is!
davyjean_017.jpgdavyjean_018.jpgdavyjean_019.jpgdavyjean_020.jpgdavyjean_021.jpgThese brothers adore their Davy!
Davy continues to grow and learn each day! She can walk, run, jump, laugh, smile, love, and communicate through sign language. She LIVES each day, but not without a number of medications. Her medical bills are enormous, plus this family's health insurance keeps rising and RISING! Just one of the shots she has to take EACH DAY to keep her ALIVE costs $650 per month! She also has many more corrective surgeries to undergo in the future.
HELP IS NEEDED friends. If you've been inspired by this story of faith and growth and feel like you can spare some extra change, PLEASE DONATE to Davy Jean's future by CLICKING HERE. I will donate one FREE photo sitting and include the hi-res digital negatives (which I normally charge $1000 for) to the person who makes the largest donation by MARCH 31st (so it's a WIN WIN:))!

To everyone donating, please know that you will be the answer to so many prayers. I look forward to watching Davy continue on this life's journey...Davy the Super Woman!

If you'd like to read more about Davy Jean's journey, visit Ruth's blog!
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Beth said:
Thank you for this beautiful post. It brought tears to my eyes to be reminded what a little miracle and angel Davy is. Thank you so much for trying to help improve her life.
(02.26.13 06:22 PM)
Marci said:
I was moved by both the images you set forth and the family that made them. No child deserves to spend their days in a hospital. I hope this money can help with the burdon of finances so that the struggle to fight is the only thing they have to worry about. May the best day of there past, be the worst of there future. God bless.
(02.26.13 09:23 PM)
heather williams said:
Of course you would do something like this. Amelia, you are one of the sweetest (and most talented) people I know. I had to pause the show I was watching to read this and am currently wiping away the tears. Ruth & Scott are truly SO inspiring, and sometimes I forget how intense their day to day lives have been since sweet Davy came into the world. Thank you for the reminder. These pictures are beautiful.
(02.26.13 09:25 PM)
sharon said:
such a powerful story, thank you for sharing!
(02.27.13 03:44 PM)
Tumbleweed Photography Studio said:
What an amazing store of courage and triumph. She is truly a miracle and a blessing to that family. I wish them all the best!
(03.01.13 03:15 PM)
Ruth Martin said:
Beautiful & amazing! x
(03.02.13 10:02 PM)
Amanda Silers said:
Wow, amazing story. The photos really help tell it visually too. I'm going to donate.
(03.05.13 02:35 PM)
Amelia Tabullo said:
Beautiful Story. Thank you for sharing! you captured them so beautifully. (tears!)
(03.06.13 07:23 PM)
James said:
the silhouette shot of the family it just fantastic. James
(03.07.13 01:44 AM)
Liz Turner said:
I just stumbled across your website whilst searching the web for tips on baby photography. So glad I did. The story of Davy Jean is so hearwarming..and yes it did bring tears to my eyes. And.....I love all of your shots. REally fantastic and something for me to aspire to.
(03.09.13 12:49 PM)
Clipping Path Service Provider said:
Absolutely beautiful! Looks so much fun! The photography is stunning!
(03.11.13 02:46 AM)
Asian Wedding Photographers said:
Your work is amazing! Your style is very creative. The walking down the aisle with motion blur photo is spectacular!
(03.12.13 10:18 PM)
Clipping Path said:
So Ni.......... c......e Photography. look great
(03.29.13 01:07 AM)
Alina said:
This post is beautiful. I love the pictures during the birth. I don't think a lot of people capture that moment during the pictures. I really enjoy the angles you chose to take your pictures at, they're just lovely!
(04.10.13 08:25 PM)
Anonymous said:
Really a nice story. Some photos tell the story perfectly. Amazing photography. Thanks for sharing.
(05.13.13 02:52 AM)
Mostafizur said:
Great article.Thanks for sharing.
(06.20.13 09:11 AM)
Ashraf said:
Excellent Post. Thanks for sharing
(08.04.13 06:20 AM)
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