Hey hey!!! We're taking a little family vacation to Utah in the Salt Lake City/Heber City area next week July 8th-12th and have time to book a few MINI SESSIONS!! Mini sessions are $250 for 30 minutes and include online proofing. Full sessions are also available for $500 for 90 minutes and includes online proofing as well as a $100 print credit!

Email to book a session as soon as possible so we can plan out our trip!
*High resolution digital negatives from sessions are available for purchase, email Amelia for further details.
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Another AMAZING year in the life of our Hudson! I can't believe how much joy this little EIGHT year old has brought into our family life! I'm so thankful to celebrate him on my blog, he deserves it, even if this post is nearly three months late! Happy 8th Birthday my Hudson!

Hudson circa April 2012 and now April 2013. He's grown up so much this year!
May 2012. He knows just how to make everyone giggle! Especially his younger brother Sloan!
hudson8blog_002.jpgEvery time I watch him want to help out Sloan and Monroe, I'm overwhelmed in thankfulness that he's the oldest!
hudson8blog_003.jpghudson8blog_004.jpgBaseball 2012. Go Giants!
hudson8blog_005.jpghudson8blog_006.jpgJune 2012. Still best buds! Hudson and Sloan are inseparable!
hudson8blog_007.jpgAugust 2013, Great Grandma & Grandpa's backyard in Utah!
hudson8blog_009.jpgSeptember 2012. Started 2nd grade at a new school. LOVE this poster that is on the door of the classroom!
September 2012. My three littles!
hudson8blog_011.jpgOctober 2012.
hudson8blog_012.jpgJustin is 6'3", can't believe how tall Hudson is getting next to his Dad!
hudson8blog_013.jpghudson8blog_014.jpgOctober 2012. Sloan's Star Wars birthday party!
hudson8blog_015.jpgNovember 2012.
hudson8blog_016.jpghudson8blog_017.jpgThanksgiving 2012. Truly thankful for this little family of mine!
hudson8blog_018.jpgDecember 2012. We went as a family to hand pick our Christmas tree! Such a fun memory!
hudson8blog_019.jpghudson8blog_020.jpgChristmas Eve 2012.
hudson8blog_021.jpgDrawing pictures and writing a letter to Santa!
hudson8blog_022.jpgMarch 2013. This kid loves playing all the sports! Basketball is his game though! Go Spurs!
hudson8blog_023.jpgPlayed his last game of the basketball season and went to opening ceremonies for baseball all in one day (don't mind the upside down certificate, haha!). Go Nationals!
hudson8blog_024.jpgEaster 2013.
hudson8blog_025.jpghudson8blog_026.jpghudson8blog_027.jpgApril 4th, 2013! Happy 8th Birthday Hudson!
hudson8blog_028.jpgI would be lying if I said I wasn't crying when he blew out his candles! Where does the time go?!
hudson8blog_029.jpghudson8blog_030.jpgMonroe ADORES "Hudsy"!
hudson8blog_031.jpgHis 8th birthday portraits! This kid kills me, I love him to pieces, every bit of him!
hudson8blog_032.jpghudson8blog_033.jpgMay 2013. Hudson's special day, so thankful he chose to be baptized, Justin and I are SO proud of the choices he's making in his life!
hudson8blog_034.jpgOur little family on his Baptism day!
Love you to the moon and back buddy! Can't wait to see what this next year in your life will be like! xoxo- Mom
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Wendy Coberly said:
These are so GREAT! Amelia you inspire to get out there and take more photos of my own little family! Thanks for being such an inspiration! You ROCK!
(05.28.13 06:13 PM)
Malinda Warder said:
Love your sweet family! Ooood and Ahhhd over all the photos and what a great year you had:)
(05.28.13 10:33 PM)
gaylene said:
beautiful pictures. he looks like a sweet boy with a happy life :)
(05.29.13 03:51 AM)
Denise Saucedo said:
I just adore these posts!!!! Wish I was more on top of my own family portraits! Your kids are adorable! Thank you for inspiring me! I truly appreciate it!
(06.04.13 11:49 PM)
Mostafizur said:
Awesome photography.Thanks for sharing.
(06.20.13 07:40 AM)
Ashraf said:
Nice Collection... it's really great photography. Thanks
(08.04.13 10:03 AM)
Alessandra said:
What a wonderful set!!
(10.30.13 02:03 PM)
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