The Halloween Party at the Ace Hotel was seriously one of the funnest parties Justin and I have ever been to! We were invited to photograph it as well, it was super duper awesome!! What made the night even better was the fact that everyone, I mean EVERYONE put 110% effort into their costumes.

Thanks to The Flash Dance, Bash Please, and friends for one of the raddest nights ever!

Justin & I went as skeletons with a bit of love....Yes, our costumes were home-made!
acehalloween_004.jpgacehalloween_005.jpgOf course we had a fantastically frightening, but delicious set up from My Sweet & Saucy Shop!
acehalloween_006.jpgacehalloween_007.jpgacehalloween_008.jpgacehalloween_009.jpgacehalloween_010.jpgI thought this double rainbow costume from 100 Layer Cake and Hi Design House was brilliant!
acehalloween_011.jpgacehalloween_012.jpgacehalloween_013.jpgacehalloween_014.jpgacehalloween_015.jpgAll the twins....
Looking forward to working with Bash Please again for the upcoming Hitched Event!!!
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Rachael Earl said:
SO glad someone did the Ambiguously Gay Duo this year! Best costumes ever!
(11.18.10 11:41 AM)
nate said:
BADASS PICS GUYS!!! wish we could have been there!!!
(11.18.10 11:43 AM)
Erin said:
good times!
(11.18.10 01:03 PM)
Melody@Sweet&SaucyShop said:
Your photos are fabulous! So fun getting to hang out with you guys that night!
(11.18.10 01:19 PM)
Jesse Tenorio said:
WOW that must've been a lot of fun!
(11.18.10 01:27 PM)
Elizabeth Antonia said:
Amelia, you put all the other skeletons to shame. GORGEOUS!
(11.19.10 11:33 AM)
jenn king said:
this was so much fun :) awesome photos!!
(11.22.10 08:04 AM)
Jani B said:
Looks like a seriously fun party!
(02.11.11 12:13 AM)
Michelle said:
Hi Amelia! Just wondering how you made your skeleton costume. Paint? Iron-on? It's awesome!
(08.28.12 10:51 AM)
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We are SO excited to announce that we've been snagged for the upcoming Hitched Event on January 30th at the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs. The first Hitched Event was earlier this year and when we heard about it's awesomeness we wanted to be a part of it so bad and wondered how we could be in on the next one. Then a few weeks ago, to our very pleasant surprise, we received an email letting us know that we've been SNAGGED (chosen) by the lovely ladies that run the Hitched Event, Paige Appel & Kelly Harris of Bash Please and Audrey Tantaros of Urbanic Paper Boutique.

One specific reason Justin and I are super excited about this event is because of the unique scale this bridal show holds. It is EXACTLY what the wedding industry, full of upcoming artsy creative couples, needs!
If you're getting hitched, or planning on getting hitched in the near future, you can't miss out on this rad event, plus we'll be there so stop by and visit us!:)

To get a visual of what this event is all about head on over to The Flash Dance Blog to see a video put together by SharkPig. I promise, it'll make you itch to be a part of it!
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alec said:
congrats you guys!
(11.03.10 02:09 PM)
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