This week we've been vacationing in Flagstaff with some of our closest friends! We came here with the Kaisers, the Sloans, and the Parsons. We all have kids the same age and when you get all them under one roof its a mad house full of fun! One other main reason for coming here was to take all of our kids on the Polar Express ride, it was a fun experience and I would highly recommend it for anyone who has kids! The rest of the trip we spent visiting, laughing, cooking, sledding, more laughing, eating, and of course, photographing!

Polar Express, please forgive the clothing, we all had to wear PJ's:
flagblog_001.jpgflagblog_002.jpgflagblog_003.jpgflagblog_004.jpgflagblog_005.jpgflagblog_006.jpgSledding was AMAZING!
flagblog_007.jpgLOL! Love this shot of Angie!
flagblog_008.jpgflagblog_009.jpgflagblog_010.jpgflagblog_011.jpgflagblog_012.jpgflagblog_013.jpgflagblog_014.jpgGlad I could squeeze in this little session with my boys. Two adorable little boys, awesome light reflecting off of the snow, and tall pine trees in backdrop = perfect!
flagblog_015.jpgflagblog_016.jpgflagblog_017.jpgflagblog_018.jpgflagblog_019.jpgflagblog_020.jpgflagblog_021.jpgHudson loves Maddux!
flagblog_022.jpgflagblog_023.jpgflagblog_024.jpgI hope everyone is enjoying this holiday winter season as much as we are!

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Lori Anderson said:
Beautiful photos!!! We've been itching to hit the snow ourselves--but a little closer to home. Now after seeing these photos, we have to rent that cabin in Big Bear. Thank you for the inspiration.
(12.18.09 04:00 PM)
Katie Neal Photo said:
I LOVE these images Amelia! I hope I'm half as good a mom as you are when I have kids!
(12.18.09 04:27 PM)
Lisa said:
Your little boys are seriously adorable!
(12.18.09 04:31 PM)
Kayleen T. said:
Such cute little boys you have! The last one is such a great picture. i love snow pictures!
(12.18.09 05:29 PM)
yan palmer said:
your boys are such charmers. and all yous all are like the cool photog mafia.
(12.18.09 05:48 PM)
kristina leao said:
seriously you guys are such a good looking family! hud and sloan are little studs!!!
(12.18.09 06:09 PM)
Isabel said:
These are seriously fun!
(12.18.09 07:24 PM)
the parsons said:
we miss you already! LOVE these images, and love you. Can't wait till next time! :)
(12.18.09 08:04 PM)
jenny haas said:
your boys are so cute! I'm jealous you all got to go sledding already! It hasn't snowed in ohio yet..I've been pregnant the past two years so I am so anxious to go!! great photos ;)
(12.18.09 09:37 PM)
Gedas said:
Beautiful photos :)
(12.19.09 03:25 AM)
Alexandra said:
These are beautiful! I love them, thanks for sharing!!
(12.19.09 10:12 AM)
hkm said:
cuteness overload, especially the close-up of Sloan!
(12.19.09 02:52 PM)
Debbie S said:
We are stuck in the Virginia Snowstorm! 16 inches! I LOVE IT!! Fun pics!
(12.19.09 07:48 PM)
nancy {So Happi Together} said:
Amelia!! You and Justin have the most adorable two little boys!! The picture of them knocked out in their car seats is priceless!!
(12.20.09 12:01 AM)
Feuza said:
This looks like so much fun! the kids are in heaven! love love the last shot and oh how adorable are these kids in the snow!
(12.20.09 12:07 PM)
matt sloan said:
that was so fun! :)
(12.21.09 09:13 AM)
Alexis said:
You two have a truly beautiful family!!!
(12.21.09 05:52 PM)
angie + matt said:
seriously my BESTEST trip ever!!!! Family Friend time that includes xtreme-sledding, an amazing cabin, yummy food, laughter, hot cocoa, and a massage = a perfect trip!
(12.23.09 08:50 AM)
Darlene said:
Such fun pictures!!! You have a beautiful family and your boys are super adorable! Happy Holidays!
(12.24.09 11:46 AM)
kristen said:
how cute! love the last bunch!
(12.24.09 02:57 PM)
courtney bowlden said:
these are great! its so hard shooting in snow, but i love the color in these! i especially love the snow angel one =)
(12.28.09 08:03 PM)
Beka said:
ha! love the pj pics! there's just no better way to go! :)
(12.29.09 09:14 PM)
Elizabeth Bonilla said:
Couple #3 To find someone who is your "Eternal Companion" are words that linger in someone heart! Congrats to you both.
(12.31.09 09:31 AM)
Perri Nielson said:
I liked Matt and Wendy's story
(12.31.09 10:49 AM)
Gary Harman said:
I vote for Wendy & Matt..........
(12.31.09 11:11 AM)
Justin Harman said:
I vote for WENDY AND MATT -------- GOOD LUCK!!!!!!! YOU DESERVE IT.
(12.31.09 11:11 AM)
Catherine Harman said:
I vote for WENDY & MATT - they deserve all their dreams to come true. Love you ~
(12.31.09 11:12 AM)
Lynette Fields said:
#3 !!!!!!! Matt and Wendy!! For as long as I've known Matt and Wendy, I've never thought of anyone more deserving of an amazing opportunity such as this! They are some of the most humble people you'll ever meet. Every year that went by without Matt proposing to Wendy, many of their friends and family were dispairing that they would finally get married and be together. This is the social high of Southern California!
(12.31.09 11:20 AM)
sarah said:
couple #3 is the best
(12.31.09 11:46 AM)
Tonia said:
I vote for couple # 3 Matt and Wendy! Great story, cute couple!
(12.31.09 11:56 AM)
Joshua Johnson said:
Matt and Wendy--I hope things work out great for you guys after everything you've been through. You have my vote!
(12.31.09 12:02 PM)
tammie billey said:
looked like soooo much fun! makes me miss the snow. :(
(12.31.09 02:54 PM)
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It's Christmas time in the Lyon household! I LOVE this time of year! The smell in the air is undeniable, there's a crazy special feeling all around...I should probably write a new Christmas hit song all about it:).

Ever since Justin and I tied the knot (back in 2002) I had been trying to incorporate some modern elements with our Christmas decor and no matter what I did it just didn't feel right. So this year I gave in completely and went 100% cheesy traditional and allowed all the red, green, and white to overflow! I have to admit that everything feels right now that my house is all decked out this way and I think I'm going to let it stick from now on!:)

Obviously I shot these photos a few days ago...the sign should read, "Santa comes in 15 days".
christmas002.jpgNo, we did not take that photo of Santa. Yes, Justin did inherit it when he was a manager at Abercrombie from way back when. YES, Justin use to be a manager for Abercrombie at one point in his life! Random, I know, but that poster photo has become a tradition in our Lyon family Christmas decor, LOL!
christmas003.jpgMy boys died over this train we bought to put around the tree, it was the one thing Hudson insisted on getting!

christmas004.jpgThis is my all time favorite Christmas tree ornament.
christmas005.jpgchristmas006.jpgHudson as a baby with Santa, Sloan wasn't so willing at that age!
christmas007.jpgchristmas008.jpgchristmas009.jpgI hope everyone is enjoying their holiday season!
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Lauren P. said:
Gorgeous home!! Love all the tiny details you have added, and I am especially loving the Santa photo and the stockings!! Love it all!
(12.10.09 01:05 AM)
Emilie (AmyPunky Photography) said:
This is beautiful!!!!
(12.10.09 01:07 AM)
Feuza said:
Wow, I am impressed,makes my house look like the grinch, great frames and photos!
(12.10.09 01:11 AM)
Natalie Norton said:
WOW! Love it!!! Fact, I worked for, and was "terminated" from Abercrombie when I was in college. I missed work one day because I was snowed in up at Park City. The lady actually said "I'm going to have to terminate you." :)
(12.10.09 01:53 AM)
Alisa Greig said:
LOVE your decor! it looks so homey and cozy :) you have a nice home
(12.10.09 01:57 AM)
Debbie S said:
Awww, very nice! That actually got me a little more in the Christmas Spirit. Maybe I'll put up my decorations this weekend. Thanks for sharing. :)
(12.10.09 05:32 AM)
Becka @Studio222 Photography said:
I adore your living room. IT's exactly what I wish ours looked like! I love the huge portraits and the wood floors and all the touches of family.
(12.10.09 05:37 AM)
Lydia Jane said:
awww, amelia. this is so cozy and beautiful! christmastime is heavenly.
(12.10.09 07:17 AM)
Melissa said:
Very lovely! I love the knit stockings - we have 2 of the same ones in fact!
(12.10.09 07:45 AM)
Bobbie Brown said:
Ohhh, love it all! And I love the santa poster!!! Please do tell me where your stockings came from - I love them and have the red, green and white one, however, I cannot find any to match it now!
(12.10.09 07:59 AM)
sheila lory said:
thanks for sharing this! beautiful!
(12.10.09 08:03 AM)
Melissa Gartner said:
Super Cute!! Love decorating for Christmas!! The Stockings are my fav!
(12.10.09 08:16 AM)
Becca said:
I love love love your home and the pictures of it! so cheerful and beautiful :-) thanks for sharing!
(12.10.09 08:37 AM)
Jane Hasty said:
You have motivated me to finsh with my decorating! Looks beautiful and so festive! Jane
(12.10.09 10:29 AM)
Mike Cunningham said:
"Manager at Abercrombie...." HAHHA that is awesome. SO not what I expected. Does he still mist your doorway with cologne every 30 minutes?
(12.10.09 12:32 PM)
Allison Barnes said:
I am quite envious of your home. It's beautiful! As a college student, I can only dream of such decor (and dream I do!).
(12.10.09 08:29 PM)
corinne delis said:
You just inspired me to go cheesy as well next year. I LOVE the poster/canvas on the wall so much, thanks for the inspiration! corinnexxx
(12.11.09 01:17 AM)
Katie Neal Photo said:
I'm so in love with your decorations. So I guess that makes me cheesy/traditional too. :) You have such a knack for cute decorating!!! This makes me really want a mantle installed at my house! :)
(12.11.09 08:33 AM)
Amber Baker said:
What a sweet and cozy home! My favorite are the knit stockings. Please share where you got them?
(12.11.09 01:12 PM)
Supermar said:
I LOVE the santa photo. I totally want one now!
(12.11.09 02:00 PM)
Jennifer O. said:
I love love love the pics on your fireplace!
(12.11.09 07:20 PM)
Holly said:
what a gorgeous collage!!!
(12.16.09 03:26 PM)
Kelli Nicole said:
Love your home! All the decorations are adorable. The train is so awesome, I want one when I grow up :).
(12.23.09 05:38 AM)
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