So many fabulous rings....2008!














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ohana photographers - david & kimi said:
those are some yummy rings my friends!! rock...ha ha on!
(01.05.09 11:22 AM)
Heather said:
I may have to send you our rings just to get an amazing shot of them! Gorgeous!
(01.05.09 11:45 AM)
Kayleen T. said:
Your ring shots are so creative! I love the sprinkles shot!
(01.05.09 12:10 PM)
Emily Quinton said:
Your creative imagination for these ring shots blows me away every time. Seeing your faves from 2008 altogether here is really cool. Can't wait to see the 2009 images!
(01.05.09 12:19 PM)
Ashley Rose said:
Wow most of those ring shots made me hungry. Random :) All of them are absolutely stunning!!!! :)
(01.05.09 12:25 PM)
Melissa said:
these are fabulous! i've never seen more creative rock shots.
(01.05.09 12:44 PM)
Dianna said:
I would have hired you for my wedding just based off of the ring shots. AWESOME work!
(01.05.09 12:47 PM)
Amanda Auer said:
I utterly adore your style. Seriously!!
(01.05.09 01:16 PM)
Stephanie Osborne said:
I think the superman shot is my fave. I like to contrasty feel these have, very different than other ring shots I've seen.
(01.05.09 01:18 PM)
Meg said:
The sprinkles are by far my faves!
(01.05.09 03:48 PM)
Stevi Savage said:
These are pretty much the most creative ring shots I have EVER seen!
(01.05.09 04:08 PM)
Paige Green said:
oh the ring shot! so classic and so necessary!!! (my favorite is still from our wedding with the m&ms, you guys are still rockin hard!) all of them are very clever, and appealing.
(01.05.09 04:41 PM)
sean flanigan said:
those are good! i don't think i took one ring shot all year :O
(01.05.09 05:56 PM)
Yuka photo art said:
You are so creative!!!!! Amazing photos!
(01.05.09 08:12 PM)
ROG said:
I like you guys even though I'm a warlock and You are wizards. I'm not even sure what a warlock is, or does for that matter. I guess they're just insignificant...especially to a wizard (i think). See, nothing I'm saying makes sense...because I'm not insignificant, so i guess i can't be a warlock. I'm a DRAGON and you too are wizards! That's it. you are wizards at the ring shot rocktography. I like you.
(01.06.09 12:28 AM)
mary said:
thats alot of ringos! it would be neat to put a book together after a few years. it would be something fun to have. the flying ring shot is my favorite ring shot ever. no lie. i always think about it and i probably stared at the screen for 10 minutes when i first saw it. GENIOUS! you guys are amazing.
(01.06.09 01:17 AM)
Stacy Guthrie, myweddingfilm said:
oh my, i can't even pick a favorite! i do like the sprinkles a lot though. wow.
(01.06.09 06:51 AM)
Onsite Minnesota Photography said:
That's an awesome collection of ring pictures.
(01.06.09 10:53 AM)
Alison said:
This are amazingly beautiful. I love the shots using motion, they are breath taking.
(01.07.09 09:05 AM)
Julie said:
Amazing shots as usual! Question. What lens do you primarily use for your ring shots?? Thanks!
(01.08.09 08:24 PM)
erica said:
these are AWESOME. I love the one with the sprinkes falling everywhere. very creative
(01.13.09 01:50 PM)
Misty Sparks said:
Gorgeous images! The one of the rings between the olives is so unique! I also love the very first one with all the pink & the one with the falling sprinkles. They are all beautiful though!
(01.30.09 10:43 PM)
ScotWharton said:
OH MY GOSH! Seriously these rings....pure awesomeness! That flying shot is SWEEET!
(02.03.09 01:53 PM)
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After posting about my dad's diagnosis with ALS and announcing that I would be hosting an auction for a photo sitting in his behalf I received so many emails, comments, cards in the mail, and even blog posts from people all over the world wanting to help. I was so taken away by the response that was received. There were even many individuals that couldn't place a bid, but wanted to donate what they could. I have shed so many tears of joy and gratitude since that blog post and I don't even know how to put into words how thankful I am, thank you to everyone from the bottom of my heart! In speaking with my dad about all of the donations, emails, comments, and bids he feels strengthened by people he has never even met and to this I say again, THANK YOU to all for getting us through such a difficult time! Here are some of his words that he wrote in response to the outpouring of love:

"My dear daughter Amelia, I am so incredibly touched by the love and well wishes from all of your blog buddies. The things which have been posted have added to my life additional peace, great courage and an abundance of gratitude in life. I have decided that I no longer have ALS. I now have ALD, "A Lucky Dad". However, this disease doesn't ever end, it goes on forever! How could any father be discouraged, regardless of the situation, when he is blessed with such a loving family? I can not begin to tell you how deeply I love you. I understand how difficult this is in your life. I need you to know that everything is alright and the strength we are learning from this trial is far beyond our ability to understand today, but will be of priceless value in our future lives. I love you and you family so much. Love, Dad I just have one last thing to say to you. HAVE A GREAT DAY!"

Now to announce the winner(s) of the photo sitting that was auctioned off: The ever-amazing David Jay and the uber-fabulous Jasmine Star (alongside her wonderful husband JD)! I was originally going to only take one winner, but both bid the same amount by midnight on New Year's Eve I was so happy that I decided to accept both bids! I am so blown away by their generosity and am so excited to photograph such amazing individuals (especially ones that have made such a positive impact on this crazy photography industry)!

May God bless everyone that has made a bid or donation in my dad's behalf! Here is one more photo I took of my dad and my step-mom Kristee at Zion National Park about a month ago. I saw this beautiful road against the gorgeous Zion rock mountain and wanted to capture them together in his favorite place on this earth, so we brought him over to the road in his wheelchair and he was able to balance for minute with Kristee while I snapped the shot.

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Whitney said:
This brought tears to my eyes. Such a sweet note from your dad. And that picture is beautiful. You and yours are in my thoughts and prayers.
(01.03.09 02:33 PM)
risa west said:
yeah, this totally brought tears to my eyes as well. may your family be blessed and comforted during this time.
(01.03.09 09:29 PM)
Bobby Earle said:
So great to see the love between you two :) And DJ might have forgot to tell you that this will be a bromance shoot with me and him. I hope you can get inspired by that! Bobby
(01.04.09 12:47 AM)
Agnes said:
Amelia, your Dad is right. He is a lucky Dad. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.
(01.04.09 06:43 PM)
nancy said:
such an awesome and inspiring message from you dad! thanks for sharing this with us... It is so moving and you all will continue to be in my prayers. I see where you get your sweet spunk! ;)
(01.04.09 09:19 PM)
john waire said:
we're all in this journey together. wishing you and your family a great 2009!
(01.05.09 04:46 AM)
Trista said:
Amelia...such a sweet and wonderful thing you're doing for your dad! I can just imagine how loved he must feel right now! Can't wait to see the shoots you'll be doing for David and Jasmine..I'm sure they will be amazing!!!
(01.05.09 09:25 AM)
Brittany Sattel said:
This is a beautiful photo! And I'm so excited for the positive results/response for your photo auction! :)
(01.05.09 09:43 AM)
cindy lowe said:
this photo of your dad and your step mom brought tears to my eye! What a beautiful image and what a lovely message that your dad wrote! :) I hope you'll enjoy this year despite the trials and I can't wait to see the photos!
(01.05.09 01:41 PM)
Amber said:
Youre awesome amelia and so is your dad. I could just imagine exactly how is would say it, with such a big smile on his face! I sure love that man!
(01.05.09 03:56 PM)
Heather Brown said:
You can see the gratitude and love on your dads face in that picture. What an awesome capture. That is a picture that I know everyone in your family will be able to enjoy forever!! Love you guys!
(01.06.09 08:22 AM)
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