I always like to a big blogpost of my kids for their birthdays, but I've recently decided to incorporate something different. I've decided to do a blogpost featuring a year in the life of each one of my kids every time they have a birthday because they change SO much in just one year! It's really fun to see the difference that takes place in my kids in just one year! So here you have it, a year in the life of Hudson...age 6 to 7!

Hudson on his 7th birthday! April 2012
Hudson on his 6th birthday! April 2011. Can you see the difference?! I'll also say that he's grown over 4 inches since his 6 birthday!
hud_7002.jpgMay 2011
hud_7003.jpgJune 2011
hud_7004.jpgJuly 2011
hud_7005.jpgAugust 2011
hud_7006.jpgSeptember 2011
hud_7007.jpgHe learned how to ride a bike! September 2011
hud_7008.jpgPlayed some soccer!
hud_7009.jpgHad another sibling to love and watch over! He's REALLY a great big brother! It makes me so happy to watch him be so loving to Sloan & Monroe, I am really thankful to have him be the oldest of my kids, he's such a good helper to me and to Justin.
October 2011 Justin helped the boys make cardboard robots out of our recycling.
Halloween & Sloan's birthday party October 2011. Hudson and Grace.
hud_7013.jpgNovember 2011 Our little family.
hud_7014.jpgDecember 2011
hud_7015.jpgJanuary 2012 played some basketball, he was really fun to watch!
hud_7016.jpgFebruary 2012, he lost his two front teeth! I LOVE seeing his toothless grin:)
hud_7017.jpgMarch 2012 Hudson and Charlie
hud_7018.jpgMarch 2012 He loves to play baseball! Go Giants!
hud_7019.jpghud_7020.jpgApril 2012 He really likes to pick out his own clothes....can you tell?! Also, he's my little pirate. Because of his amblyopia in his left eye he gets to be a pirate for two hours each day to strengthen his weak eye. I think it's super adorable and handsome! :) 
hud_7021.jpgStill an amazing older brother, Monroe ADORES him, she can't get enough of her silly brother!
hud_7022.jpgMy three kids!
hud_7023.jpgLOVE this shot of him! Says SO much about his personality! What a great kid!
hud_7024.jpgI can brag about him because he's mine...what a stud!
hud_7025.jpgSloan is is ultimate best friend and pal! So glad these boys have each other!
Hudson's birthday party:

The one thing he really wanted to do was to have a Beyblade battle, it was pretty intense and awesome!
hud_7027.jpgHudson also wanted to have an Aquabats! themed birthday party. Since Justin is co-producing the new Aquabats Super Show! he was able to get a bunch of hats and mask goggles for the all the little boys at the party, they had a blast!
Happy 7th birthday to my wonderful little/big boy Hudson! Daddy and I are so humbled and honored to be your parents! We can't wait to see what the next year of your life will be like! Love you dude!
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Caroline said:
I physically felt my heart swell inside my body as I read this. LOVE this post and the way it reflects your hearts for your children! Just beautiful. What an incredible young man Hudson is.. and how blessed he is to have you as his parents!! xo
(04.19.12 12:31 AM)
sami d said:
i don't even know you or your family, but i just gotta say- you're all adorable! but there are a few people in these photos that i've seen in pictures on another photo blog i follow. the more i get into the business, i see how small the photo world can be!
(04.19.12 02:39 AM)
Kelly said:
These are so awesome, Amelia! I love the aquabats photos and whoa your kids are fashionable. Love them all :)
(04.19.12 06:52 AM)
Uncle Kenny said:
I need to tackle this kid!!!!! :)
(04.19.12 08:34 AM)
nate said:
YAY FOR HUDSON! fantastic post amelia, so insane how much they grow in a year!!!!
(04.19.12 08:35 AM)
Lindsay Moore said:
I love this post so much! What a great way to celebrate your sweet, handsome boy! Happiest of Birthdays to him!!! :)
(04.19.12 08:44 AM)
Katie said:
Loved this post!! So fun to see your kids throughout the year and happy birthday to Hudson! I love the last shot especially!
(04.19.12 09:21 AM)
Grandma & Grandpa Lyon said:
Absolutely Loved the photos of Hudson. He is such a dear sweet boy and we send him lots of Love...
(04.19.12 02:16 PM)
Aria said:
What a great idea to highlight his year! These photos are filled with so much personality and playfulness. It looks like you guys have such a fun time together - and amazing photo skills to boot!
(04.19.12 06:15 PM)
Leah said:
LOVE THIS! Inspires me to want to do this for my kids!! Can you share the action recipe you used for these photos? I love it!
(04.20.12 10:57 AM)
Wilmington Wedding Planning said:
Love the big brother pics...soooo cute!
(04.20.12 02:35 PM)
Sofia said:
Fantastic pictures as always! It is amazing to see how much they grow up in a year. Your kids are so adorable.
(04.22.12 09:03 AM)
tara polly said:
he's such a stud -- these rule!
(04.22.12 05:43 PM)
kpriss said:
Oh, what a wonderful family! Blessings to your wee (and not so wee) ones! May your hearts be always merry and loving! (I couldn't help but notice Hudson's eyeglasses frames - one of our boys damaged his frames and we're searching for new ones - I think Hudson's would be perfect - any ideas where to get them from? Thank you so much, sorry for being so nosy :P )
(04.22.12 07:53 PM)
Angie said:
OBSESSED with the Aquabats party!!! You are such an adorable, fun and stylish family. Your pictures are fantastic.
(04.23.12 10:23 AM)
Kristin Eldridge said:
Such a stylish guy! :) Love his glasses!
(04.23.12 08:50 PM)
Nissin Flash said:
Thanks for the post. There is much fun in reading this. Great photographs.
(04.24.12 04:27 AM)
Angie said:
Happy Happy Birthday to Hudson!!! He is so big and so sweet.
(04.24.12 09:00 AM)
Traci Falder said:
I love the way you document your kids' lives. It's inspiring!
(04.24.12 09:41 AM)
image masking said:
Awesome post. really I love your blog. Thanks for sharing !
(04.28.12 12:04 AM)
photographers central coast said:
You know what I find your blog very detailed, appealing and entertaining. Your job as a mother is really fantastic. I see on the faces of your child that he is happy and enjoying. Goodluck to you. Hope to see more posts from you. Thanks.
(04.28.12 09:18 AM)
megg said:
The Aquabat boys running straight ahead? One of the best images I have ever seen!
(05.02.12 10:37 AM)
photo retouching service said:
Awesome post. really I love this blog. Thanks for sharing !
(05.07.12 02:15 AM)
Erin H. said:
Awww- Happy Birthday Hudson! I loved this post, Amelia. Hudson looks like one caring and handsome dude. xoxo!
(05.08.12 05:15 AM)
Alisha said:
I was wondering more about your son's Aquabats themed party, my son loves the Aquabats theme for his Birthday party and I am having a hard time finding any Aquabats stuff. Where did you find your stuff at?
(09.12.13 01:57 PM)
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Rock This Moment said:
Amazing stuff. That was my favorite part of assisting the Lyons, learning cool macro and lighting techniques for ring shots. You guys rock!
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love these shots- those are some damn fancy rings!
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This is one of my favorite posts of any you do throughout the year. I'm already in waiting for the Ringtography post of 2012.
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Positively stunning.
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Natalie Norton said:
STOP IT RIGHT NOW! That top image?! Deserves an award. AMAZING.
(01.28.12 03:07 PM)
heather said:
all are good - but five is sooo creative yet so simple! Love it!
(01.29.12 07:40 PM)
Jenelle Sewell said:
Beautiful work and soo creative!
(01.31.12 06:45 AM)
Paige said:
wow. LOVE these. some of the best ring shots I've seen. love your work.
(01.31.12 10:06 AM)
Jen said:
Hands down the best ring shots I've ever seen! I need to step mine up I think!!
(02.01.12 08:26 AM)
SR said:
Love them all!
(02.08.12 07:54 AM)
maria said:
awesome collection of images! i loved seeing how creative you got with these. really fun. thanks!
(04.01.12 04:12 PM)
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