Since the arrival of our little Monroe it's been crazy trying to keep up with all three of my kids. I had a goal this year to take more personal photos of my family and document our lives better. I've been doing just that, but have had hardly an extra minute to blog all the fun events and craziness here at the Lyon household! 

So, my kids have been a bit on the absent side of my blog, more than I'd like them to be. I want to include more personal posts in between my wedding/portrait posts. Here are some photos I took of my kids on a random day a few weeks ago while Justin was away at Coachella

I'm truly in-love with each one of my kids, their personalities just keep blooming and I'm trying to enjoy every minute of their childhood before it passes right by me!

Bought these bunny ears at the $1 bin at Target! I think they're hilarious on Monroe!
kids_april12_001.jpgYes....I do let my kids eat Otter Pops in the bathtub!
One of my favorite portraits of Monroe to date! LOVE her little dimple on her cheek below her left eye!
Thanks for humoring my love for my kids and letting me gush all over them:)

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Rhiannon said:
She is absolutely precious, Amelia :) Love that little dimple!
(05.10.12 03:37 PM)
Karina said:
Ahhh! So cute. Love the bunny ears and bath tub fauxhawks.
(05.10.12 03:45 PM)
Grandma & Grandpa Lyon said:
THANK YOU!!! We love these children so much. Their personalities shine through in each and every photo. Goes to show what a lot of love from great parents, like you and Justin, brings out in sweet children from above!
(05.11.12 01:40 AM)
Sofia said:
Adorable as always! Thanks for sharing!
(05.11.12 05:38 AM)
Jenny said:
I just love your family. So much joy, you can just tell! :)
(05.11.12 07:33 AM)
Lo said:
so cute & so much personality. doll babies!
(05.11.12 10:38 AM)
Mirko Herzner said:
Love the bathtub series. Great expressions!
(05.12.12 02:50 AM)
Michelle S said:
I love the name Monroe! Your kids are adorable! :)
(05.13.12 03:06 PM)
chris said:
Great pics! You've surely captured a moment in time that will be kept forever :)
(05.14.12 01:27 PM)
kerri banyas said:
I let my kids eat popsicles in the bathtub too! Fabulous pictures!
(05.15.12 03:05 PM)
David Ferguson | Brisbane wedding photographer said:
Love the shots in the bath Amelia - gold!
(05.15.12 10:43 PM)
SR said:
Way too adorable!
(06.09.12 03:25 PM)
Katelin Wallace said:
Your kids are so cute and getting so big! Love the bath tub shots. Those will be great to look back on 10 years from now!
(08.02.12 09:13 PM)