So I had a few minutes to myself today and I don't normally take self-portraits (or blog about the ones that a do take for that matter), but I was enjoying the lighting and my clients hadn't arrived to our location yet. Happy Thursday...almost Friday! :)

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Michelle Moore said:
so cute!! I always take self portraits in my car too :) gorgeous light!
(12.12.08 12:52 AM) said:
You're adorable! We need more photos of you in the near future. ;) I also have freckles, my right by birth, but red hair by Miss Clairol. haha!
(12.12.08 01:27 AM)
Debbie said:
I love you pics! i check out your site about everyday waiting to see what else you have taken. Thanks so much!
(12.12.08 05:38 AM)
{hilary} said:
Look at you! How pretty. This is my first official post on your blog, but can I just say that I STALK this thing? You guys are!
(12.12.08 05:42 AM)
john waire said:
love your post processing filter. what a great vibe.
(12.12.08 06:27 AM)
gilcelia said:
you are gorgeous
(12.12.08 06:56 AM)
HeatherC said:
You look FAB! I absolutley love when you post pic's of you and your adorable family-keep on!
(12.12.08 07:09 AM)
Lindsey Joy said:
You are so cute, I LOVE these!!! Have a fabulous Friday!
(12.12.08 08:37 AM)
Ashley Rose said:
I think the self portraits are cute too!!! You and my hubs seriously could be related, Im a fan of the red hair and frecks :)
(12.12.08 08:44 AM)
scharewl said:
like the color tone so much!!!
(12.12.08 08:55 AM)
Meg said:
Too cute- the ipod/iphone headphones are the perfect touch. :)
(12.12.08 11:14 AM)
Calvin said:
I like it. It actually is a neat profile picture. Maybe a little long. What were you listening to?
(12.12.08 11:19 AM)
carlie said:
oh stop that. your being too cute...
(12.12.08 12:16 PM)
Simply Modern Weddings said: have cool self-portraits. (mine always look like bad myspace photos) haha!
(12.12.08 02:30 PM)
Lynd-to-the-zee said:
HAHA,, I love that you posted these. What a hottie!!! Look at my blog for some Lyndzee-licous goodness as well.
(12.12.08 04:18 PM)
Lauren Kinsey said:
ahhh Amelia you are so pretty!! I've been rocking the braided pigtails recently too! :)
(12.12.08 06:14 PM)
ROG said:
What's up A-game? I took some shots of L to the yndzee last night and she posted them today too. That's nuts! so now what...uhh, I guess Hud and I should do the same. I wonder if we could not tell each other and just feel it one day and post instinctively together. Be one with me my friend. By the way Amelia, you look terrible...but your car looks fantastic! haha, I just made a joke at your expense. I'm sorry. Nobody has to know.
(12.12.08 08:32 PM)
matt + angie sloan said:
You are so silly and BEAUTIFUL!! Hud is one LUCKY fella!:)
(12.12.08 09:25 PM)
jenberry said:
really really really cute. i agree with msbunn. more pix!!!
(12.12.08 10:16 PM)
rik andes said:
love this series of shots, amelia! you're right...very pretty light. nicely done =]
(12.13.08 06:51 PM)
jackie wonders said:
these are so great...i do my hair like that too! oh, and you look 13- stoked :)
(12.15.08 09:20 AM)
sundee said:
OMG! You are way too beautiful! I miss seeing your cute face everyday :)
(12.15.08 01:08 PM)
Natalie Norton said:
You pretty thing you.
(12.15.08 04:56 PM)
Candice Brooke said:
stop being soo cute!
(12.15.08 06:51 PM)
angel swanson said:
you are sooo gorgeous! i love all of these fun pics. ;-) xoxoxo
(12.16.08 01:43 PM)
Abigail Smith said:
You're SO cute and have stunning eyes!
(12.16.08 06:54 PM)
Phoenix said:
You're adorable :)
(12.21.08 10:15 AM)
capitan said:
wow! i found your site a few hours ago and i cant stop surfing. so beautiful pictures. bur now i can say: so many awesome pictures by a beautiful woman! all the best from hamburg capitan*
(03.26.09 03:38 AM)
Laura Ryan said:
Loves it!!
(07.02.09 06:06 PM)
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The Mammoth Men mad a stop at the White Sands National Monument in New Mexico today. This shot was taken by none other than THE Nate Kaiser today. Thanks Nate! I think Justin looks very much like the abominable snowsand man with the white sand and mustache! Only one more day without my man, but it will be a bitter sweet thing because I have so been enjoying all of the posts from the Mammoth Men blog. Don't forget to stop by and vote for tomorrow's activity and win some prizes too!

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sunnnnnnn said:
you've posted so much this week! i'm loving it!!!! this picture is rocking.. or sanding. :D
(11.20.08 10:41 PM)
CReid said:
What absolutely wicked pics!!! As I'm a yardy (shout out to Jamaica!!!) I've never seen shots of sand in this manner. It's giving me great ideas for the Camera Cruise!!! Regards Carl
(11.21.08 02:02 AM)
Pascal said:
Hahaha I saw the whole series on the mammothmen blog and they all look great
(11.21.08 02:23 PM)
Karin Dailey said:
sooooooooooo coooooooooooooool!
(11.21.08 05:49 PM)
kristin said:
So fun!
(11.23.08 12:17 AM)
jesse Chamberlin said:
i freaking love these shots...they are rad!
(11.24.08 06:50 AM)
Candice Brooke said:
Hey! Man our husbands had way to much fun! Candice
(11.25.08 02:49 PM)
Erin Hiemstra said:
Been a fan of the Mammoth Men since road trip #1. Loving your work too!
(01.05.09 11:39 PM)
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