I still can't hardly believe that four weeks ago Monroe became part of our family! I guess time flies when you're enjoying life, right?! These photos were taken just two weeks ago and Monroe has already changed so much! What a sweet blessing it has been to have her around.:)

Hudson and Sloan are absolutely in love with Monroe! They are already such great big brothers to her!
It's fun to see ALL three of my kids together, it makes my heart happy!
happiness_004.jpghappiness_005.jpgI have to give a shout out to Jackie Wonders for gifting this awesome headband to Monroe, love it!
happiness_006.jpghappiness_007.jpghappiness_008.jpghappiness_009.jpghappiness_010.jpgWhile I've been super busy taking care of Miss Monroe, Justin has occupied his free time doing fun little projects (like building robots out of our recycling) with the boys!

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Melody @ Sweet & Saucy Shop said:
I am in love with your little family...these photos melt my heart!
(10.13.11 02:18 PM)
rog said:
Man I love this adarlingorable family. If I could draw, I'd sculpt a 1/50 life sized mt rushmore of you.
(10.13.11 02:39 PM)
Mel said:
These are so sweet, love the ones with the three of your babes!
(10.13.11 03:24 PM)
Shari Hanson said:
adorable!!!!!!! gorgeous family -- you and justin definitely make 'em cute!!! and i love the robots!!
(10.13.11 03:53 PM)
Julia said:
Amelia, it's awesome! Kids r so nice.
(10.13.11 08:07 PM)
kristen holly said:
SO precious!! You have a beautiful family!
(10.14.11 08:48 AM)
SR said:
These are beyond adorable! My favorites are all three of them on the bed!
(10.14.11 10:55 AM)
Katie said:
Love the new photos! Especially like the one of you kissing those chubby cheeks of Monroe, so sweet! enjoy all the pretty girly-ness:)
(10.14.11 12:02 PM)
angie said:
she is a little pumpkin! Love this sweet little family shoot you did. :)
(10.14.11 03:06 PM)
joy marie said:
congratulations Amelia & Justin, she's beautiful. such sweet pictures.
(10.15.11 05:54 AM)
Kati said:
how sweet is she???!!!!! You look beautiful Amelia!
(10.15.11 06:47 AM)
Amy said:
Such beautiful pictures Amelia. Monroe is precious. What a gift from God she is. My favorite pictures are those of you and her sitting on the bed. She looks so happy to be with her mommy. You look beautiful with your new mommy glow. Congratulations! I love the robot costumes too!
(10.15.11 05:47 PM)
Becky McArthur said:
What a BEAUTIFUL baby! All her sweet and funny can tell she is a Lyon...full of personality. :) Hope you are doing well and hanging in there.
(10.15.11 06:53 PM)
Christine Chang said:
Cutest family EVER. Hope to see you guys soon!
(10.18.11 01:26 AM)
Drew Renner said:
Guys, Congrats on the new little one. All your kiddos are stink'n cute. Thanks for sharing these.
(10.18.11 02:33 PM)
francis said:
the robots are out of control!!
(10.18.11 10:28 PM)
lori said:
sooo cute! i'm totally borrowing your robot inspiration to tuck away for my little ones later on. and i'm a wee bit obsessed with that headband, any idea where it's from?!?
(10.23.11 01:15 PM)
Fotograf Lublin said:
Fantastic photos:) Realy cute Baby.
(10.26.11 09:57 AM)
tylerharms said:
very cute kids. styling, though...insufferably ostentatious.
(11.12.11 03:55 PM)
Chris said:
Wow,, these images are truly natural and spirited! The way capture people is amazing.. I am inspired!
(03.28.12 11:00 AM)
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The past two weeks have been absolute heaven on earth! There's something wonderful and amazing about bringing a new baby into the world. What a fantastic blessing it has been to finally welcome Monroe into our family! 

When I look back, Justin and I have been waiting quite some time for this little girl to arrive. Technically we had been "trying" since August of 2009 and from one reason to the next it just didn't work out. With my dad passing away in July of 2009 that put stress on my body, a miscarriage last summer, then finally it all worked out and she's here!

I went into labor on the 13th at 8:30pm, Justin decided to do a "live twitter" feel of the event of the labor. We had expected this to go quick since my last labor was only 7 hours long. Little did we know that it would be 17 hours for Monroe to make her debut!
monroebirth_002.jpgThe labor pains started to get stronger so I happily accepted the epidural, thus started the waiting game....
I wanted to sleep, but was too excited so I let Justin rest.
monroebirth_005.jpgAt 12pm the Dr. arrived and broke my water, finally I was progressing!
monroebirth_006.jpgFINALLY at 1:19pm our little Monroe Nicole Lyon was here!!! We didn't know that her cord was wrapped around her neck and she actually tied a true knot in her own umbilical cord (something that the Dr. says he only sees once every 5 years, he says that she is a lucky girl!). We were SO thankful for the nurses and our Dr. that got Monroe here safely!
monroebirth_007.jpgJustin and I were ECSTATIC, to say the least, to see her! Honestly, what a WONDERFUL thing it is to be parents to this little angel! Thank you to Angie for coming to take some photos for us, we love you!
monroebirth_008.jpg6 pounds, 12 ounces! 
monroebirth_010.jpgmonroebirth_011.jpgYes, I grabbed a few shots myself of our new small bundle of joy!
monroebirth_015.jpgMy favorite part about the newborn age is the sleeping-on-the-chest stage! I soak in every minute I get to do this with Monroe! Monroe already loves her daddy!
monroebirth_016.jpgmonroebirth_017.jpgmonroebirth_018.jpgmonroebirth_019.jpgYou forget how small babies are when they come out!
monroebirth_020.jpgmonroebirth_021.jpgmonroebirth_022.jpgmonroebirth_023.jpgmonroebirth_024.jpgThis is her "take home" outfit...and so the headbands begin! I'm definitely taking advantage of all the girlie stuff I get to use after having two boys, so fun!
monroebirth_025.jpgmonroebirth_026.jpgMy boys wanted a sister so bad! I know they're going to be such great big brothers to her!
monroebirth_027.jpgmonroebirth_028.jpgmonroebirth_029.jpgRemember this stuffed animal and how we told the boys they were getting a baby sister?! Sloan keeps bringing "hippie" to Monroe saying that "she needs it! it's her's mom!"
monroebirth_030.jpgLOVE this shot of my Monroe! I did a little photo shoot of her when she was three days old, that shoot turned into a few more...sooooo, I'll be doing another post next with more pics of Monroe and the boys.:)
Justin, Hudson, Sloan, and I are so thankful to have this little girl to be part of our family! We love you Monroe!!! 
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weddingchicks said:
congratulations, she is beautiful.
(09.29.11 08:04 PM)
rog said:
darling, darling, darling. You and your family seriously warm my heart. Love you to pieces.
(09.29.11 08:06 PM)
Natalie Norton said:
OH! OH! OH! Congratulations times a zillion. She is PERFECT!!! I'd die for some sleeping-on-the-chest time with Monroe!
(09.29.11 08:12 PM)
Sara Bliss said:
Love the photos, the story, and the sweet little one! Thanks for sharing. Newborns are SO amazing! Congratulations!
(09.29.11 08:17 PM)
Ashley Perez said:
I was totally tearing up when I saw those pictures of you holding her for the first time. She is beautiful! Congrats! I'm so glad you have your girl now (:
(09.29.11 08:24 PM)
Molly Mare said:
You dont know me but I follow your blog and I just wanted to say congratulations! I'm always so impressed with the genuine love I can see in your family. You have such beautiful children. God had blessed you abundantly. And on a sillier note I absolutely loved your hair during labor. What a great idea to keep it out of your face. You looked amazing. :)
(09.29.11 08:28 PM)
nikki said:
stunning, precious, beautiful, intense, emotional...all the best things that must come with the arrival of a new life. the photos are amazing, she is beautiful (& already looks like her brothers!). Is that a co-sleeper bed I see in your room? (sorry to be all snoopy!) your work is so inspiring and I love to see the love in your family!
(09.29.11 08:40 PM)
Jessica said:
literally the prettiest newborn i've ever seen. congrats!
(09.29.11 08:49 PM)
Angeliz Guevara said:
She is just precious!.... :) God bless her and your entire family!
(09.29.11 08:53 PM)
Paige Evans said:
Congratulations! She's beautiful! And you've totally inspired me to have my hair all done up and makeup on next time I have a baby :)
(09.29.11 08:55 PM)
ellen patton said:
Amazing photos. I love all of them. And I love your baby's name.
(09.29.11 09:10 PM)
Anjali said:
Congratulations!! She's beautiful! axx
(09.29.11 09:14 PM)
Mandi said:
Congratulations!! Beautiful pictures! Beautiful baby!
(09.29.11 09:32 PM)
becky k said:
oh amelia! i couldn't be more thrilled for your family. she is absolutely darling. congrats, congrats, congrats!!
(09.29.11 09:36 PM)
Meg said:
Congrats to all of you guys on your new little girl! She is absolutely GORGEOUS!!!
(09.29.11 11:00 PM)
angel swanson said:
positively smitten with your beautiful baby girl! xoxo
(09.29.11 11:11 PM)
Amber said:
She is perfect, what a beautiful treasure... it's so wonderful to see all the love in your sweet family! Congratulations!! xxoo!
(09.30.11 01:22 AM)
Amanda said:
oh so is perfect guys!! Just beautiful. A huge congrations to you all xxx
(09.30.11 02:58 AM)
Lotje said:
Congratulations! She's so pretty :)
(09.30.11 03:04 AM)
Candice & Daniel & Stevie said:
Congrats! She is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!! What a lovely name too!
(09.30.11 04:31 AM)
Kati said:
Congratulations to all! Little girls rock! Savory every we both know, it goes by too quickly!
(09.30.11 04:38 AM)
Nic said:
Simply beautiful....
(09.30.11 04:49 AM)
corissa said:
congratulations!! she is beautiful! we are so happy for you guys!
(09.30.11 06:34 AM)
Douglas Pettway said:
I love love love x1,000,000 these photos. So touching and endearing. Congratulations on such a wonderful baby girl! :)
(09.30.11 07:01 AM)
whitneyingram said:
Once again, another baby Lyon that looks like all the others. You make an attractive brand of baby! Happiest congrats! I know you love this early baby phase so much- enjoy it while it lasts!
(09.30.11 07:37 AM)
kelli Taylor said:
Congratulations! And how did you look so good right after birth! Not fair!
(09.30.11 07:40 AM)
Lindsey Joy said:
So unbelievably happy for you and Justin! It's so beautiful to see how over-the-moon you are with her! Your happiness and excitement are infectious. She is gorgeous! xoxo :)
(09.30.11 07:42 AM)
Kate Whitmore said:
Sloan is cracking me up. He is precious! Love the pictures with her brothers!
(09.30.11 08:27 AM)
Emilie said:
She is so precious!! Congrats!!!
(09.30.11 08:29 AM)
Travis Shumate said:
Such a beautiful girl. So glad she arrived healthy and well! Can't wait for her to be friends with baby girl Shumate.
(09.30.11 08:38 AM)
Jackie Wonders said:
you guys make cute little humans...welcome to the crazy beautiful world Monroe! way to rock the headbands :)
(09.30.11 08:41 AM)
Melissa said:
OHHH she is just so adorable and she a beauty. I got all teary eyed looking at all the photos. We are having our 1st in the end of March. Super excited for you guys!!
(09.30.11 08:50 AM)
Jenny said:
She. Is. Stunning. A million congratulations and blessings. What a wonderful addition to your already wonderful family!
(09.30.11 12:00 PM)
jenn king said:
amelia i am so in love with her! these photos make me even more excited for my baby girl coming soon!!!
(09.30.11 01:17 PM)
Katie Metka said:
oh my goodness! She is so precious! Congratulations to you all, what a wonderful gift from God.
(09.30.11 01:18 PM)
SR said:
What a little beauty! Many congrats to all of you!
(09.30.11 02:34 PM)
EpicDanger said:
BAhhh my ovaries hurt! I want a 3rd and 4th baby so bad! Monroe is not helping! She is so beautiful!
(10.01.11 07:49 AM)
drae said:
congratulations! so happy for all of you and what a lucky girl, she has two big brothers that will always have her back and to watch over her. she is beautiful...
(10.01.11 08:43 AM)
kankan iskandar said:
speechless...totally awesome..congratz....
(10.01.11 04:32 PM)
melissa said:
She looks so aware! I also think she is smirking a bit in the photo with Justin. I am so happy for you and your family. Such an awe inspiring thing. Oh, and you did look great.
(10.01.11 10:42 PM)
Sofia said:
What beautiful pictures of your precious baby girl. Your pictures moved me and congratulations!
(10.02.11 08:45 AM)
Jani Breedt said:
Amelia, I don't want children of my own and I've never been broody - but these set of images brought a lump to my throat and I've started to wonder if I'm not missing out!
(10.02.11 09:57 AM)
Anissa said:
A bit late : congrats :) She's beautiful ! And these photos are juste "wow" ! :)
(10.02.11 01:44 PM)
Daniel Davis said:
Powerful Story. Beautiful Monroe.
(10.02.11 03:03 PM)
Jalyn and Matt Barnard said:
Congrats!! You have the most beautiful family and Monroe looks like the perfect addition! Yay for love and family!
(10.02.11 03:26 PM)
ash said:
She is absolutely perfect, you guys!! We are so happy for your lovely family! Welcome to the world of having a family of 5, it's one crazy ride!! :)
(10.02.11 11:53 PM)
Kelli Nicole said:
How wonderful! She is a gorgeous baby. She looks so beautiful in images 21 and 31. What a blessing. Congratulations!!
(10.03.11 08:01 AM)
Jenelle Sewell said:
(10.03.11 01:37 PM)
Paco and Betty said:
WOW! So beautiful. Congratulations guys!
(10.03.11 08:45 PM)
sandie said:
Justin & Amelia ....Your family is so beautiful! I love your little girl. What a blessing. Hudson and Sloan look so proud! (and so big) I love you all and miss you very much. Congrats on a happy and safe delivery. :)
(10.04.11 09:18 AM)
angie said:
She is such a little sweet heart!!!! So happy for you guys and sooooo happy I got to witness such a wonderful miracle!!!! Love you guys!!!!
(10.04.11 01:32 PM)
Amanda Hagood said:
I LOVE all of the photos of this precious baby girl, but I must say that the one of her sleeping with her head facing towards Justin. OMG. My heart strings were tugged so hard that I started having baby fever again! ADORABLE father-daughter moment. Congratulations!!!
(10.04.11 08:59 PM)
tate said:
what a sweet blog. congrats to you and your family.
(10.05.11 06:34 PM)
sarah tullier said:
she is BEAUTIFUL!!!!! congratulations. its a crime you looked that good before and after labor :) congrats again!
(10.05.11 06:38 PM)
jsa said:
congrats, she's beautiful. :)
(10.05.11 11:32 PM)
Sundee said:
She is so beautiful! Cant wait to see more pictures. :)
(10.06.11 10:22 AM)
Blair Van Bussel said:
Congratulations to the 4 of you, she is perfection! :)
(10.06.11 04:12 PM)
Nicole Easton said:
She is Beautiful, You are beautiful. Your love is Beautiful. Thank you for sharing this beauty.
(10.06.11 04:19 PM)
Jennifer Buehrer said:
squeeeeeeeeal! Congrats on your new baby! I also had my baby boy on the 18th of Sept! What a blessing! Thank you for sharing your story!
(10.07.11 12:40 AM)
Grandma & Grandpa Lyon said:
Oh My, we just enjoyed these photos so much, better late than never! Ghana internet is quite slow. She is so beautiful and all of you look so full of joy, pure joy!! We love you all and look forward to the day we see you all again!!
(10.07.11 05:50 AM)
Monique said:
oh, such a wonderful & unique moment!!!!
(10.08.11 02:29 AM)
angie monson said:
these are the sweetest photos I have ever seen... thanks so much for sharing:)
(10.12.11 09:49 PM)
Amy Jensen said:
Your work is stunning! And, I simply can't get over how much I am in love with the photos of your daughter's birth - all these images are just breathtaking! Thanks for sharing!!!
(10.14.11 04:44 PM)
Tonya Peterson said:
Amelia she is precious. I had tears in m eyes. What wonderful images. xoxo
(10.27.11 07:47 AM)
caoyi said:
I thank the all the photos are wonderful. it will be an unforgetable memory
(11.07.11 12:19 AM)
Karen Buckle said:
Omgoodness she is devine. Congratulations!
(11.17.11 12:13 PM)
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