Amongst all of the Easter eggs, hunting, jellybeans and Easter Bunny hub-bub, we are most thankful for this holiday to remind us of the One who gave His all for us. Happy Easter everyone!

Hudson obviously was the winner of the Easter egg hunt, Sloan didn't mind letting him have the victory. I have a feeling it will be a totally different story next year!


Sloan got a pair of yellow sunglasses from his Sunday school teacher, he's been wearing them all day, it's been pretty cute!

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J@KE said:
what a couple of cuties you got there! Thanks for posting these! Great stuff.... reminds me of when I was young and the glory of the "hunt".... LOL!
(04.12.09 10:18 PM)
Diana said:
That first picture is SO adorable!
(04.12.09 10:27 PM)
Charis said:
totally a huge fan (aka: stalker)! feel in love with your work ever since you shot a family friend's wedding @ shade hotel in manhattan beach! couldn't help but comment tonight, bc your son sloan looks hilarious in his yellow shades! keep up the great work!
(04.12.09 11:28 PM)
angie + matt said:
(04.13.09 12:01 AM)
Julie Wilhite said:
Sloan's outfit to sunday school CRACKS me up!! He is absolutely, heartbreakingly cute. Love! :)
(04.13.09 10:37 AM)
Simply Modern Weddings said:
how adorable is that 1st shot!
(04.13.09 12:24 PM)
Briony said:
these are adorable! hope you had a great Easter :)
(04.13.09 02:33 PM)
Sarah @ said:
The last picture is beyond precious! I'm glad the boys had a good time! Happy Easter to your family =)
(04.13.09 03:32 PM)
Rog said:
Oh that's so cute! Sloan is wearing hudson's shoes and getting so big too. haha.
(04.13.09 09:20 PM)
Dustin & Jessie Lyon said:
It was great being there with you guys over the weekend. Love all of you and love the photos. The boys are so cute.
(04.14.09 10:31 PM)
jesi haack said:
ummmm, is that a corduroy tie I see on your little man? the cute factor is off the charts right now....
(04.15.09 02:39 PM)
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Day two of fun in the sun with the Kaiser fam and all of our kiddos at Morro Bay! This time we had bubbles and TONS of sand!





Favorite shot of the day!









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Quinze said:
Nice bubbles ... and beautiful children !!
(04.10.09 12:30 AM)
Mary Marantz said:
these kiddos are the cutest kiddos EVER! That first shot is blow my mind amazing! *I* want to family vacation with you guys...are kids required?! Coz...we have a dog if that counts.
(04.10.09 04:31 AM)
Noe Marinelli said:
These kids are adorable!! Amazing pictures!
(04.10.09 05:28 AM)
Briony said:
that top photo is wonderful, so filled with joy! they all are beautifully looks like you all are having a wonderful time :) i love the reflection in the last one
(04.10.09 06:35 AM)
heather said:
I am loving super soggy beach diaper and the big gulp of bubble shot. Ahhh, the sand, the glory.
(04.10.09 07:12 AM)
thedub said:
Very cute! I love the little fat rolls on the legs. :)
(04.10.09 08:02 AM)
Michelle Moore said:
Cutest kids in the history of CUTENESSSSSSSS!!!!! :)
(04.10.09 08:19 AM)
Kelli Taylor said:
Your kids are about the luckiest and coolest ever! Almost makes me want some of my own, but I'm not as cool as you guys! :)
(04.10.09 08:28 AM)
Stacy said:
Oh, I just love these! They are pure childhood innocence and they just make me want to have a carefree day like a kid again. These are fantastic and really tell a great story.
(04.10.09 08:43 AM)
Katie said:
Ok, your kids are ridiculously cute. I know everyone has said that already! I think you need to do some arranged marriage between hudson and grace. SERIOUSLY. They are super adorable. So fun for you guys!
(04.10.09 09:09 AM)
Sarah @ said:
I love how happy the boys look! The mud and sand and water looks like the perfect combination =)
(04.10.09 10:40 AM)
jac said:
swoanie is so cute!!!! we had such an awesome time with you guys. i'm thinking we should make it an annual trip :)
(04.10.09 04:16 PM)
Heather Brown said:
I dont know I think my favorite shot is the one where sloan is in the background in his hoodie diaper and bubbles!! what a fun day!
(04.11.09 12:53 PM)
Nicole Polk said:
i think you might actually have the cutest kids on the planet :)
(04.14.09 01:14 PM)
Leah Simmers said:
theses are just precious. I love that they are truly being kids, getting dirty, having a blast. Love the throwing of the dirt!
(04.16.09 10:08 PM)
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