We are so excited, the LYON-SHOP Part Deux sold out on it's first day! We feel beyond blessed and are blown away by the turnout! We CANNOT wait to meet all of the attendees at the kick-off party the night before on the 26th. October 27th is going to be a good day! 

Have a great weekend everybody!
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rookie cookie said:
You guys amaze me. You are so talented, cool and hardworking. I miss you, your boys, black bean burritos and Disneyland.
(09.12.09 03:31 PM)
tate said:
I. Can't. Wait.
(09.13.09 08:09 AM)
mary said:
So Awesome! Congrats! When part tres comes I want to be there!
(09.14.09 01:43 PM)
emily said:
would yall ever considered an online workshop? yall just live so far away from me! a girl can dream, i guess:)
(09.14.09 03:13 PM)
Linds said:
Dang it! If a round three happens... i'm all over it :) Love you guys!!
(09.15.09 03:22 PM)
mindy@STUDIO6.23 said:
uh, yeah.... of course it did!!! you guys are AMAZING!!!! :)
(09.22.09 03:08 AM)
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We are SO excited to announce our second LYON-SHOP coming to Laguna Beach on October 27th, 2009!

We sold out super fast last time and we had an awesome response. Not only was the turnout great, but the actual LYON-SHOP day was a huge success! We feel so thankful to have had such an amazing group of fellow photographers come out to learn from us! We've been eager to announce a second LYON-SHOP since our first experience was so positive. Here is more info:
We lucked out and found a great location for our first LYON-SHOP at the Tranquil Tea Lounge in Fullerton, great ambiance, great food, amazing tea, and sweet service!
lyonshop_001.jpglyonshop_002.jpgA big thank you to Jason and Emily for being our beautiful models! We did two shoots that day, the first covered posing, interaction with your client, and creative use of natural light.
lyonshop_003.jpglyonshop_004.jpglyonshop_005.jpglyonshop_006.jpglyonshop_007.jpglyonshop_008.jpglyonshop_009.jpglyonshop_010.jpgThe second shoot covered sunglare and creative off camera lighting.
lyonshop_011.jpgMy favorite shot of the day!
lyonshop_012.jpglyonshop_013.jpgSecond favorite shot of the day!
lyonshop_014.jpglyonshop_015.jpgThank you, thank you, thank you to all of our very first LYON-SHOP attendees, we can't wait to meet the next group!
lyonshop_016.jpgFor more details please visit our LYON-SHOP website (thank you to Into the Darkroom for providing us with such a sweet website).

Last, but certainly not least, we want to thank all of our sweet sponsors, we could not have done this without your help!!!:
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Lindsey Joy said:
YAAAAYYY!!!! I am so excited to see these images, it really brings the whole experience full circle! You and Justin are amazing and the Lyon-Shop rocked our world! Thanks for the wealth of love, knowledge, and honesty. Our business and art have seriously gone to the next level thanks to you!! I just cannot say enough good about the two of you! I hope the next Lyon-Shop brings all kinds of good things your way!!
(09.10.09 09:25 PM)
yan palmer said:
the "wish i could be there," comments are always a touch lame huh? if i had the means, and i don't mean the means that i will instead use to fly to hawaii, or buy rad clothes, cuz i don't gots those means, i mean extra above what i use to feed my family, i would be there googly eyed and ready to roll.
(09.10.09 09:29 PM)
tate said:
I'm really thinking about jumping into it and flying out from Louisiana. Only problem - do you guys have any interpreter friends (I'm deaf) or somehow would it be possible to figure something out? What area exactly would I need to fly into? I can scope out some friends if I know where and kinda feel it out.
(09.10.09 10:03 PM)
tate said:
Just realized it said Orange County - that's between SD/LA airports? What would be closer? Ontario even?
(09.10.09 10:06 PM)
kristine atienza said:
Amelia & Justin, just like Lindsay said, seeing this post has definitely brought it all back full circle. Before I took this workshop I was still in limbo with whether or not to embark on this new journey. Since then, I've taken the leap into this newfound passion of mine. All thanks to your generous knowledge, wisdom and inspiration! In addition to that, I've also made some wonderful friends from the workshop! Thank you again for the awesome experience! I'm so grateful to have been a part of it all! Wishing you all the success and most importantly, FUN in part deux ! xoxo - kristine ps. if you're even thinking about taking lyon-shop---stop thinking, and just do it!! you wont be disappointed!!!
(09.10.09 10:22 PM)
jason Roger said:
What up hommie!!! these are the sweetest photos of all time, not just because of the lovely models, but because you and Justin are the amazing dyamic duo, like WWF bushwackers!!! "It's bloody lovely. Tell your mutha."
(09.10.09 10:31 PM)
Lydia Jane said:
Awww, who knew there could be this much happiness in one post! Words cannot descriiibe how much I took away from your Lyon Shop. Thank you guys so much! And all you people out there - GO! You won't regret it.
(09.10.09 10:58 PM)
John Sharpe said:
I was on the edge about this workshop, but am so glad that I attended. Justin & Amelia are cool cats and are more than willing to share their smartness with you. The branding portion of the workshop was my fave and showed me how much I still have to learn. If you debating attending...just do it. Your eyes, brain, and camera will thank you!!!
(09.11.09 04:58 AM)
anda said:
don't miss out on this!!!! i want to go AGAIN. most awesome. congrats, amelia and justin -- have a blast!
(09.11.09 07:38 AM)
Corissa said:
Oh I so wish I could come! Will you by chance be doing one at the end of February?
(09.11.09 08:54 AM)
molly said:
alright... I know you are LDS. So you must spend SOME time in Utah.... PLEASE!!!! HOLD A WORKSHOP in Utah in the future. You wouldn't regret it! I just know it!
(09.11.09 10:33 AM)
Tonya Peterson said:
So awesome! You and Justin are great. I wish I was coming back to CA sometime soon. We need family portraits again!
(09.11.09 12:52 PM)
jackie wonders said:
it's gonna be off the chain :)
(09.11.09 02:57 PM)
Becky McArthur said:
Can't even tell you how excited I am to come!!!! Best b-day present Dan could've bought for me. Looking forward to meeting you two!
(09.11.09 10:14 PM)
Paco and Betty said:
My husband and I would love to take one of your Lyon Shops. Hopefully in round 3!
(09.22.09 02:29 PM)
Michelle Huesgen said:
You guys should take your Lyon-Sop on the road....perhaps St. louis?????? Pretty please...
(09.29.09 07:26 AM)
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