Justin took this while we were up in Idaho! Obviously, I think Sloan is totally RAD! Happy Friday everyone!

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carlie.renee. said:
that is so freakin awesome!
(09.26.08 12:24 PM)
Lucy M said:
Aww! Super cute! You are a nice-looking family! Hey...I need to photograph my family more!!! LOL :-) Have a great weekend!!!
(09.26.08 12:53 PM)
Jessie said:
Of course Sloan is RAD!! And so is Hudson, and Justin and Amelia! We think you are all rad! Nice photo Justin!
(09.26.08 02:12 PM)
jac said:
awwwwwwwwww!!!! i love it! he is sooooo cute and his shirt is radical!
(09.26.08 02:15 PM)
Chenin said:
awww... you *know* I have to have one now. You think it's tax deductible?
(09.26.08 02:43 PM)
Jasmine Marie said:
Way too cute. He's got your hair color and everything!
(09.26.08 03:06 PM)
Ashley said:
That little cutie pie is all boy- white Robeez or not! And I'd have to say, you're pretty rad as well! So cute.
(09.27.08 01:25 AM)
sandra said:
he is so big!!!! and so cute!!!! i can't believe he is almost a year old.
(09.27.08 10:35 AM)
angie + matt said:
Sloan is soooooooooooooooo RAD! So his Hudson!!!!!!
(09.27.08 03:19 PM)
ROG said:
So I was noticing the cool shirt and it looks like it was made by a company called "small junk", (ironic or not). The name grabs me and I will copyright it asap. I will mass produce it. I will make sure it gets into the finest cereal boxes (such as Golden Grahams) and everyone will be wearing it by Christmas. Thank you Amelia, you've found a way in this economic poop to make me rich. By the way Sloan, we all think you're RAD, and we are all right.
(09.28.08 12:06 AM)
DrewB said:
Brayden has the same shirt in brown and I did a little shoot with him in it last week too! Great minds really do think alike!
(09.28.08 08:28 PM)
Paige Green said:
hey, i was at the Matheson's this weekend and found out you were in their ward! crazy! i worked for them. anywho, right on sloan. keep on keepin on.
(09.29.08 08:43 AM)
Desiree Durang said:
What a cutie! Your son is adorable.
(09.29.08 10:03 AM)
Lauren said:
Where did you get that???!!?? I love it! I am giving birth to my first child in December, and I totally want to get that!..Thank you!!!
(09.29.08 01:41 PM)
jen said:
he is rad! great pic!
(09.29.08 01:44 PM)
cristy cross said:
HOW cute!
(09.29.08 02:04 PM)
Karen Kirkland said:
Love that shirt! I can see why you think Sloan is RAD...he's absolutely adorable.
(09.29.08 07:56 PM)
jeremy Parsons said:
Jeremy Parsons thinks he's rad too. :)
(10.01.08 10:19 AM)
Jonas said:
Nothing beats a little ginger boy, I've got one myself...
(10.04.08 07:37 PM)
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I can't believe how fast time flies! Last week Hudson officially started preschool! He had taken a few summer classes, but it didn't hit me as hard as it did when I took him into a real classroom filled with other kids, teachers, work stations, a gathering rug, and his very own cubby! I did get a little teary! Luckily, he won't feel out of place, he has a few cousins attending the same preschool and he gets to see them at recess time! One thing that slightly freaked me out was the realization that I have just started the long 15 year haul of schooling (well at least through the end of high school) for Hudson and there's no turning back!

Here's Hudson with his cousins:


Hudson saying goodbye to "Swoanie":

Don't look too close, I didn't have my face on yet!



After I picked up Hudson from school we had some fun making faces at the camera, the boys were totally hamming it up!



Hudson insisted on taking a few shots of me, he really knows how to handle the camera (with a little help from yours truly)!

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Nat said:
Very cute pics!!! =)
(09.15.08 11:12 AM)
Abra said:
Too cute. I know how you feel. It's hard to keep it all together when your little man starts school. LOVE the pics of your boys and you look gorgeous in the shots Hudson got of you. Strawberry blonde looks good on you.
(09.15.08 11:38 AM)
Cindy said:
Even without your "face" on you look so cute! And love the last ones that Hudson took! My little Cooper is just turning two and has the camera bug bad!
(09.15.08 12:50 PM)
Marianne Wilson said:
(09.15.08 01:36 PM)
Karen Kirkland said:
Congratulations to you and to Hudson...what great fun to have your cousins around during recess!
(09.15.08 03:11 PM)
bobbi+ said:
you have the CUTEST family! And can I just say that I ADOOOOORE your freckles?! You're a hot tamale!
(09.15.08 03:51 PM)
Melissa said:
How sweet! You guys are adorable!
(09.15.08 06:02 PM)
Julie said:
You and your boys are too stinkin cute!!
(09.15.08 06:40 PM)
*B* said:
Such a happy family! Everyone is so adorable!
(09.15.08 06:57 PM)
teresa said:
Umm....I know we don't know one another personally but I just have to have AMAZING lashes! :)
(09.15.08 07:48 PM)
Ashley said:
Awww, I love all these pictures!! I want kids to make faces with!! So adorable. You're such an amazing mom.
(09.15.08 10:46 PM)
jac said:
aaaaaawwwwwwwwww!!! i love them! hudson looks so big in his classroom with his little name tag on! sloan is just as sweet as can be. and amelia...lookin fab as always ;)
(09.15.08 10:48 PM)
jackie wonders said:
can your kids be any cuter?!?! i feel like my heart will rip out of my chest when emery's ready for school in a couple of years! way to be strong. and way to go hudson with the skillz:)
(09.16.08 08:55 AM)
tim willoughby said:
wow, you guys are awesome! i love going through all of your images. such a great feel to them....
(09.16.08 07:41 PM)
heather saunders said:
They are soooo precious!
(09.16.08 09:35 PM)
Liz said:
omg. so so so cute.
(09.16.08 11:58 PM)
caitlin said:
What heart warming pictures:)
(09.17.08 12:12 PM)
bethelynk said:
this post made my day!!! just too adorable!!! totally cute earrings ya' got there! : )
(09.17.08 01:23 PM)
Aubree said:
Cute boys Amelia! I can't believe how big they are getting. Love the funny faces.
(09.18.08 07:49 PM)
Jasmine Marie said:
Your kids are just way too cute!!!
(09.22.08 10:50 PM)
Brian White said:
dude... your kids are adoooooooorable. I have a two year old of my own and it's so much fun to see good shots of kids. I'm also a REALLY big fan of the color you're using on your images. I know we photographers like to keep some things secret, but any chance of you letting me in on how you're working that? Keep up the good work.
(09.26.08 11:56 AM)
Gretta said:
Those are good looking boys you have! Also, Hudson's portraits of YOU are precious. Love it!
(09.29.08 01:58 PM)
Tonya Peterson said:
Amelia! You boys are the cutest! It looks like you have a little photographer in the making! I love your freckles BTW! So cute!!!
(09.29.08 03:19 PM)
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