Justin took this while we were up in Idaho! Obviously, I think Sloan is totally RAD! Happy Friday everyone!

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carlie.renee. said:
that is so freakin awesome!
(09.26.08 12:24 PM)
Lucy M said:
Aww! Super cute! You are a nice-looking family! Hey...I need to photograph my family more!!! LOL :-) Have a great weekend!!!
(09.26.08 12:53 PM)
Jessie said:
Of course Sloan is RAD!! And so is Hudson, and Justin and Amelia! We think you are all rad! Nice photo Justin!
(09.26.08 02:12 PM)
jac said:
awwwwwwwwww!!!! i love it! he is sooooo cute and his shirt is radical!
(09.26.08 02:15 PM)
Chenin said:
awww... you *know* I have to have one now. You think it's tax deductible?
(09.26.08 02:43 PM)
Jasmine Marie said:
Way too cute. He's got your hair color and everything!
(09.26.08 03:06 PM)
Ashley said:
That little cutie pie is all boy- white Robeez or not! And I'd have to say, you're pretty rad as well! So cute.
(09.27.08 01:25 AM)
sandra said:
he is so big!!!! and so cute!!!! i can't believe he is almost a year old.
(09.27.08 10:35 AM)
angie + matt said:
Sloan is soooooooooooooooo RAD! So his Hudson!!!!!!
(09.27.08 03:19 PM)
ROG said:
So I was noticing the cool shirt and it looks like it was made by a company called "small junk", (ironic or not). The name grabs me and I will copyright it asap. I will mass produce it. I will make sure it gets into the finest cereal boxes (such as Golden Grahams) and everyone will be wearing it by Christmas. Thank you Amelia, you've found a way in this economic poop to make me rich. By the way Sloan, we all think you're RAD, and we are all right.
(09.28.08 12:06 AM)
DrewB said:
Brayden has the same shirt in brown and I did a little shoot with him in it last week too! Great minds really do think alike!
(09.28.08 08:28 PM)
Paige Green said:
hey, i was at the Matheson's this weekend and found out you were in their ward! crazy! i worked for them. anywho, right on sloan. keep on keepin on.
(09.29.08 08:43 AM)
Desiree Durang said:
What a cutie! Your son is adorable.
(09.29.08 10:03 AM)
Lauren said:
Where did you get that???!!?? I love it! I am giving birth to my first child in December, and I totally want to get that!..Thank you!!!
(09.29.08 01:41 PM)
jen said:
he is rad! great pic!
(09.29.08 01:44 PM)
cristy cross said:
HOW cute!
(09.29.08 02:04 PM)
Karen Kirkland said:
Love that shirt! I can see why you think Sloan is RAD...he's absolutely adorable.
(09.29.08 07:56 PM)
jeremy Parsons said:
Jeremy Parsons thinks he's rad too. :)
(10.01.08 10:19 AM)
Jonas said:
Nothing beats a little ginger boy, I've got one myself...
(10.04.08 07:37 PM)