We have been getting so many comments and emails from other fellow photographers who are curious to how we get "the look" we get, so we've decided to post some before and afters with some action recipes from the coolest action sets out there from the TOTALLY RAD ACTIONS!

If you haven't purchased these actions to enhance your digital images we HIGHLY recommend getting them! I think the reason why we love them so much is because they allow us to get sort of a vintage film look without loosing the quality of our colors and resolution. They also allow us to combine as many actions we want to get "the look" we are trying to go for.

The following two Before-and-After's where created using both Totally Rad Actions! andTRA2 - THE REVENGE.

*Before-and-After set #1 recipe for color(I also just realize that the After is on the left and should be on the right, oops! You'll get the idea anyhow):

1. Yin/yang (painted in desired areas of dodge and burn)
2. Bullet Tooth (opacity to 25%)
3. Get Faded (opacity to 40%)
4. Warm it up Kris! (opacity to 20%)
5. Boutwell Magic Glasses

*Before-and-After set #2 recipe for black and white:

1. Desaturate image prior to starting recipe
2. contrast (opacity to 50%)
3. Yin/Yang (painted in desired areas of dodge and burn)
4. Detroit (opacity to 50%)
5. Grainstorm
6. Boutwell Magic Glasses

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Stevie said:
Beautiful images!! Thanks so much for sharing. I love posts like these!!
(02.10.09 12:42 PM)
Michelle Moore said:
LOVE your recipes!!! Make a cookbook!! :) Hehe....although your images look pretty killer before-hand too!
(02.10.09 12:44 PM)
Blair Van Bussel said:
Love it!I really need to get with the program and pick these up! I have just been trying to figure out if I should start with #1 or #2.... hummmm.....
(02.10.09 12:46 PM)
todd pellowe said:
thanks for the bw recipe. looks really yummy.
(02.10.09 01:00 PM)
John Sharpe Photography said:
I've been stalking for long enough. Just wanted to drop a quick comment about how much I enjoy looking at your photos. Great job and keep up the fantastic work!
(02.10.09 01:30 PM)
Macy said:
Amelia - I love it when you do these posts. Thank you. TRA was one of the first purchases I made and I just love them. I've done a bunch of variations on your B&W recipe and the prints turn out so well. You and Justin are rock stars.
(02.10.09 01:38 PM)
Ashley Rose said:
Wow Amelia you are wonderful for sharing some of your image goodness :) its always appreciated! Love love love your work ; )
(02.10.09 01:55 PM)
Becky said:
I love it when you post your TRA recipe's! Thanks!!
(02.10.09 02:58 PM)
lisa webb said:
I'm a blog stalker too, raves from the ellsworth's sent me your way. I love posts like these! thanks so much for sharing! It's so interesting to hear what people are doing to thier images. Your work is so inspiring!
(02.10.09 03:18 PM)
Tiona said:
First, let me say that I love your work! Your images are so inspiring. Thanks so much for sharing your color and bw recipes!!
(02.10.09 03:58 PM)
Anonymous said:
Thanks so much for sharing. Your images are amazing! Thanks for inspiring us all.
(02.10.09 06:55 PM)
Kerry Moynagh said:
Thank you for being so generous with this info -- love your images and knowing a little of the tricks of the trade!
(02.10.09 07:07 PM)
Ale said:
Thanks! I've been trying to figure out your post-pro for a while now because I think that even when you use the same actions than others you do it in a very original way, so thank you! I hope you keep sharing!! Thanks THanks!
(02.11.09 06:09 AM)
Carl McKinney said:
Beautiful. I officially dub these Totally Rad MAGIC!!!
(02.11.09 07:29 AM)
Whitney said:
Thank you, THANK YOU!
(02.11.09 11:10 PM)
Kat Braman said:
Thanks so much for sharing the recipes! Love your blog :)
(02.12.09 02:22 PM)
Maya Laurent said:
Love the black and white treatment you did!
(02.15.09 11:03 AM)
Catherine said:
Thanks so much for this! I do have these actions and I am going to try this out right away! What do you do with your other images that are so vivid? :)
(02.19.09 05:14 PM)
Barry Khan said:
Great post, I'm off to TRA right now... thanks so much..
(05.14.09 08:22 AM)
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For a while now I've been meaning to post some fun photos of my family that we've taken over the course of the last three months. Now that there are so many different entries that I SHOULD have done I decided to group them all together into one.

I know that I need to be better about posting photos and events right after they actually happen. I think it would make my life a whole lot easier instead of waiting like I have now. Oh well, can't magically go back to the past, so here is my family, lately!

Zion National Park, November 2008




Huh?! What's that you say?!

Both Justin and I agree that these next two photos aren't the best of us, but here they are regardless!

We do like these next two ones's all about the self timer!


Justin decided to do a mini photo shoot with me.


Had to show off the fab mustache!


St. George, November 2008


Las Vegas at M&M World, November 2008


Idyllwild with the Kaiser family, November 2008


Love, LOVE, LOOOOVVE the next two sets of photos of my boys!




This one makes me hunch over and laugh hysterically! Hudson, "Mom, take a photo of my scared face!"


More trees.

Disneyland, December 2008

I think I'm going to make a Vision Art Book out of all of these!
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Ryel j said:
What a fun recap. I love the shots of you and Justin... so fresh. I have to say though your boys are the cutest ever!!
(01.29.09 12:27 AM)
Jeff Awesome said:
Your family is kind of awesome.
(01.29.09 12:30 AM)
Natalie Norton said:
What a beautiful family!!!
(01.29.09 12:38 AM)
Bobby Earle said:
You guys are making me want kids like 5 minutes ago! Definitely makes me excited about taking the plunge with the missus :) Bobby
(01.29.09 01:10 AM)
erika verginelli said:
these are simply amazing! you're such a gorgeous family! love the PP in all of them!
(01.29.09 04:41 AM)
john waire said:
you have a beautiful family amelia. your kids are gonna smile & laugh at these...big time...when they're adults :) kudos!
(01.29.09 05:05 AM)
Debbie S said:
Beautiful pics!
(01.29.09 05:31 AM)
bobbi said:
EVERY single one of these is perfect. I flipping adore your family!!!!!!!
(01.29.09 05:55 AM)
amy said:
beautiful family.
(01.29.09 06:01 AM)
nicole green said:
you guys are such a cute family!! :) i love that your kids sport paul frank gear too. i looove me some paul frank!
(01.29.09 06:14 AM)
Kristin Mizo said:
You're family is so cute. I wish I was better at taking pictures of my own family. You inspire me to do it more.
(01.29.09 06:40 AM)
Jamie Delaine said:
HOW CUTE is your family? I love those self-timer shots of you and Justin. Perfect.
(01.29.09 06:44 AM)
Amber Ulmer said:
I just adore this post! You guys are too much fun! Diggin the stache on Justin! Your kiddos are priceless! We have our first lil girl due in just 8 weeks and can't wait to venture into parenthood! xo
(01.29.09 07:00 AM)
sarah rhoads said:
your family is VERRY cute lately :)
(01.29.09 07:28 AM)
Meg said:
You guys rock- can't wait to have babies so I can take awesome photos of them. ;)
(01.29.09 08:47 AM)
Mariel Mendoza Sim said:
I absolutely love all your work! And your family is adorable!
(01.29.09 08:54 AM)
jac said:
oh my! i just love you guys! the boys are soooo adorable and look hot!!'re not too bad either justin ;)
(01.29.09 09:11 AM)
gretchen k. said:
You have the cutest fam! My fav is the b&w of you and Hudson in the snuggle-hug! =)
(01.29.09 09:11 AM)
Kayla said:
Cute family! Love the ones of you with the sun flare!
(01.29.09 09:19 AM)
Michelle Moore said:
Love these ALL! You guys are the cutest family EVERRRRRrrrr!
(01.29.09 09:32 AM)
Amy said:
I love these! You have such a beautiful family :)
(01.29.09 10:08 AM)
stikman said:
well done
(01.29.09 10:23 AM)
Cinde Huston said:
cute little family-amily you got there!! great pics as always :)
(01.29.09 10:36 AM)
Michelle Ellis said:
Wonderful! I love seeing people's families. You should do a vision art book! FABULOUS!
(01.29.09 11:17 AM)
Ashley said:
These are so precious!!! I love the ones of you with your boys. So freakin adorable!
(01.29.09 11:32 AM)
jesse @our labor of love said:
you guys are ridiculously cute...all of you. my little guy has that same plaid shirt. i love that company.
(01.29.09 01:04 PM)
denise bovee said:
oh dear! Theres no denying the cute jean in your family! and I have to agree with Jaclyn, Amelia you look Hot!! :)
(01.29.09 01:21 PM)
lauren clark said:
Totally awesome!
(01.29.09 02:07 PM)
Ann said:
omg! WHERE did you get that hoodie that your older son is wearing!? the one with the monster teeth around the hood? i have GOT to get that for my nephews!!!
(01.29.09 03:16 PM)
Courtney Ortiz said:
I have to say, I love the images of your family more than any wedding or e-session that you could post. So much more feeling goes into photos of our own family! All my best!
(01.29.09 05:46 PM)
angie+matt said:
I love that one of Hudson and you at the cabin! SOOO Cute! Like everyone of these should be up in your house!
(01.29.09 05:56 PM)
Augusta said:
You are amazing! I love all these photos! You really put your heart into them. And how lucky to have a husband who is just as awesome! Keep shooting. Please! :)
(01.29.09 08:01 PM)
Liz said:
(01.29.09 10:42 PM)
Sarah S/C said:
Such precious memories! I love the photographs at M & M World. It must be every child's paradise =)
(01.30.09 08:09 AM)
Francis said:
i love your creativity and various perspectives... thanks for inspiring. :)
(01.30.09 10:10 AM)
cristen + w. scott chester said:
wow!!! your family looks fantastic, lately! your boys are sooooo adorable, seriously! and the shots of both of you are smokin' hot, too! gotta love the self timer!
(01.30.09 11:41 AM)
Nat said:
I LOOOOOOOOVE the B&W pic of Sloan and Hudson sitting together. That is to die for!!!!!
(01.30.09 03:58 PM)
Yuka photo art said:
I love these photos of your beautiful family!!!!!!!!!! Wish you a lot of love and happiness!!!
(01.30.09 05:42 PM)
Paige Green said:
beautiful family.
(01.30.09 11:21 PM)
Stacey Sargent said:
I know you have probably been asked this and answered this a million times: but what camera do you use? and what lenses? you are the most amazing photographer i have ever seen!
(01.31.09 03:36 PM)
Jennica said:
Wow, you are all adorable together! You can definetly see the love between all of you & the fun! That has to be the BEST mustache I've ever seen, and I LOVE his glasses! :D Plaid rocks! You are awesome. :)
(01.31.09 07:03 PM)
Lyndzee said:
Whoooaaa, I LOVE Hudson's scared face. HILARIOUS!! Your family is seriously adorable. The last shot of Sloan is to die for.
(01.31.09 10:33 PM)
ann Baker said:
no really where is the hoodie from ;)
(02.01.09 07:56 PM)
Rebekah Westover said:
You are a babelicious babe!!! I met your cousin Sam Schultz the other day at David Osmond's house. Crazy small world eh?
(02.01.09 08:47 PM)
Hanssie said:
Your boys are precious! Hope they feel better.
(02.02.09 04:10 PM)
Dad said:
What a beautiful family. We love you all sooooo much.
(02.03.09 04:45 PM)
Paco and Betty said:
Amellia! You are so stinkin PRETTY! I love your work you guys! Keep rockin it!
(02.05.09 07:20 PM)
jessica said:
i love your striped cardigan! where did you get it?
(02.08.09 06:34 PM)
michelle pearson said:
These are precious!
(02.09.09 09:25 PM)
Anonymous said:
Wow, such a beautiful family!
(02.12.09 12:04 PM)
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