The Mammoth Men mad a stop at the White Sands National Monument in New Mexico today. This shot was taken by none other than THE Nate Kaiser today. Thanks Nate! I think Justin looks very much like the abominable snowsand man with the white sand and mustache! Only one more day without my man, but it will be a bitter sweet thing because I have so been enjoying all of the posts from the Mammoth Men blog. Don't forget to stop by and vote for tomorrow's activity and win some prizes too!

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sunnnnnnn said:
you've posted so much this week! i'm loving it!!!! this picture is rocking.. or sanding. :D
(11.20.08 10:41 PM)
CReid said:
What absolutely wicked pics!!! As I'm a yardy (shout out to Jamaica!!!) I've never seen shots of sand in this manner. It's giving me great ideas for the Camera Cruise!!! Regards Carl
(11.21.08 02:02 AM)
Pascal said:
Hahaha I saw the whole series on the mammothmen blog and they all look great
(11.21.08 02:23 PM)
Karin Dailey said:
sooooooooooo coooooooooooooool!
(11.21.08 05:49 PM)
kristin said:
So fun!
(11.23.08 12:17 AM)
jesse Chamberlin said:
i freaking love these shots...they are rad!
(11.24.08 06:50 AM)
Candice Brooke said:
Hey! Man our husbands had way to much fun! Candice
(11.25.08 02:49 PM)
Erin Hiemstra said:
Been a fan of the Mammoth Men since road trip #1. Loving your work too!
(01.05.09 11:39 PM)