Happy Happy Birthday Justin dear! I want to take a quick moment to publicly tell the world how proud I am to be your wife and how thankful I am that you found me nearly nine years ago! You are an amazing man, with the grand ability to dream up anything and make ANYTHING happen! Thank you for being my best friend, cheerleader, lover, father of my children, and dream maker! I'm so excited to see what the universe has in store for you this year, it's going to be beyond amazing! I love you Justin Lyon!
PS. Incase any of you are wondering about his crazy beard, he shaved it off last week! LOL!

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jessie said:
Oh My the pure JOY in that face!! Pure JOY he brought to my face 33 years ago and countless times since... so much like his father with that beard. .. Dustin and Jessie did great when they made Justin ...
(07.06.10 11:49 AM)
Katie said:
You two are so cute together. Seriously, meant to be together. Your kids are so lucky to have you both!
(07.06.10 12:22 PM)
Dominik said:
Happy Birthday from Germany :)
(07.06.10 01:17 PM)
CathieGraphy said:
Happy Birthday Mr. Lyon! Plus, I love that you wrote this mini testimonial Mrs. L :)
(07.06.10 05:54 PM)
jen berry said:
happy birthday Justin. i love this picture. full of gleeeee
(07.07.10 06:43 PM)
denise bovee said:
Happy late Birthday Justin! Your an amazing guy!! lucky to know you!! Hope your day was blessed :))
(07.08.10 05:49 PM)