In honor of March Madness starting I've decided to make my own spin-off of the season and post some of our Moustache photos from the past month...Happy March Moustache Madness everyone!





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angie said:
HAHA!!! Sloan and Hudson are so handsome with their little Mustache's :)
(03.19.09 11:37 PM)
jac said:
so cute!!! swoanie looks adorable :)
(03.19.09 11:40 PM)
Natalie Norton said:
Sloan wins. SO CUTE!
(03.20.09 12:37 AM)
Anna-Rina Rahim said:
LOL! Your kid's so cute! And his parents arent too bad lookin' as well. Hehe...
(03.20.09 02:22 AM)
johnwaire said:
this is really hilarious. good schtuff!
(03.20.09 05:27 AM)
Augusta said:
Haha, these made my day! How on earth do you get your light to rock so much?
(03.20.09 06:17 AM)
ben @ STUDIO 623 said:
can't help but think about the moustache episode of the family guy. classic!
(03.20.09 06:33 AM)
~abi~ said:
(03.20.09 07:10 AM)
Liz said:
lol... adorable.
(03.20.09 07:52 AM)
laura said:
have you guys heard of moustache may? it's a ridiculous and awesome group of people.
(03.20.09 08:23 AM)
marcia said:
wow! are the kid's mustaches made by the same company that makes baby toupees? so cute!
(03.20.09 10:38 AM)
ohana photographers - david & kimi said:
you're just missing giant headphones while listening to the little river band :D awesome staches lyons! happy friday!
(03.20.09 11:17 AM)
Michelle Moore said:
OH EM GEE, you are like the CUTEST thing everrrrrr!!
(03.20.09 12:49 PM)
Lyndzee of EP said:
Okay,,, where did you get those?? The one on Sloan actually looks like Rog's when he shaves his. lol,,,,,eeew. Such a rockin cute little family!!
(03.20.09 02:11 PM)
jesi haack said:
i love this post! I know it's usually bad taste to leave a link in a comment, but i thought you would appreciate this:
(03.20.09 02:27 PM)
amancay said:
this is pretty much awesome.. Justin's super groggy morning faces are hysterical.. and you, well YOU just rock HC, all the timez!
(03.20.09 03:21 PM)
Katie Yates said:
Love the cross eyed shot. classic.
(03.20.09 06:25 PM)
denise bovee said:
amelia..your the modern day mrs. potatoe head. The mustache... glasses.Now we need to get you a little hat and andd a purse. you guys are tooo cute :)
(03.20.09 07:50 PM)
Jason Roger said:
It's official..... Hudson can now grow up to be a nascar driver. Dreams do come true... Eat your heart Lighting McQueen.
(03.20.09 08:13 PM)
todd pellowe said:
that third image of you with the mustache upside down is off the hizzy. bio pic girl!
(03.20.09 08:45 PM)
Jean Tsai said:
ADOREEBLE!!! cute definitely runs in the lyon family.
(03.20.09 10:06 PM)
Abra said:
Love it thank you for the smiles.
(03.20.09 10:14 PM)
Jasmine Marie said:
My fave one is the one with Hudson. You guys are just way too cute. :)
(03.21.09 01:12 PM)
Day19 said:
I think you all need handlebar moustaches.
(03.21.09 04:25 PM)
Becka Knight (Studio222 Photography) said:
(03.22.09 07:20 AM)
Stevie said:
You all are hysterical. and Amelia I don't think you could possibly get any cuter!!
(03.22.09 08:24 AM)
Leah Simmers said:
ahh we have these too, aren't they the best. I need to put one on my littlest still. These are the best, fun stuff
(03.22.09 07:13 PM)
sarah skow said:
these are freakin' hilarious!!!
(03.23.09 08:18 AM)
Candice Brooke said:
Awww so awesome! Where did all our mustache photos from our B-day party go?
(03.23.09 02:06 PM)
Mike Argento said:
is that Albert Einstein?
(03.23.09 06:15 PM)
Jennifer Gilmore said:
What an adorable kiddo!
(03.23.09 10:32 PM)
Joneel said:
Hey Amy, hhhmmm, Amelia, just found your photo blog. Do you have a personal one also? Your boy sure looks like you guys. Check out my blog.
(03.23.09 10:38 PM)
Tyler said:
LOL! I LOVE THESE! Justin Has the coolest moustache ever no joke!
(03.24.09 08:43 AM)
Cameron Ingalls said:
(03.24.09 03:26 PM)
Sarah Rhoads said:
ooooooo I love your little kit and caboodle family! you guys are so stinkin cute!
(03.24.09 03:40 PM)
Rog said:
Hey guys check it, just thinking here but, don't you think it would be a good idea for Justin to create the sidestep stache? It would be like Matt Sloan's haircut but in between your nose and mouth. A double decker if you will. It works. Oh and these last four shots of Hud and jr are rad. QUESTION: When did Hud lose a tooth? ANSWER: In the top right pic. Not a joke, just a Q&A. You guys kick all butts!
(03.24.09 09:53 PM)
Em Reichert Torhorst said:
You guys are so darn funny. I love this! Christmas card for sure! Happy day, Em
(03.26.09 06:56 AM)
alyssa said:
i love this. cause all my friends do it too. lovin the chromeo shirt. i love your photography!
(05.25.09 11:25 AM)