My wonderful husband Justin left last night to spend a week up in Utah to attend the Sundance Film Festival. He stopped by in Salt Lake City to say hello to our good wedding and portrait- photog friend Justin Hackworth. Justin H. also got a few quick shots of my man while he was there, I took these images from Justin Hackworth's blog. I love them! Thanks Justin H. for making my day!

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Michelle Moore said:
High Fives!
(01.15.09 04:43 PM)
Justin Hackworth said:
The only thing that sucked about Justin coming by today is that you weren't with him. I'm looking forward to seeing you at WPPI.
(01.15.09 05:11 PM)
ROG said:
umm...big-A, Justin's my handsome man! If you wanna settle this like a couple of hood rats, that's fine by me. Meet me out in front of pedro's market of fine wines and spirits on your birthday and we'll see who's man he is. P.S. I'm going up to utah this week too and we're gonna spoon.
(01.15.09 10:38 PM)
david & kimi b - ohana photographers said:
what j's not rockin the bt ;)
(01.15.09 10:56 PM)
Liz said:
(01.16.09 01:03 AM)
Rachel Lindley said:
I really enjoy all the amazing shots you post of Justin... it shows your complete adoration! He looks kinda crazy in the second one... makes me giggle.. too cute!
(01.16.09 08:11 PM)
Maya Laurent said:
That second shot is hilarious!
(01.21.09 11:29 AM)