Next up on our Best Of 2010 series....all of our favorite ring shots from last year! We like to mix things up a bit with the wedding rings, none of this fluffy stuff with wedding rings on rose petals...we like to make them look interesting and showcase the "bling-factor" as each ring deserves it!
rings17.jpgrings18.jpgrings19.jpgrings20.jpgLast to come on our Best Of 2010 series....our favorite wedding photos from 2010 with Married!

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Lizzy Shawcroft said:
Fabulous as always! You amaze me!
(01.25.11 02:24 PM)
Becca said:
(01.25.11 03:31 PM)
Camille said:
Love love love the button one and the last one. All so creative!
(01.25.11 04:16 PM)
SF said:
nice work, lyons. i don't remember the last time i took a photo of a ring at a wedding.
(01.25.11 04:32 PM)
Chung Nguyen said:
Awesome collection! I especially enjoyed the action shots.
(01.25.11 09:05 PM)
rog said:
Wow! The last one is my favorite. Hold on...I'm still staring at it...
(01.26.11 10:44 AM)
Imthiaz Houseman said:
Oh my... I love them all!
(01.26.11 03:44 PM)
Naomi Chokr said:
ahhh! this is my favorite thing about your work. I love love love and just get so inspired by your ring shots! Do you mind sharing how you shoot the rings when you drop them? Do you use a macro or what lens do you use. I tried replicating it and the rings would come up blurry and i just gave up. Hahaha! Thank you amelia! Great work!
(01.27.11 08:58 AM)
imagemoz said:
Delicate and beautiful work.. I like it.
(01.27.11 09:11 AM)
Kristen Drufke Minneapolis Photographer said:
I love the 4th one down, the In and Out one and the 5th from the bottom...wait, what am I saying...I love them all! Gorgeous!
(01.27.11 01:14 PM)
Rachel Absher said:
Ameilia, I LOVE your work. Love how you capture the smallest of details to the big emotions of the day. You are definitely a photographer who inspires me. BEAUTIFUL!
(01.28.11 10:14 AM)
these are so rad, my friends. makes me want to be a ring.
(01.28.11 08:16 PM)
Erica Ann said:
Wow, these are all so fun and creative. Very inspiring. Thanks!
(01.31.11 02:34 PM)
S said:
Can't wait for you to shoot our rings--in just a couple weeks!!!
(02.11.11 05:58 PM)