I went out of town for a few days this last week and Justin was left with our boys at home. I got back to see all of the fun photos he took with them and I especially LOVED these photos he took with Hudson and Sloan in cowboys hats (thanks to Lyndzee for the fun gift!).
cowboys_001.jpgcowboys_002.jpgcowboys_003.jpgcowboys_004.jpgcowboys_005.jpgcowboys_006.jpgcowboys_007.jpgHudson took this shot of Justin...he's becoming quite the little photographer.
cowboys_008.jpgHave a fantastic weekend everyone!

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Phi-Phi Anderton said:
SUPER CUTE photos of your boys!!! I love them! Talent runs in the family.
(08.28.09 04:31 PM)
Lori Anderson said:
Adorable! I especially love the boots!
(08.28.09 04:50 PM)
rookie cookie said:
FYI, you can buy cowboy boots at Payless for $15ish.
(08.28.09 05:13 PM)
kelly said:
they are so adorable!!
(08.28.09 06:14 PM)
Anonymous said:
They are seriously so adorable!!! Come to Texas and see us!
(08.28.09 06:50 PM)
Savannah Kenney said:
What adorable boys! I love how much they look alike. I know you enjoy every minute with them.
(08.28.09 07:19 PM)
amelialyon said:
LOVE these little guys! They are so STINKIN CUTE!
(08.29.09 11:50 AM)
Dustin & Jessie said:
GIDDEEEUUP! Great Gallopping Cowboys! Best improvised cowboy boots. Their dad used to look really cute in his cowboy gear too!
(08.29.09 01:17 PM)
jackie wonders said:
so fun!
(08.29.09 09:07 PM)
Maya Laurent said:
Oh my! They are too adorable!!!
(08.30.09 07:38 AM)
Emily Beaty said:
they are adorable! i love the hats and boots. so cute!
(08.31.09 09:41 AM)
Carol said:
Love your style...unique style.Your pics are so special...Congrats!!YOu have a cuple of adorable boys :)) Can I ask a question? whta camera and lense did you used in these shots?? thanks!
(08.31.09 10:57 PM)
Cameron Ingalls said:
soooo freakin' adorable! am i really going to have one of these?! :)
(09.01.09 04:53 PM)