August 8th of 2008 was an awesome day for us. We were fortunate enough to be booked by Erin and Jeremiah, who had contacted us just weeks before this wonderful day. I knew there was a good reason why we hadn't already booked that day yet and then these two wonderful people came along! 8.8.08 was unlike any other wedding, maybe because it wasn't actually a wedding, Erin and Jeremiah decided to go the untraditional way and exchange vows. They wanted 8.8.08 to remain special to them as it was the day that they committed and celebrated their love together with all of their closest family and friends.


Erin had three dresses for the entire evening, so fun!

My lovely and talented sister Nicole DeAnnewas the hair & make-up artist for Erin, of course I had to grab a quick shot of us before she finished up!

I thought Erin looked stunning and Jeremiah was nothing short of handsome!

Since the event was a party, Erin let her boys plan part of the night just for the other kid-friends. The details included character drawings, air brush body art, blow-up balloons, and a photo booth! I loved that this party was kid friendly!






With the help of Lisa Kennedy from Landmark Events,the decor, day, and details were uber fabulous! P.S. Erin put together all of the table-top arrangements herself, I thought it was one of the best displays I had ever seen!





As their guests dined, Erin, Jeremiah, and the two boys escaped down to the beach to exchange a few words about family and commitment.





Just after exchanging their vows:




After vows and rings were exchanged the guests were invited to join E & J on the beach for a toast.




At the end of the toast the guests were then invited to grab a handful of rose petals and throw  them into the ocean as they made a wishful hope for the future.







My favorite shot of the day, so glad that were able to grab this at then end of the night!

I love, love, love this image! Justin took it just as we were heading out the door.
Click here to view their slideshow! We absolutely enjoyed every minute of this day with Erin & Jeremiah, thank you to them for having us along for such a heartfelt and beautiful day!

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ohana photographers said:
booyah!! you kicked this one in the family jewels!!
(09.06.08 03:55 AM)
ohana photographers said:
booyah!! you kicked this one in the family jewels!!
(09.06.08 03:55 AM)
Nicola said:
Thats why you won Blu Photogs of the year....stunning wedding!
(09.06.08 04:35 AM)
Christian Kaysen said:
Wow! You really did a rockin job on this one! That last one is gold I tell you, GOLD!
(09.06.08 05:41 AM)
Crystal said:
First comment. Woo Hoo. I LOVE this wedding, if I had it to do over again that is so how I would do it. On the beach, just me and my hubby, guests afterwards. So nice. Love the details and the pics of the kids throwing flowers into the water.
(09.06.08 06:09 AM)
Stevie said:
Wow, you two did an amazing job with this wedding. Everything about it was beautiful and so touching. Their vows on the beach with just them and the boys was so sweet. I love them all!!!
(09.06.08 07:06 AM)
Tonya said:
awesome....i love how personal this was. Your use of light is *amazing* glad I stumbled on your blog...
(09.06.08 07:09 AM)
Cathy said:
Awesomeness! I love those ring shots--great idea! And the pictures on the beach have such feeling to them--very vintage and quiet.
(09.06.08 07:16 AM)
Kirstin @ Bliss Event Group said:
Your work is amazing! This wedding was so cute and I love all the details shots especially the rings.
(09.06.08 07:59 AM)
Chenin said:
beautiful! I LOVE when people do weddings on their own terms. This looks like it was so special and crazy-romantic.
(09.06.08 08:16 AM)
Hanssie said:
I love all the family beach shots. You're so creative!
(09.06.08 08:30 AM)
Rachel said:
i think this is how weddings should be - fun and heartfelt. you captured it really well. amazing imagery, amelia! :)
(09.06.08 09:33 AM)
jackie wonders said:
beautiful photos! your lighting insane! i actually am an acquaitence of Erin's and have been to her stunning home a few times. you guys captured it, and their wedding beautifully. i didn't know she was even getting married!
(09.06.08 11:16 AM)
Caroline Ghetes said:
These images are just stunning, and filled with so much emotion!
(09.06.08 02:27 PM)
chelo said:
So beautiful! The tablescape is gorgeous! These are so great!!! x100
(09.07.08 08:32 AM)
erika verginelli | photography said:
Hi guys! I'm a children photographer from Brazil! Just found out your work and I LOVE it! Love the yellowish vintage look you have on your images. any tips or actions you use? I notice it's the same look the the guys from the image is found get. Love it too! is that the red leaf actions? anyway, I'm sure you won't tell us what you do but it doesn't hurt to ask right? ;-)
(09.07.08 08:24 PM)
heather parkinson said:
being a new kid on the block in photography I discovered your blog via bludomain and became such a HUGE fan. thank you for your dedication and the inspiration you provide! after admiring you for awhile, I realized that your Justin Lyon was the very Justin Lyon I went to high school with! small little world! even a bigger fan! fantastic work!
(09.08.08 05:47 PM)
Laura E @ Southern Weddings said:
Amazing photography. Love the photos of the table decor - so clean and elegant. Also, love the photo of the couple on the staircase!
(09.16.08 05:00 AM)
Heather said:
Such a gorgeous wedding! Again, the photography is absolutely beautiful, you captured all the love and gorgeous details perfectly!
(09.16.08 10:47 AM)
emily said:
(09.17.08 01:52 PM)
Ghanaughn, Adam and Eve Wedding Consultants said:
Love these pics of an intimate event
(12.16.08 11:55 AM)
Elizabeth said:
Hi, this is probably a long shot but I am getting married in August so I’ve obviously been planning quite a bit lately looking online for ideas for my wedding... we are young, in love, and doing our wedding on our own. while looking I came across this beautiful wedding and fell in love with the dress that she wore that has the sequins at the top and the bottom. I have tried searching EVERYWHERE I could think of and have came up empty handed. Do you know of anyway that I could contact the bride and maybe find out where she got it even though it seems that she is so awesome that she got it custom made or spent mega dollars on it : ) thanks… keeping fingers crossed
(02.26.09 11:03 AM)