The gorgeous Jenn + handsome Will were married on October 10th, 2008 in Newport Beach at the LDS Temple. We really were looking forward to this day, especially after the rad engagement session we shot with them a few months back. Jenn looked amazingly beautiful. Thanks to my fabulous sister Nicole DeAnne, for the awesome hair and makeup. Truly a work of art! Introducing Mr. & Mrs. Will King!




One little detail that I absolutely loved was the random peacock feathers found in Jenn's bouquet, Will's boutonniere, and in the back of Jenn's hair! Loved it!



Jenn's dress was hand-made!


After shooting at the Temple we headed to Downtown Orange.


There is something about this groomsmen shot that I just really like, all of them in this raw/natural way!

The ladies looked hot as well!



My second favorite shot of the day!








We made our way into a random chandelier shop and the owner was kind enough to let us shoot in there.
jw__024.jpg FAVORITE shot of the day!

Mochi ball rings! Chinese lanterns! Twinkle lights everywhere!



Thanks to Jenn + Will for an awesome day! Click here to see more!

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Blair Van Bussel said:
Oh my, these are gorgeous! She is stunning and I LOVE their style. I cant believe that her dress was hand made, so beautiful! Those chandelier shop pics are my fave for sure!
(11.26.08 12:28 PM)
carrie said:
you TOTALLY killed it. one of my fav's from you ;).
(11.26.08 12:52 PM)
Alyssa Deboer said:
The bride is absolutely beautiful! I love all of your shots!
(11.26.08 01:03 PM)
wrecklessgirl said:
wowsa, lyon clan+jenn/will clan. incredible!
(11.26.08 01:17 PM)
Jeff Sipper said:
Wow! Amazing pics as usual. The Bride is absolutely gorgeous! The shot of them next to the wall with her on the bike is my favorite shot! :-)
(11.26.08 01:41 PM)
Candice Brooke said:
man alive keep the goodness coming!
(11.26.08 01:48 PM)
Tonya said:
Brillant...that bike shot...AMAZING! I wish you were around when I was getting married @ the L.A. Temple... perhaps a family shoot one day...or a just because session with Jase... I serioulsy *love* your probably hear it too much, but don't get too desensitized to both are so talented! xoxo Tonya
(11.26.08 01:51 PM)
Gen said:
You are amazing! These are sooooo gorgeous. wowzers,.
(11.26.08 02:14 PM)
Gigi said:
I live in Costa Rica and follow your blog everyday. My daughter is getting married in 2 weeks and our photographer is crazy about your work and was the one that hooked me up with your blog...your work is amazing...and I love love!!!! the work you did with this word...breathless!!!!
(11.26.08 02:37 PM)
jackie wonders said:
jenn is so beautiful! your fave is mine too. lovely lovely.
(11.26.08 02:45 PM)
Elise said:
Love these pictures!! Doesn't hurt that you had a gorgeous couple to work with. I love everything about these pictures. I would be thrilled to have any of these pictures of my wedding. Jenn and Will are sure lucky! One of these days you will have to take a few shots of Sky and me.
(11.26.08 02:51 PM)
jac said:
spectacular!!!! you're rocking that tilt-shift and their portraits are off the charts!
(11.26.08 03:12 PM)
gretchen k. said:
your work is amazing! so inspiring!
(11.26.08 03:18 PM)
julie comfort said:
Gorgeous as always. Love the post-processing and yummy creamy colors. Side note to Gigi: I live in Costa Rica, too, and am a wedding photographer. I'm wondering who your photographer is....
(11.26.08 03:23 PM)
Liz said:
BEAUTIFUL...lovely...elegant.FUN. thankyou.
(11.26.08 04:06 PM)
Natalie Norton said:
Amelia, These are AWESOME!
(11.26.08 08:47 PM)
Heather Balliet said:
Wow...these are GORGEOUS! How fun are the chandelier shop ones? So inspiring!
(11.26.08 11:29 PM)
kristin said:
Holy crap these are amazing. SO SO SO pretty. Wow, I adore this wedding. Beautiful!!!!!!!!
(11.26.08 11:36 PM)
Bonnie Tsang said:
Very inspirational. I totally love your style!
(11.27.08 07:12 AM)
Pascal said:
I love the colors and the mood. The one with the bicycle is awesome.
(11.27.08 08:15 AM)
Julie Parker said:
These are just fabulous!! You're the BEST!!
(11.27.08 12:47 PM)
Yumi said:
Amelia & Justin: Your work is awesome!! I've been following it for a little while now and just love the creative talent between the two of you. Rock on! :)
(11.27.08 05:38 PM)
Caroline Ghetes said:
Okay, the most stylish wedding ever! How beautiful is this couple?? And what a beautiful job on the photos!!!!
(11.27.08 06:10 PM)
denise bovee said:
killer killer! awesome shots :)
(11.27.08 11:38 PM)
Nina said:
What a beautiful couple! And that girl is truly gorgeous! Nice pictires, I especially like the way you make her eyes sparkle in those close ups. Nice work!
(11.28.08 07:51 AM)
rik andes said:
you don't see many lds wedding on photographer blogs, but you really rocked this one! her dress was amazing! i'll bet they love these =]
(11.28.08 09:03 AM)
kristen said:
the chandelier shots...::swoon::
(11.29.08 07:10 AM)
jeanette sanchez said:
Just found your your work. The chandelier shots are killer!
(11.30.08 12:09 PM)
Simply Modern Weddings said:
Absolutely amazing shots...I can't even pick a favorite!
(11.30.08 04:43 PM)
angie monson said:
holy gorgeous couple!
(11.30.08 06:42 PM)
Augusta said:
You are amazing. Really. I can't get enough of your work. I love your style of photography, I hope one day I can be half as good as you. :) I'm going to check out their engagement session!
(11.30.08 07:23 PM)
john waire said:
love the shot on the 10-speed. what a great couple to shoot.
(12.01.08 05:09 AM)
Laura E @ Southern Weddings said:
Love that dress. Love that second photo of the couple. You are an amazing photographer.
(12.01.08 06:50 AM)
Paige Green said:
simply beautiful. i love the bridemaide's dresses. the NPB Temple is stunning as always!
(12.01.08 04:01 PM)
ROG said:
WTF! GYFOOMF! Man I'm amazed at thier beauty. I'm amazed at your beauty. I'm amazed at A and J-Ly's booty (it's a beauty). I'm amazed that all of the beauty was able to be captured in that medium sized magnesium alloy capsule you call a camera, and was safely dispossed of in that box you call an apple, and then to your screen without burning all the pixels out of your eyes. How do you do it? Get Your Face Out Of My Face!
(12.01.08 10:51 PM)
Kathleen Trenske said:
LOVE IT! Such a gorgeous set of images.
(12.02.08 08:51 PM)
Jen@Green Wedding Shoes said:
I love chandeliers and LOVE these photos. I posted a few on my blog ( - a blog for SoCal brides to get inspiration) to share - with a link to see the whole wedding here. I think you do amazing work. Stunning portraits. Thanks for being so inspiring!
(12.03.08 10:32 AM)
richelle divis said:
hey! i loved all of jenn and will's and was wondering, you took a picture of the temple i would love to frame. i was wondering if i could buy a copy of it?
(12.03.08 12:09 PM)
jenniferL said:
captured so beautifully and crafty. love, love the chandelier shop shot!
(12.04.08 04:28 PM)
Nathan said:
What an AMAZING set! Love it, love it, love it. Beautiful couple too! Great work Amelia ;)
(12.04.08 06:55 PM)
The Memory Journalists said:
Gorgeous! Gorgeous! Gorgeous! There isn't a picture here I don't love!
(12.04.08 10:09 PM)
Amanda Auer said:
Wow, these are outrageous and I LOVE them!
(12.09.08 01:13 PM)
Victor Sizemore said:
Wow! Great stuff guys, killer!!! Hope to see you next week at the Winter Party!
(12.11.08 01:42 PM)
cameron ingalls said:
Stunning.... love the bride in the doorway!
(12.11.08 05:24 PM)
Megan Welker said:
Freakin beautiful! you are so talented!
(01.05.09 10:16 PM)
Jess said:
Who hand made her dress? I actually was going to ask where she got it before I even saw it was hand made. Its beautiful!
(01.06.09 05:43 PM)
Tiffany said:
Can anyone please give me the bride's email? I would like to ask to rent her dress or who the seamstress was. I've been looking for this dress! Thanks. reply to
(03.05.09 03:31 PM)
Samantha said:
The dress is absolutely perfect. I love the off-the shoulder with what looks like cap sleeves? I would like to contact the bride or seamstress too! Please email me with the details.
(03.08.09 05:03 PM)
Angela Hubbard said:
(08.18.09 11:49 PM)
Nicole said:
Beautiful photos! This wedding is so lovely in each and every way. Does anyone know where the bridesmaid dresses are from or the exact colour of them? It's exactly what I've been looking for!
(08.08.10 09:02 AM)