Heather + Sean were married a few weeks ago in Los Angeles at the LDS Temple there. It's always a delight to shoot on these grounds since this is where Justin and I were married nearly 9 years back! Also, we are constantly being challenged each time we shoot at this location to recreate ourselves as photographers so that each couple gets a unique set of photos for their wedding day.

Here are my favorite portraits from Heather + Sean's wedding day!
hswed002.jpghswed003.jpghswed004.jpghswed005.jpghswed006.jpghswed007.jpghswed008.jpghswed009.jpghswed010.jpghswed011.jpgPeople often ask if Justin and I ever get "timeless/classic" portraits of the bride and groom. The answer is yes, we just don't always post them on our blog;) Love this one of Heather + Sean.
hswed012.jpghswed013.jpghswed014.jpgMy second favorite shot of the day...ALL in camera, no photoshop tricks here.
hswed015.jpghswed016.jpgHeather + Sean had this crazy idea of incorporating guns into their photos somehow. It was fitting since they both love shooting, hunting, fishing, camping, and basically anything to do with the great outdoors.
hswed017.jpgMy favorite shot of the day!
Congrats to Heather + Sean, click here for their wedding slideshow including shots from their reception!
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Marielle Hayes said:
Beautiful! Love all of them!
(05.26.11 03:33 PM)
Heidi said:
Yeah! Cute pics, congrats guys. And nice to finally meet you Amelia! Your so sweet and talented!
(05.26.11 05:58 PM)
Rachel Tatem said:
I love the one of them laughing towards the top... they look so in love and happy
(05.27.11 06:59 AM)
Laura Burlton said:
These are gorgeous and fun! I adore the last one with the guns and would say that in it's own way it is just as timeless and classic as the more traditional pose, in that I would bet their grandchildren and generations past will probably likely remember it more.
(05.27.11 10:33 AM)
Lori Anderson said:
Not a fan of guns, but that last shot is AWESOME! It's quirky and I LOVE it!
(05.31.11 05:07 PM)
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Ever since Justin and I shot this AMAZING wedding in Palm Springs a few weeks ago at the Viceroy Hotel, I've been itching to show it off! Sarah + Gabe are rockstars! Every detail of their wedding was gorgeously planned. I especially took a liking to their color scheme of pale pink, hot pink, yellow, dark grey, and black! LOVED IT!
gs_wed001.jpggs_wed002.jpggs_wed003.jpggs_wed004.jpgSarah looked fantastic as a bride! Nicole DeAnne was her hair & make-up artist!
gs_wed005.jpggs_wed006.jpggs_wed007.jpggs_wed008.jpggs_wed009.jpggs_wed010.jpggs_wed011.jpggs_wed012.jpgSarah & Gabe allotted enough time for us to venture out into the desert for some portrait time.
gs_wed013.jpggs_wed014.jpggs_wed015.jpgSarah's Vera Wang dress was to die for and it fit Sarah like a glove!
gs_wed016.jpggs_wed017.jpggs_wed018.jpggs_wed019.jpgMy favorite shot of the day!
gs_wed020.jpggs_wed021.jpggs_wed022.jpggs_wed023.jpggs_wed024.jpgThe ceremony stationary!
gs_wed025.jpgThe invitation!
gs_wed026.jpggs_wed027.jpggs_wed028.jpggs_wed029.jpggs_wed030.jpggs_wed031.jpgFavorite item of the day: the colorful pom-poms that everyone tossed during the recessional!
gs_wed032.jpggs_wed033.jpggs_wed034.jpggs_wed035.jpgArtisan Events coordinated Sarah & Gabe's wedding beautifully!
gs_wed043.jpgSarah wanted to start the dance party off right...behind the dj stand!
gs_wed044.jpggs_wed045.jpggs_wed046.jpggs_wed047.jpggs_wed048.jpgJustin and I heart Sarah + Gabe!
Click here to see more with their online slideshow!
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Jen said:
A.MAZ.ING!! These are so great...and I love their table settings!
(03.24.11 05:51 PM)
Mel said:
Stunning as usual!! Your images always tell such an amazing story...
(03.24.11 05:54 PM)
Geoff Duncan said:
Killer! Classic photo to end on too!
(03.24.11 06:00 PM)
julie fitts said:
so many gems and fun details! ga-orgeous!
(03.24.11 06:09 PM)
jenberry said:
the one of her on the bed, center punched, is awesome. the circle on the wall merges with the circular shape of her clavicle bones. sick. (in a good way)
(03.24.11 06:13 PM)
Nathan Leduc Photography said:
WoW! Are you kidding me??? These photos are so freakn awesome! Love Love Love them. Glad I found your site. Such a big fan of your work.
(03.24.11 06:43 PM)
Christina Dely said:
Love EVERYTHING about this post! Gorgeous couple, location & images!
(03.24.11 07:49 PM)
Charlene @ Sweetchic said:
These are sooo amazing, and what a gorgeous wedding!
(03.24.11 09:25 PM)
nicole Deanne said:
OMG! AH-MAZE-ZING! So glad I was able to be apart of this wedding! Sarah.. you are one hot mama!!
(03.24.11 10:03 PM)
SR said:
Fantastic. Amazing. Gorgeous. Superb. Love. Thank you!!!
(03.25.11 12:05 AM)
Emma - Aphroditeswb said:
That dress is absolutely breathtaking! What stunning photos x x
(03.25.11 01:31 AM)
the barbers said:
you guys had your freak on! these are incredible!
(03.25.11 02:58 AM)
Christine said:
kick. ass. lyons. :) love it. bravo.
(03.25.11 08:00 AM)
Denver Photographer said:
The wind mills are killer, they add such a rare element to the shots. Great stuff.
(03.25.11 09:06 AM)
Emily Faulknor said:
Guys, as always EXTREMELY impressed and inspired by your work. You are not only so talented, but so fun to be around!!
(03.25.11 09:38 AM)
Melissa Gartner said:
WOW guys!! Loved all the details. AWESOME as always guys!
(03.25.11 09:56 AM)
francis said:
classic lyon style. the tones are sick. love the wind turbines shots..
(03.25.11 11:14 AM)
Caroline @ Woodnote said:
best ring shot EVER! epic :]
(03.25.11 01:12 PM)
Marissa Rodriguez said:
i always love your work. and that ring shot is one of my favorites. ever.
(03.25.11 01:52 PM)
michelle carrillo said:
these are absolutely amazing.
(03.25.11 03:54 PM)
angela hubbard said:
AH-maz -ing!!! LOVE the photos and that neon sign? where did they get that made? LOVE the Lyons!!!
(03.25.11 05:26 PM)
Brooke said:
I LOVE THIS! Amazing details highlighted, of course by your amazing photography!
(03.25.11 09:35 PM)
Lori Wong said:
Ridiculous. Beautiful and ridiculous. :) And the ring shot? BOOOOM!!! I don't know what that means exactly, but that's what I thought when I saw it, and I think it's a good thing.
(03.25.11 11:06 PM)
Dani said:
Amelia, you should let your readers know your now on FB! :)
(03.26.11 01:18 PM)
Brett said:
You win a prize for the best ring shot. ever.
(03.26.11 03:25 PM)
Anjali said:
Wonderful, simply wonderful! Every photo captures the essence of the fun & magic of the wedding. Who did the ceremony stationery & invitations? Love! axx
(03.26.11 10:50 PM)
Marielle Hayes said:
I'm pretty sure this is the most amazing wedding I've ever seen. Love, LOVE the shots of them in the desert! Looks like it was a fabulous & super fun wedding!
(03.27.11 12:17 AM)
Jakaria said:
I loved this kind of picture because these are real .......
(03.28.11 02:15 AM)
GC said:
The Bride actually designed all of the stationery & invitations! Crazy good, huh?
(03.28.11 09:31 AM)
David Fenwick said:
Fantastic work Amelia. A bride DJing at her own wedding - very cool!
(03.28.11 10:22 AM)
paco said:
BOW DOWN! Absolutely incredible -- the ring shot blew me away! Well played Lyons... well played.
(03.28.11 11:25 PM)
amber said:
THAT RING SHOT! and how about that bride--KILLER in that wedding gown. seriously, you guys are amazing!!! :)
(03.29.11 04:11 PM)
Jenelle Sewell said:
AMAZING ring shot! Beautiful wedding!
(03.31.11 10:56 AM)
Jonathan Connolly said:
This wedding you guys captured was fabulous! Love every bit of it!
(04.03.11 04:57 PM)
Spencer Morris said:
That ring shot is sick.
(04.05.11 07:28 AM)
Marlene McCune said:
This wedding looks amazing! You captured it perfectly because it makes me want to be there!
(04.11.11 11:08 PM)
JamieY said:
LOVE that ring shot, What an amazing wedding, love the details too. Fabulous work!
(04.12.11 09:58 PM)
rileyphotographic said:
Wow! Beautiful...... How clean and clear pictures it is! Boston Wedding
(04.14.11 12:50 AM)
lindsay said:
holy moly that ring shot is out of this world! amazing work!
(05.04.11 02:00 PM)
Christopher Martin said:
LOVE LOVE LOVE this vintage look!, you have absolutely nailed it and the results are fantastic!, great work
(05.31.11 06:55 AM)
mubarok said:
wonderful i like it.thanks
(04.29.13 05:43 PM)
Henneh said:
Wow!! Anyone know where they got the ceremony stationary and invitations made?
(05.23.13 05:57 PM)
sarah said:
@Henneh email me for info--I'm the brides and designer :) sarahheartsgabe [at]
(06.30.13 01:06 AM)
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