I've known Heather since she was little girl! In fact, I went to my senior prom with her older brother! When I found out she was engaged it really put into perspective how old I'm getting, lol! I'm super happy for her and Sean and I'm even happier that I get to be their wedding photographer!

I shot this session in old town Chino, home to both Heather + Sean, back at my old stomping grounds...yes, I grew up in Chino Hills! Who knew this part of Chino could photograph so well?

hs_eng001.jpghs_eng003.jpghs_eng004.jpghs_eng005.jpghs_eng006.jpghs_eng007.jpghs_eng008.jpghs_eng009.jpghs_eng010.jpghs_eng011.jpghs_eng012.jpghs_eng013.jpghs_eng014.jpghs_eng015.jpgMy favorite shot of the day!

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Sasha said:
Sweet set!
(03.29.11 05:10 PM)
Pobke said:
SO sweet, so very lovely. :) Love the Lyons! :)
(03.29.11 05:11 PM)
Marielle Hayes said:
These are fabulous! I love that one of them jumping!!
(03.29.11 05:13 PM)
My Beautiful Life said:
The Sky Jump shot, and the train track with the sunset behind them-those are fantastic. They all are, those are just my faves. Oh, and ditto to the getting old thing. When one of my little sister's friends got engaged, I couldn't believe it since she has always been that little kid that hung out with my sister. :)
(03.29.11 05:18 PM)
heather said:
Omg I love looking these everytime I see them I just smile... the jump pic is DEF my fav!!! Well that's not fair they all were haha thanks Amelia
(03.29.11 06:19 PM)
Heidi said:
Yeah Heather! They turned out so good. I have been looking and waiting for yours. You still need to come to dinner before the big day! I LOVE IT THOUGH! So cute!!!!!!!
(03.30.11 10:01 AM)
Kent Wedding Photographer said:
Nice shoot here. Absolutely love the big sky/little people shot and the awesome 'train jump' picture. Nick
(04.06.11 12:49 PM)
Geoff Duncan said:
They jumped on on top of the train so I had to comment! Excellent!
(04.08.11 09:02 AM)
jkar said:
Another set of great pictures. I just love the concept here and it inspires me to do a prenup concept like this one.
(04.17.11 11:05 PM)