Heather + John were married on February 20th at the Center Club in Costa Mesa. I loved the classic look of their wedding day and the venue just added to that. Justin and I showed up to the Hyatt in Huntington Beach to catch some pre-ceremony shots and the first thing I discovered when I walked into Heather's suite were the mounds of scattered yellow rose petals John had left for her earlier that morning. It was a fun detail that started the day off on the right foot.

I give you Mr. & Mrs. Stratman!

hjblog_001.jpghjblog_002.jpghjblog_003.jpghjblog_004.jpghjblog_005.jpghjblog_006.jpghjblog_007.jpghjblog_008.jpgMy favorite shot of the day!
hjblog_009.jpghjblog_010.jpghjblog_011.jpghjblog_012.jpgThe fancy ladies made me smile:)
My second favorite shot of the day!
hjblog_030.jpgBe sure to click here to see Heather + John's online slideshow!

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maggie fortson said:
AMAZING! As usual :) I just adore your use of natural and artificial light! Perfect, perfect, perfect!
(03.23.10 10:46 PM)
Kayleen T. said:
Love the group shot and your fave! Great pix!
(03.23.10 11:20 PM)
Karen Buckle said:
You guys are so creative - love your work!!!
(03.23.10 11:42 PM)
yan palmer said:
freak. you do not disappoint. i think most humans are composed primarily of water, but you're composed primarily of creative. that is all.
(03.24.10 12:08 AM)
Joseph Yarrow Bristol Wedding Photographer said:
Wow, I've really enjoyed looking through these! you're the best! I'm going to get addicted to following your blog! Shame! =)
(03.24.10 01:38 AM)
Hannah Lundberg said:
Love, love, love. These are absolutely gorgeous. The processing, the lighting, the dragged shutters - everything! Just beautiful!
(03.24.10 02:42 AM)
Sarah Hess said:
Wow! Good balancing with the rings! How in the world did you get that diamond to stay up!?! Love all the shots noticing the trees and what a great way to photograph such a small wedding party! Love the harsh front lighting and back lighting!
(03.24.10 06:27 AM)
graham said:
Fancy Ladies. love it.
(03.24.10 07:18 AM)
paul said:
your fav is my fav!
(03.24.10 07:39 AM)
Ryan Huston said:
Very very lovely! I am in LOVE with the three sunburst shots! BUT I do have to say that your favorite is also my favorite! I stopped for about 30 seconds just to take it all in! Fantastico!
(03.24.10 08:30 AM)
Catherine Guidry said:
WOW! I LOVE the series of images of them inside the glass where her skirt is raised and his back is to the camera. In addition to so many others. Your a very talented photographer, and I really enjoy your work!!! Beautiful.
(03.24.10 12:17 PM)
Steven Elmer said:
The fancy ladies area a crack up, I love em :P
(03.24.10 12:44 PM)
angie + matt said:
I love the cute little grannies,that is the best!!! Your fave shot is so beautiful too!
(03.24.10 01:33 PM)
FragolaProductions said:
love the wedding. amazing pictures! :)
(03.24.10 02:50 PM)
Jaq said:
Inspiring. Every time I look.
(03.24.10 06:23 PM)
Veronica Abello said:
Good pictures. In the picture of the ceremony where you can see all the guests, on the left side there's a lady sitting down front row with a wine colored dress and she looks like Kathy Bates. Funny.
(03.25.10 08:06 AM)
jean smith said:
sigh. so freaking amazing...
(03.25.10 11:46 AM)
jenna walker said:
i love the closeup of the two of them - beautiful work you guys! hope you are well and happy!
(03.26.10 06:03 AM)
Andrew Collings said:
(03.26.10 07:34 AM)
Fotograf lublin said:
Wow! Awesome images!
(12.19.11 01:39 PM)
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My cousin Sam married the lovely Nikki on January 16th, it was mine and Justin's first wedding of 2010 and it was the perfect way to start out the new year! I especially enjoyed their wedding because I was able to see Sam marry his sweetheart. Knowing the series of the events that brought these two amazing people together made this day all the more special, and believe me, when they officially tied the knot, there wasn't a dry eye in the room! Our family is beyond excited to have Nikki and her two beautiful daughters be part of us, and we are even more excited that Sam is happy!

snblog_002.jpgsnblog_003.jpgsnblog_004.jpgsnblog_005.jpgsnblog_006.jpgNikki with her mom and sisters before the ceremony, it was a happy moment!
snblog_007.jpgsnblog_008.jpgNikki wore her grandmother's wedding dress for the wedding, I loved the style of it!
snblog_009.jpgI thought this shot was pretty amazing of Nikki's grandfather, take by Justin.
snblog_010.jpgsnblog_011.jpgCollectively, Sam and Nikki now have three daughters!
snblog_012.jpgsnblog_013.jpgThe vows.
snblog_021.jpgI've said it before and I'll say it again, Nikki's eyes are insanely beautiful!
snblog_022.jpgsnblog_023.jpgsnblog_024.jpgsnblog_025.jpgsnblog_026.jpgsnblog_027.jpgsnblog_028.jpgsnblog_029.jpgsnblog_030.jpgsnblog_031.jpgsnblog_032.jpgMy favorite shot of the day!
snblog_033.jpgsnblog_034.jpgsnblog_035.jpgsnblog_036.jpgsnblog_037.jpgCongratulations to my wonderful cousin and his sweet new wife! Click here to view the full day with an online slideshow!

Also, you should check out the amazing videography by Shade Tree Films of Sam + Nikki's wedding by clicking here!

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Dana Goodson said:
Beautiful wedding! Your images are awesome.
(02.23.10 04:14 PM)
MyLyn said:
that dress is to DIE for! beautiful!
(02.23.10 04:19 PM)
Amanda Patrice said:
That first shot is so awesome! And I am in LOVE with her dress! Nice work.
(02.23.10 04:26 PM)
Ariel Renae said:
These are absolutely AMAZING.
(02.23.10 04:26 PM)
megan welker said:
gorgeous wedding! I love the one of their adorable little family on the stairs and their portraits are to die for :)
(02.23.10 04:37 PM)
Marissa Rodriguez said:
You have definitely started your year with a beautiful wedding!!! The dress, shoes, their little daughters and every single shot is amazing!
(02.23.10 04:42 PM)
Katherine said:
These are amazing! I love them! Great work!
(02.23.10 04:57 PM)
Lisa H. Chang said:
Love the flower girls ~ talk about adorable! Great photos :)
(02.23.10 04:58 PM)
daryn said:
Ooooh, the one where she is holding his face? J'adore! Gorgeous pics, Amelia! I love your work...
(02.23.10 05:02 PM)
Ashley said:
The portraits in the field are GORGEOUS!!! And so it her dress! Love it.
(02.23.10 05:48 PM)
Karen Buckle said:
Love her dress and those gorgeous blue shoes - and how he lifted her up at the ceremony - and the sunlight in the field - just awesome!
(02.23.10 05:51 PM)
josh mccullock said:
smokin portraits Lyons!
(02.23.10 06:19 PM)
Cat Watson said:
OH MY! LOVE LOVE LOVE. The shoes. The dress. The different bridal party dresses. The vintage feel. The cake. The shot where he is picking her up and kissing her. I just love everything about this wedding and these shots!
(02.23.10 06:57 PM)
Bryan said:
Amazing as usual Amelia and Justin. Congrats Sam!
(02.23.10 07:13 PM)
Alexandria said:
Do you happen to know where she got her amazing dress? Because I think it is fantastic!
(02.23.10 07:46 PM)
Kayleen T. said:
Aww... I love her dress, and shoes and his skinny stylish! I love the ones of them in the field!
(02.23.10 07:50 PM)
leila Brewster said:
so pretty! lovely captures.. definitely inspiring.. and yes nikki does have GORGEOUS eyes!
(02.23.10 08:00 PM)
Sadie W said:
I'm loving her dress combined with the shoes and hairpiece! Amazing photos as always! :)
(02.23.10 08:30 PM)
crystal genes said:
Love everything you captured from this entire wedding! But I have to know where to get those shoes! I just can't quite make out the designer's name in that first shot;)
(02.23.10 08:59 PM)
Lizzy Peterson said:
I LOOOOOOOOVE this wedding! Her style is so fun and classy! You did such a good job as always! :)
(02.23.10 09:02 PM)
Melissa@ The Loveliest Day said:
I love the photos of Nikki holding her skirt out, while standing in the field over run with wild grass. Beautiful!
(02.24.10 12:21 AM)
Hannah said:
Oh, wow, these are amazing! Honestly they are nothing short of gorgeous. I love the shoes and the dress and the everything - the ocf images rock my world!
(02.24.10 01:30 AM)
Anonymous said:
I'm just a friend of the bride (who is as beautiful and fun as she looks in these pictures!) The shoes I believe are from DSW, and the dress was her grandmothers altered just for Nikki (true vintage).
(02.24.10 01:57 AM)
Tor-Ivar said:
Wow... love your photographic style :)
(02.24.10 03:50 AM)
manon said:
Oh I love these pictures. I just tried really hard to get a picture wirth the flash like the sun (in the background) but I simply don't get it. Any tips for me? please. Or maybe do a tutorial for everybody.
(02.24.10 03:59 AM)
Liese said:
1. you are so great at capturing the joy in their faces! 2. where the heck did she get those shoes?!?!?! I'm obsessed and want a pair desperately!
(02.24.10 08:14 AM)
Fotograf slubny said:
its all about emotions - GREAT
(02.24.10 09:26 AM)
Lydia Tolman said:
another one of those great weddings. i admire your work!
(02.24.10 10:16 AM)
Stacey Hedman said:
What a DRESS!!!!! That's fantastic! And how lucky the happy couple is to have you guys in their family.... gorgeous shots as always.
(02.24.10 10:49 AM)
Steve said:
So lovely, Amelia! I looove all of the shots in the field!
(02.24.10 09:47 PM)
kamee june said:
love it. love it. love everything about it! ;)
(02.25.10 12:44 AM)
AmyPunky Photography said:
Oh I remember their video, this made me cry so hard!! I'm so happy for them! Your photos are beautiful, we can feel the emotion of this day. Happy marriage to Sam and Nikki!!
(02.25.10 06:29 AM)
Micah Cordes said:
(02.25.10 06:58 AM)
aimee Westcott said:
Hi Amelia, I was wondering if you would share another one of your secrets? What kind of off camera lighting did you use in the shots in the field? Is it a flash? What kind?
(02.25.10 10:31 AM)
Dave Richards said:
nailed it as always! lovin that kiss shot!
(02.25.10 02:13 PM)
sheri said:
that has to be the most precious kiss I have EVER seen! gorgeous work as always but I can really feel the love in this set.
(02.25.10 02:54 PM)
Kristin Rogers said:
These are amazing..................light, post processing, angles...everything. I love it all.
(02.25.10 06:46 PM)
John Johnston said:
Amazing. i love the shots you do with your lights shooting back into the camera. Image 33 and 34 for example. are these just ordinary speedlights you use, set at full power? Id love to know how you do it.
(02.26.10 02:01 PM)
elisha said:
your the best! Amazing. nobody does it like you. Your photographs are always unique from every session.
(02.26.10 07:05 PM)
Mickie Easby said:
Stunning! I love that the photos captured the vintage vibe of the wedding. The shot of the bride in the field, holding her dress - WOW!! love it!!
(02.27.10 01:14 PM)
Ravyn said:
I love this!! I remember seeing the video a few weeks ago, and I could tell that these two are soooo in love. Great photos!
(03.01.10 08:28 AM)
Terra Dawn said:
Cutest couple EVER!! I love the field shots...and that top black and white veil shot. usual. :)
(03.01.10 09:05 PM)
Anne said:
Wow you are a great photographer. You have choosen some great angles in your photos. Props! Anne(Sweden,20y)
(03.06.10 07:35 AM)
Krzysztof said:
I love your work. Great intimacy in your pictures. Regards.
(03.08.10 12:37 PM)
Supermar said:
What an amazing dress! I love that it was her grandma's too.
(03.08.10 01:28 PM)
Krzysztof said:
Wonderful pictures, great inspiration. Thanks for sharing those photos. Regards.
(03.13.10 05:01 AM)
Feuza said:
so affectionate love it, the flower girls in the fountain is the bestest
(03.18.10 03:12 PM)
jacki said:
Amazing work!
(03.19.10 11:46 AM)
Wedding Photography in Sydney said:
How cute... :0
(03.19.10 09:06 PM)
Mariana Maya said:
I love her dress!!!!!!!!!!
(03.21.10 11:53 PM)
clippingimages said:
nikki got a stunning beauty. outstanding photography.....
(02.21.11 01:47 AM)
Luis Godinez said:
Finally!!! I stumble upon you blog a year ago and I saw this wedding. I forgot to add save your blog my reader and I couldn't remember your name. I'm glad I've found it :)
(03.15.11 12:32 PM)
Chicago Wedding Photography said:
Amazing photography. Great job! Love the vintage processing and feel. Awesome set!
(02.21.12 06:45 AM)
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