Maria + Alvin were married on August 1st. We had such a fun weekend at their wedding in San Francisco. Not only was it an awesome wedding, but Justin and I were celebrating our 7 year anniversary the very next day! Maria + Alvin's wedding was a perfect excuse to get away to one of our favorite cities, be a part of a wedding, and remember how important marriage is!
ma_wed002.jpgma_wed003.jpgma_wed004.jpgma_wed005.jpgma_wed006.jpgma_wed007.jpgma_wed008.jpgOne of my favorite details about Maria + Alvin's wedding day was that they rented a trolley to take them from place to place. I heart this shot of one of the flower girls:)
ma_wed009.jpgThe ceremony was held at the Notre Dame Des Victoires Church.
ma_wed010.jpgma_wed011.jpgma_wed012.jpgMaria and her grandmother.

ma_wed013.jpgma_wed014.jpgma_wed015.jpgma_wed016.jpgma_wed017.jpgma_wed018.jpgma_wed019.jpgma_wed020.jpgA random photo of yours truly shot by Justin on the trolley.
ma_wed021.jpgma_wed022.jpgma_wed023.jpgma_wed024.jpgma_wed025.jpgma_wed026.jpgma_wed027.jpgMy favorite shot of the day!
ma_wed028.jpgma_wed029.jpgma_wed030.jpgma_wed031.jpgTheir reception was held at The Palace Hotel in San Francisco, the room was so beautifully ornate!
Congratulations to Maria + Alvin for tying the knot, we loved coming all the way to San Francisco to be a part of your fabulous wedding day! Check out more photos by clicking here to see their slideshow.

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Alej Keigan said:
Gorgeous! And now I want a cookie.
(08.21.09 08:57 AM)
anda said:
the photo of you on the trolley is gorgeous! love the ring shot a ton, and also, you guys make me want to do my wedding all over again and have it captured so amazingly as this. you give people awesome memories!! too bad i just discovered wedding photography blogs 5 months ago, haha.
(08.21.09 09:02 AM)
Geoffrey Lang said:
Lovin the Cookie/Ring Sandwich.
(08.21.09 09:09 AM)
Chad Hansen said:
Wow. Amazing work. These are beautiful.
(08.21.09 09:12 AM)
Braedon said:
I love the blurred shot getting out of the trolly and that T/S shot in front of the pillars. Everything's rad. Good work guys.
(08.21.09 09:33 AM)
Austin said:
Wow wow wow you guys laid down the hammer on SF! What a stylish couple and wedding and photographers to match. These images are seriously sicker than swine flu! Something about the groomsmen shot in the alley is so badass! Also the dance shot on the left above the cookies is my fave! That thing belongs on a wall for sure!
(08.21.09 09:43 AM)
Diana Rush said:
Amazingly awesome!!! My fav has to be the one of the brides shoes with the groom in the background holding the bouquet! You always bring such an interesting and new perspective to each wedding! I just love your style!
(08.21.09 10:14 AM)
yan palmer said:
i just love the look you guys have crafted for yourselves. i know this won't come out right, but its sort of a harsh, realistic beauty. perfect combo of light and shadow. keep these posts coming, i love looking at your work.
(08.21.09 10:30 AM)
Marissa Rodriguez said:
GORGEOUS! Happy late anniversary! :) Love the shots in the trolley!!! and that ring shot is so cute!
(08.21.09 10:52 AM)
Emily Faulknor said:
Amelia, you are one of my inspirations. Your stuff is so awesome, creative and fresh. I love this wedding shoot, I love every single photo!
(08.21.09 01:05 PM)
Toni said:
Love the Palace of Fine Arts shots,they look very dramatic! Any idea who the florist was on this wedding? My husband thinks it was Birch...
(08.21.09 01:45 PM)
jackie wonders said:
HOLEE. MOLEE. You guys get better and better and better. LOVED everything :) When's the next workshop??!!!
(08.21.09 01:51 PM)
Kayleen T. said:
i so smiled when I saw a new blog post from you guys in my rss feed and smiled even more after I looked at the pictures, beautiful as always, love your lighting!
(08.21.09 02:38 PM)
Ashley Smith said:
Wow! I'm blown away. These photos are fantastic!
(08.21.09 04:43 PM)
Drew Van Horn said:
What a great collection! These are all awesome. You guys couldn't have captured that wedding any better! Awesome as usual!
(08.21.09 08:34 PM)
Angel said:
What a beautiful wedding! These photographs are awesome! I love all the little details you thought to photogaph! Well done!
(08.21.09 10:44 PM)
Megan Welker said:
you rocked another one guys!! i love coming to your blog! you are such an inspiration! the trolley photos were so much fun, but I must say that ring sandwich sure is making me yearn for some sweets :)
(08.22.09 01:57 AM)
Brady Puryear said:
Freakin Epic!!!
(08.22.09 11:47 PM)
dean ray said:
WoW u've gotta' love fotogs;~) hard 4 me 2 pick just one, awsome shoot!!!!!!! the ring shot is off of the hook. love the bw'zzzzzzz tooooa!!!!! "A MOMENT n TIME" james dean
(08.23.09 07:41 AM)
Yuka photo art said:
Just breathtaking.....
(08.23.09 10:21 PM)
Rochelle (aussie) said:
AWESOME, Love how you caught that grandma kiss!!! I'm wondering if you would share info on which are your 'go to' lenses? Cheers.
(08.24.09 04:37 AM)
Sarah @ said:
What lovely photographs! Congratulations to the newlyweds!!
(08.24.09 02:34 PM)
jonathan said:
love the one with the groom half in the shadow.
(08.24.09 08:52 PM)
Deborah Brandon said:
such a stunning collection of beautiful bridal moments - SOOOO romantic - i totally agree with your comment on how important marriage is !!! wish we'd had amazing photographers capture our special day - the rings in the cookie is SO fabulous :)
(08.24.09 10:01 PM)
Nicole Glenn said:
The ring shot is delicious! The moment you captured with her grandmother is priceless. Thanks for the continued inspiration, you guys rock!
(08.24.09 10:45 PM)
jesi haack weddings said:
love the trolley, love the san fran, love the photogs! Stunning images, as usual!
(08.25.09 09:15 AM)
melissa said:
OMG Amelia! Your work is simply AMAZING! I just love all that you do! You are such an inspiration. Keep up the great work!
(08.26.09 06:22 AM)
Lisa Trent said:
i Love your work. What lens did you primarily use on this wedding? They are all spectacular.
(08.26.09 03:21 PM)
Mese Ugapo said:
You make anyone look like supermodels! True skill displayed by true artists.
(08.26.09 06:37 PM)
Leigh said:
sweet! shots!
(08.27.09 08:08 AM)
pixie sticks said:
the wedding pictures are lovely, but your hair! it always looks amazing. How do you do that cute thing with clipping your hair back like that?? it's perfect.
(08.27.09 11:07 AM)
gaurav khanna said:
great it
(08.27.09 08:02 PM)
Brooke Powell said:
You are just so classy. Love your work
(08.29.09 11:08 AM)
John Johnston said:
Sheer awesomeness. Really love these. both the images and your processing.
(08.30.09 04:49 AM)
Maya Laurent said:
The shot with her and grandmother is so touching!!!!
(08.30.09 07:38 AM)
Kayla said:
These are smokin' hot! Love the locations!
(09.18.09 04:47 PM)
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Here's a little eye candy from yesterday's wedding, can't wait to blog the rest!!!
Now off to wedding #2 of the weekend at The Ritz Carlton in Laguna Niguel. Have a fantastic weekend everybody!
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nate said:
(08.15.09 10:20 AM)
Margi said:
"From Here to Eternity"
(08.15.09 10:39 AM)
Amber said:
Wow! Amelia, this is amazing! How do you do it?! I am so stoked, I can't wait for more!!
(08.15.09 12:02 PM)
jenberry said:
you scare me with your awesomeness. can it get any better than this. Amazing
(08.15.09 12:14 PM)
Heather James said:
(08.15.09 12:19 PM)
ChristanP Photography said:
This is totally one that should be printed on canvas and put up on display! Awesome, romantic feel to it!
(08.15.09 02:08 PM)
Briony said:
(08.15.09 08:17 PM)
Jenna Jameson said:
you weren't kidding! serious eye candy!!
(08.15.09 09:35 PM)
Sasha Prince said:
Beautiful! Excited to see the rest of them!
(08.16.09 02:31 AM)
Alisia Campbell said:
this is gorgeous! wow!!! LOVE your work! amazing stuff!
(08.16.09 08:53 PM)
Marissa Rodriguez said:
WOW! This is unreal!
(08.17.09 11:48 AM)
Benny Ek said:
Beautiful Shot Amelia! It was great shooting with you & your husband on Friday. You took an average day down at the beach and made it stunning in this shot. Nice!
(08.17.09 03:02 PM)
Brooke Ogilvie said:
Are you kidding me! You are amazing! I wish I could just come spend a day with you and watch you do this! Awesome work!
(08.17.09 05:57 PM)
Anda said:
Whoa man whoa! That is so gorgeously surreal. Great job; can't wait for the rest!!
(08.18.09 10:31 AM)
Paco and Betty said:
Absolutely cannot wait to see more! You are such and inspiration to us. - Whitney
(08.18.09 04:28 PM)
marydougherty said:
love it! this is a beautiful mix of surreal reality.. if that makes sense
(08.18.09 08:09 PM)
Aaron Soares said:
awesome photo! love the dramatic sky and the veil in the wind
(08.19.09 08:49 AM)
Anonymous said:
Amelia, this is AMAZING!! I am in complete suspense to see the rest! :) it was so fun working with you and Justin this weekend! You guys are just as cool as I knew you would be. Can't wait to do it again!
(08.19.09 09:01 AM)
Karen Brown (mother of the bride) said:
This picture is totally amazing!!!! I can't wait to see the rest. You are so talented and so much fun to work with. Our family loves you!
(08.21.09 11:15 PM)
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