Wowzers, we LOVED this wedding from the moment it started until the moment it ended! Ever since their engagement session, we've grown to adore Nancy + Edward. They have been nothing but sweet and kind to us through every interaction that we've had!

Nancy + Edward were married on June 13th. We started the day off at the Viceroy Hotel in Santa Monica for prep shots and the first glance, then headed over to the ceremony at the Bel Air Presbyterian Church , and last we enjoyed a gorgeously dressed reception at the Skirball Cultural Center Museum.
en_wed_02.jpgen_wed_03.jpgNicole DeAnne busy working her magic on Nancy's hair and make-up!
en_wed_04.jpgWhile I was busy with prep shots with Nancy, Justin was having fun photographing the groomsmen.
This is probably one of my favorite prep shots I've ever had the chance to be a part of!
en_wed_08.jpgLove this sweet moment with Nancy and her mom.

en_wed_09.jpgen_wed_10.jpgen_wed_11.jpgAn emotional first glance.
en_wed_12.jpgen_wed_13.jpgen_wed_14.jpgMy favorite shot of the day!
en_wed_15.jpgen_wed_16.jpgen_wed_17.jpgen_wed_18.jpgen_wed_19.jpgen_wed_20.jpgen_wed_21.jpgen_wed_22.jpgen_wed_23.jpgen_wed_24.jpgen_wed_25.jpgen_wed_26.jpgMoments after the ceremony.
en_wed_27.jpgDetails, details, details, gorgeous!
en_wed_28.jpgen_wed_29.jpgen_wed_30.jpgen_wed_31.jpgMy second favorite shot of the day!
en_wed_32.jpgen_wed_33.jpgen_wed_34.jpgen_wed_35.jpgYes, that would be cake ALL over their faces!
en_wed_36.jpgen_wed_37.jpgen_wed_38.jpgen_wed_39.jpgIt was SUCH a sweet pleasure to work with Anna from Events Of Love & Splendor, they did an amazing job coordinating the day, I would HIGHLY recommend them to all of my future clients!
Don't forget to check out the complete day by clicking here to view their slideshow!

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Amanda Patrice said:
So. Incredibly. Beautiful. Your work is always so one-of-a-kind and stunning...
(07.11.09 03:12 PM)
Millie said:
Seriously, I think this is one of my favorite from you guys to date. The details, the off camera lighting, the processing, the creativity....every thing you two create is unbelievable.
(07.11.09 03:15 PM)
jackie wonders said:
A-FREAKING-MAZING. you guys really rocked this wedding out!
(07.11.09 03:21 PM)
Brianna@ LFP said:
Amazing as always. One of my favourite weddings :)
(07.11.09 03:24 PM)
Michelle Moore said:
AWESOME use of the tilt in the first shot with the dress + shoes! SUPA AMAZING! The rest of the wedding, is well, fantastic as ALWAYS!! love all your creativities :) xxo
(07.11.09 03:25 PM)
Kayleen T. said:
yay! I love your blog posts! This wedding is amazing and the shots of the groomsmen to the first one of the dress and shoes. Love love it all! This is why you r my fave wedding photographers!!
(07.11.09 03:33 PM)
connieMchung said:
omg amelia. i don't even know where to start. seriously! lol. i knew you guys were the bomb, but seriously, this has to be one of THE BEST weddings ever! the ones of nancy getting ready is truly breathtaking. the shot of her mom and sisters helping with the dress gave me chills! you did such a bomb job capturing moments nancy&eddie will cherish for the rest of their lives. every shot was just focking bomb!!! :) and just looking at these images take me back to that day so imagine what nancy&eddie must feel!!! lol. Nancy! i love you! don't cry! and it was so nice meeting you and justin! you guys rock!
(07.11.09 03:33 PM)
nancy said:
Oh My LORD, Amelia and Justin, we love you two to pieces. really! These images make me feel INSANE cuz I don't know whether to laugh or cry! Thank you for capturing us and our wedding in such a beautiful light... You got all kinds of images that fill me with so much emotion... we will treasure them forever! I love ALL of them! I can't thank you two enough. thank you from the bottom of my heart. Dang! This world is so not ready for your jelly! ;) I LOOOOVE YOU!!!!
(07.11.09 03:45 PM)
Alyssa Lang said:
WOWWWWWWWW. Super rediculously fab guys. One of my all time favs from you! And her dress is amazing!!!
(07.11.09 03:54 PM)
Nicole said:
Just beautiful capture's this whole post is gorgeous, the location & how you have shot them, perfect!
(07.11.09 04:15 PM)
MegRuth said:
Amelia, that shot of her on the couch just after getting into her dress is unbelievable! You and Justin are brilliant.
(07.11.09 04:37 PM)
Trisha Chan said:
omg! LOOOVED this post. everything about it was amazing.
(07.11.09 04:46 PM)
Briony said:
these are fab! fantastic! super! ridiculous! pretty much any word that goes with awesome! ahahah
(07.11.09 05:51 PM)
Sofia said:
Amelia, Your work is amazing. I love it! I wanted to ask you what lens do you use to get such wide shots. For example the ones in front of that awesome bookcase? I mostly shoot with a 24-70. I need to invest in a wide lens :) Thx.
(07.11.09 06:32 PM)
brooke bowland said:
um...what? that did just happen. holy moly. stunning images as always. sorry...but that dress is blowing my mind!
(07.11.09 07:06 PM)
Matthew Wengerd said:
OK, Amelia - The first shot must have been a comp, right? I'm practically brand new to photography, but I'm almost positive physics don't permit two separate focal fields from one lens. Was it a comps of two shots on a tripod? Did you manual these?
(07.11.09 07:47 PM)
Diana said:
Amazing work. I've followed your blog since forever, and this one really blew my mind. Mind if I ask where they got those ADORABLE cake toppers from?
(07.11.09 08:01 PM)
Anda said:
Um. Holy cow. For real. Seriously. I can't get over how stunning every single one of these images is! You guys have been amazing me for a while, but this is BY FAR my favorite wedding from you. I need to look at it a few more times. Wow wow wow, I am sooo excited to meet you in a couple weeks for the workshop. I need to learn some of those secrets!
(07.11.09 08:10 PM)
Anna said:
Love everything about this set of shot! They look like an adorable couple :)
(07.11.09 08:55 PM)
Kip said:
Beautiful and truly inspiring. 2nd ring shot took some cajones.
(07.11.09 10:44 PM)
matt sloan said:
good stuff Amelia! :)
(07.12.09 01:47 AM)
chelo said:
(07.12.09 08:12 AM)
Julie said:
Wow! Such an amazing wedding! Absolutely gorgeous pictures.
(07.12.09 09:50 AM)
kristin said:
What a great couple! Wonderful documentation!
(07.12.09 09:52 AM)
Jane Gahng said:
HOLY MOLY!! these images really captured eddie and nancy! you guys were AMAZING with these photos! this was my favorite wedding to attend but even more favorite because of the photos! if my husband and i get married again, we're definitely booking you!!
(07.12.09 10:29 AM)
esther park said:
amelia and justin... these pictures are gorgeous!!! you were able to capture key emotions in your photographs. i love your work!
(07.12.09 11:05 AM)
shannon said:
these are stunning! i think some of my fave wedding shots ever. i LOVE the fist shot with in the library...amazing...
(07.12.09 12:48 PM)
Kristen said:
Awesome photos! I'm curious, did you have any lights set up for the indoor group shots?
(07.12.09 06:10 PM)
Abra said:
Wonderful. These are awesome! The couple look like SO much fun to work with and you did such a great job capturing it all, as usual. I totally want that library in my home now.
(07.12.09 06:10 PM)
alice said:
Every shot was so beautiful! Amelia and Justin you guys are truly talented! I am now a devoted follower :) Amazing work!
(07.12.09 07:53 PM)
heather saunders said:
AMAZING! This is one of my favorites EVER! Just stunning. LOVE the library shots, the plated wall shots are incredible too. Can't wait to watch you work your magic! xoxo
(07.12.09 09:11 PM)
Yuka photo art said:
I love these photographs! Just beautiful!Her dress looks like dress of my dream :-)
(07.12.09 09:41 PM)
AbiQ said:
Oh the dress~ the dress!~! And~ the hotel. Oh that hotel. Yummy. To die for. So jealous. So gorgeous. Amazing as always!!
(07.13.09 04:10 AM)
ChristanP Photography said:
I love the pre-ceremony shots and the lighting techniques you did! Loving your work more and more!
(07.13.09 09:43 AM)
anna brewer said:
amelia!!! i LOVE every single one of these pictures!!! (minus that one of me at the end) :) you and your hubby are AWESOME! thanks for being so outrageously fab! xoxo
(07.13.09 09:55 AM)
Rina Lee said:
The pictures look GREAT!!
(07.13.09 10:06 AM)
Crystal said:
WOW... gorgeous and creative shots. You truely are a talented photographer. :) I would love it if you checked out some of my work on my blog and gave tips. :)
(07.13.09 10:45 AM)
Vasti said:
O MY GOODNESS! I want to meet this bride. She is absolute perfection!!!!!!
(07.13.09 01:10 PM)
yan palmer said:
wow, feeling so content. you guys do not disappoint.
(07.13.09 02:58 PM)
Terra Dawn said:
What gorgeous everything!! I love that dress...and that reflective image of the groomsmen is soooo awesome!! I love your work.....
(07.13.09 05:34 PM)
Ashley Thalman Photo said:
Damn! That wedding was amazing. My favorite shot? The bride with the dog on the couch.
(07.14.09 12:12 AM)
nancy said:
allo! the bride here again... just wanted to say THANK YOU for all your kind and uber-generous compliments! but my husband says y'all need to stop now or my head may explode (if my heart doesn't first!). ;) To answer a few questions: the gown was custom-made for me to rent, by Vivian at Tomato Weddings in LA and the cake toppers are from The wedding was made beautiful by Amelia Lyon Photography ;) If you would like more info - feel free to contact me. It is the least I can do!!!
(07.14.09 02:13 AM)
Lyndzee of EP said:
Hey there you freakishly talented homies!! I LOVE this whole wedding and your choice of favorites. My personal favorite?? The one from above with the hands passing the program,,,, awesome!!!
(07.14.09 07:36 PM)
Nate said:
Amelia, you are an artist and a genius with light. Your images ooze with visual poetry unlike I've ever seen. I've searched my whole life for my calling and found nothing; you've found your purpose and I greatly admire that.
(07.14.09 10:48 PM)
kristen said:
Incredible. Just incredible. So inspiring.
(07.14.09 11:21 PM)
MaeMae said:
I just found your work and it's AMAZING!!! Here's a little blog love:
(07.15.09 02:10 AM)
Kayla said:
WOW! These are all so fabulous! I love them all!
(07.15.09 07:24 AM)
Alen Abdula said:
I just came across your blog. Great stuff, keep it up, you're in my Google Reader... :)
(07.15.09 08:07 PM)
feuza said:
What a dress and that bookshelf oh my, these had such a vintage hollywood glam to it! love them~
(07.16.09 10:03 PM)
ajira said:!!
(07.17.09 02:09 AM)
Betsy, La Vida said:
SHAZAM!!! Holy cow, I think it's impossible for me to choose a fave. If someone twisted my arm, I would have to say the wide angle library shot with the two of them. But seriously, they're all amazing!
(07.17.09 08:48 AM)
Kisha@Sahara Blue said:
wow. i've just found your blog and am blown away by your talent. this may be one of the most amazingly photographed weddings I've seen. such a unique style. i'm definitely bookmarking you!
(07.18.09 09:24 AM)
alec vanderboom said:
really like the groups shots as always. and great detail shots.
(07.18.09 10:31 PM)
kristine [trendsetting wedding] said:
Wow. Beyond beautiful! Great job!
(07.19.09 10:09 PM)
Alison said:
Beautiful! Amazing dress and I am in love with the wall with the platters on it!
(07.21.09 09:34 AM)
Paul said:
These are beautiful. You two find the coolest backdrops for your subjects. I love the plate wall and the guys just rock!
(07.22.09 04:19 AM)
imthiaz houseman said:
wow, look at that dress! amazing job, love this series.
(07.22.09 12:22 PM)
deborah brandon said:
so beautiful - so breathtaking - you incredible images are SO inspirational !!!
(07.23.09 11:19 PM)
Candice said:
I'd like to say that this wedding is absolutely amazing and the venue, ugh! To DIE for!
(07.25.09 05:20 PM)
smittengreta said:
wowwwww... these are freaking awesome... all of 'em!
(07.26.09 08:55 PM)
Whitney Warner said:
This dress is seriously amazing! I want one!!!
(07.27.09 10:09 AM)
Maya Laurent said:
I love with the ones with the books in the background!!!!
(08.01.09 07:37 AM)
ajenya said:
so gorgeous!!!!
(08.19.09 12:45 PM)
Listed below are links to blogs that reference this entry: Nancy + Edward Married! . TrackBack URL for this entry:
First off, Darlene + Jerrold were such a sweet couple to work with for their engagement session, and after getting to know them, it made their wedding day feel like a breeze! They were married on May 23rd in Laguna Niguel and had a BEAUTIFUL reception that followed at The Hyatt Regency in Huntington Beach.

While Justin made his way to the Hyatt Regency I met up with Darlene at her parents' house for some prep shots. The first two things I got to capture were her AMAZING designer Christian Louboutin shoes with the signature red sole and an even more AMAZING designer Monique Lhuillier wedding dress!
I was happy that Darlene had Nicole DeAnne out to work her artistry on Darlene's hair!
jd_wed002.jpgjd_wed003.jpgjd_wed004.jpgjd_wed005.jpgDarlene + Jerrold's dog Buddha, he wasn't allowed to attend the ceremony and reception so Darlene made it a point for me to take a portrait of her and him.

jd_wed006.jpgjd_wed007.jpgjd_wed008.jpgjd_wed009.jpgjd_wed010.jpgjd_wed011.jpgImmediately after the ceremony:
jd_wed012.jpgThe party bus!!! I literally could feel the vibrations on my rear-end from the bass of the music they were pumping out!
jd_wed013.jpgjd_wed014.jpgjd_wed015.jpgjd_wed016.jpg....and THIS, my friends, is how you shoot a TWENTY-THREE person wedding party!
jd_wed017.jpgjd_wed018.jpgjd_wed019.jpgjd_wed020.jpgjd_wed021.jpgjd_wed022.jpgMy favorite shot of the day!
jd_wed023.jpgjd_wed024.jpgBoth Darlene + Jerrold are avid shoe collectors. You already saw Darlene's Christian Louboutin's, but if you look close you'll also see Jerrold's Michael Jordan "Space Jams"!
jd_wed025.jpgjd_wed026.jpgjd_wed027.jpgA sweet welcome into the reception by the wedding party!
*Sighhhhh*, it was such a great day! Check out more photos by clicking here for the slideshow!
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daniel kudish said:
these are great! love the bridal portraits, makes me want to do cool ones too, and i hate formals!
(06.10.09 10:24 PM)
michelle warren said:
so awesome! love your b&ws especially! and the DETAILS!
(06.10.09 10:25 PM)
Kyle Richter said:
Wow..!! All I have to say is.... A bulldog. A fast porsche. A party bus.. and A large wedding party.!! Sounds like a great day.. The photos look amazing!! Simply.. Rad!! Nice Amelia..!
(06.10.09 11:27 PM)
denise bovee said:
drool....... these are amazing. epic :)
(06.10.09 11:37 PM)
Nick Decombel Fotografie said:
The Party Bus pic is amazing!!!
(06.10.09 11:57 PM)
Emily Quinton said:
LOVED their engagement shoot. ADORE their wedding images. Great work as always Amelia :-)
(06.11.09 02:26 AM)
Janine said:
I almost died when I saw the shoes. Heaven on a heel. Then I scrolled down and saw Darlene - holygoodgracious is she gorgeous. Then I scrolled further and saw the dress. Wow wow wow there are no words. Absolutely stunning wedding, stunning photos, stunning Buddah. You rock :)
(06.11.09 04:44 AM)
Rina Mae said:
This is such a beautiful wedding! I was wondering if you would happen to know the designer of the bridesmaids dresses?
(06.11.09 06:48 AM)
ben @ STUDIO 6.23 said:
nice wheels! i've done the shot driving behind them (seriously crazy driving looking through a lens), but never besides. awesome.
(06.11.09 07:04 AM)
Ro said:
LOVE. very inspiring work.
(06.11.09 07:09 AM)
heather said:
only you (and/or justin) are able to make a stinky cigar... beautiful... what a partay!
(06.11.09 08:02 AM)
Nathan Walker said:
How do you nail it EVERY TIME?! amazing work!
(06.11.09 09:18 AM)
Alyssa Lang said:
(06.11.09 10:21 AM)
Marissa Rodriguez said:
What a beautiful wedding!!! You guys really rocked it out! These pictures are breathtaking! I fell in love with her SHOES and Buddha!
(06.11.09 10:22 AM)
ChristanP Photography said:
That last shot is awesome. If that were of my wedding I can totally see us blowing it up and putting it in our living room.....rad!
(06.11.09 10:39 AM)
Robyn said:
Hi Amelia! Thanks for taking such good care of my cousin and her new hubby! The moments you captured are priceless. Thank you for taking such great pictures of them!
(06.11.09 11:28 AM)
Sarah @ said:
A moment of silence for those beautiful (BEAUTIFUL) shoes! AH! Also, what a cute couple =) I hope they love married life!
(06.11.09 01:53 PM)
Candace Jeffery said:
very, VERY, impressive! As always you amaze me with your creativity!
(06.11.09 01:56 PM)
jenniferL said:
oh snap! 23 people in that wedding party. great wedding. loved the bridal party shots.
(06.11.09 06:29 PM)
Mark Higgins said:
I love your style. You have a great level of consistency across all of your photographs. My favorite is the bride with the Bulldog as it really shows a side of her personality as an animal lover.
(06.11.09 09:39 PM)
ben + laura said:
so flippin' awesome ... love it! high fives!
(06.12.09 11:26 AM)
josh mccullock said:
so, so awesome Lyons!
(06.12.09 12:41 PM)
jackie wonders said:
oh man.
(06.13.09 01:24 PM)
jeff said:
another great set! loved it. i especially like the "men in black" thing going on with the groom. loved the scene outside the church as well. amazing dress. Monique is one talented Filipina.
(06.14.09 12:14 AM)
PamperingBeki said:
This images are so stunning and inspiring!
(06.14.09 02:42 PM)
Tiffany said:
LOVE how you posed the whole bridal party! Freakin awesome!
(06.14.09 06:29 PM)
darlene & jerrold david said:
Amelia & Justin.... you guys are simply BRILLIANT. These photos are AH-MAZING! We are soooo extremely happy that we will have these images of our wedding day to look back on forever. We couldn't have asked for a more perfect pair to capture our special day. Thank you sooo much!
(06.14.09 10:16 PM)
neLz said:
OH MY! That dress is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!! :-o It's so my style. Great photography work as always darling!
(06.15.09 10:33 AM)
Allie Richter said:
What a Beauutttiiifffulll Wedding! And the shoes Hello Feeroosshhhhhh. Love me some good Louboutins. Great Pics!
(06.15.09 12:39 PM)
Kayla said:
So beautiful! Your work is always wonderful!
(06.17.09 07:15 AM)
Austin Curtis said:
sweet photos as usual you guys! bridal party megawin!
(06.17.09 04:13 PM)
It's A Jaime Thing said:
What a gorgeous wedding - everything from the dress to the flowers and those SHOES! Stunning...great photos!!! Cheers! -Jaime ;)
(06.17.09 11:31 PM)
Rima said:
wow wow wow...Ive just come across your site instant fav!!
(06.18.09 09:56 AM)
Bling Divas said:
Absolutely gorgeous. Everything from the Louboutin shoes, to the dramatic ambiance. And of course, the gorgeous cake topper. Great job at capturing all of the details (and the large wedding party!!!)
(06.18.09 01:40 PM)
Terra Dawn said:
SUCH an amazing set of photos. I love the work you guys do. I really is inspirational.
(06.18.09 02:30 PM)
Corinne said:
Any chance you know where she bought the Christian Louboutin's? I cannot find them on the website nor anywhere else.
(07.06.09 01:44 PM)
Darlene said:
Hi Connie! I bought my shoes from the Christian Louboutin boutique in Beverly Hills. I haven't seen them in the stores since but you could try to go and see if you could special order them. Good luck!
(07.11.09 12:21 AM)
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(08.06.10 01:08 AM)
fisher.2011 said:
congratulations to yours
(08.26.11 08:32 PM)
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