2009 has been our year for shooting weddings in Northern California, from San Francisco to Napa Valley, its been fun mixing it up and in the midst of it all Justin and I have enjoyed traveling.

Stephanie + Sam were married on September 4th in San Francisco. They held their wedding ceremony at the Merchants Exchange Building and then held a beautiful reception in the Julia Morgan Ballroom inside of that same building. The first time we actually met Stephanie + Sam was the day before their wedding when we toured their amazing venue together to get a feel for what the next day would be like. We were super excited after getting acquainted with Stephanie + Sam and could not wait for their wedding day to unfold!
ss_wed002.jpgMy favorite item of the day: the dress!
ss_wed003.jpgss_wed004.jpgss_wed005.jpgss_wed006.jpgss_wed007.jpgss_wed008.jpgss_wed009.jpgss_wed010.jpgss_wed011.jpgss_wed012.jpgss_wed013.jpgss_wed014.jpgss_wed015.jpgss_wed016.jpgMy favorite shot of the day!
ss_wed017.jpgss_wed018.jpgss_wed019.jpgss_wed020.jpgss_wed021.jpgss_wed022.jpgss_wed023.jpgss_wed024.jpgss_wed025.jpgss_wed026.jpgss_wed027.jpgss_wed028.jpgss_wed029.jpgNo joke, Julia Morgan was an amazing designer and architect! Justin and I have been fans of her work ever since we visited Hearst Castle a few years back. She was a very talented woman. Now onto the rest of the details:
ss_wed030.jpgss_wed031.jpgss_wed032.jpgss_wed033.jpgss_wed034.jpgss_wed035.jpgss_wed036.jpgCongratulations to Stephanie + Sam, what a sweet day, thank you for having us along for the ride!

Now here's something you can count on at the end of every one of our wedding posts: Click here to view more photos with their online slideshow!

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Emilie said:
Absolutely stunning!! She is so beautiful! I love her dress too. Your photos are gorgeous as usual. :)
(10.22.09 11:58 PM)
Kayleen T. said:
The best part of staying up late is this midnight treat from Amelia Lyon! Lub lub lub the pix!
(10.23.09 01:26 AM)
manon said:
damn. didn't I get the memo. I thought its still 2009. hehe. Amazing pictures.
(10.23.09 02:24 AM)
Rensche van Dyk said:
You guys are so good!! What a beautiful wedding.
(10.23.09 06:47 AM)
amelialyon said:
Manon, LOL! Thanks for catching that! Just changed the year...whew, I'm way ahead of myself:)
(10.23.09 07:56 AM)
jean smith said:
goodness..this is one of my favorites of yours. SOOOO beautiful!
(10.23.09 08:54 AM)
Char Baiz said:
wow! I love these!
(10.23.09 10:09 AM)
imthiaz houseman said:
wow...stunning, i love them all!
(10.23.09 10:25 AM)
angel swanson said:
STUNNING!! my fave is the portrait of stephanie in front of the pillar. breathtaking! xoxo
(10.23.09 01:22 PM)
L10 said:
I'm blown away... this another one for the record books. Awesome work!
(10.23.09 03:07 PM)
Travis Smith said:
My wife just showed me your blog...AWESOME your angles and processing...beautiful!
(10.24.09 05:32 AM)
Melesha said:
What a gorgeous dress.
(10.24.09 09:01 PM)
JOHN said:
love your wedding pictures
(10.25.09 09:11 AM)
Irene Frankhouse said:
These are fantastic!!
(10.25.09 12:28 PM)
lindsey said:
I love these images! So much life in them.
(10.25.09 09:08 PM)
Leslee Feinstein said:
I'm the mother of the groom and these pictures bring tears to my eyes remembering what a wonderful day we had.
(10.26.09 09:00 PM)
Stephanie Vail said:
amazing backgrounds, amazing lighting and overall some breathtaking photographs! i can only pray to have that kind of talent some day. not to mention i love how much thought, care and detail you put into each post! i love your work and always check updates on this page!
(10.27.09 10:56 PM)
Stacie Smith said:
As always, beautiful and fresh. Love your blog. You photographed my friends last year... Jeremy and Fashion with their 3 kids. I was sad they didn't come to CO and have me shoot, but am glad they found/know you.
(10.28.09 08:31 AM)
Beka said:
Amazing as always! I almost died when I saw the two images in front of that crazy detailed wall. So ridiculously good! :)
(10.28.09 08:13 PM)
kristin @ The Treasured Petal said:
She is such an elegant bride! Gorgeous images, brings me back to my days at Berkeley.
(10.28.09 11:44 PM)
Kristen Snyder said:
oh my goodness! the bride is gorgeous!! and so are you photos! =)
(10.29.09 06:24 AM)
Drew said:
GEEZ, this is such amazing work. I must say that your lighting is always spot on. I am envious of your talent!
(10.29.09 02:27 PM)
Jenny said:
Love the photo of them crossing the streets ! The first dance photo with off camera lighting is terrific !
(11.01.09 12:16 AM)
Ryel said:
I love the city shots!! The detail shots are just amazing!! Great work you guys!
(11.02.09 06:09 PM)
Laura Marchbanks said:
My sister in law wore this same gown for her wedding. To this day it's still one of my favorites. Beautiful!
(11.03.09 01:04 PM)
Kayla said:
These are amazing! Love the big city feel! So awesome!
(11.04.09 08:03 AM)
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This was THE wedding to be at on September 12th of 2009! Dani + Sean were married in Napa Valley at The Carneros Inn. Everything, I mean EVERYTHING about this wedding was ultra-fabulous and the details were mind blowing! This day definitely made our top-ten list for weddings and Dani + Sean were a stellar couple to work with! Their theme was "an enchanted forest", and there was this sweet organic and dreamy feel throughout every aspect. Dani + Sean hired the amazing crew of Sillapere to be behind the scenes and make all of the magic come to life. Sillapere did a phenomenal job at it too! Ladies and gents we give you Dani + Sean's wedding!

LOVED how dreamy Dani's dress was!
sdwed001.jpgAnd how can any girl go wrong with green shoes?!
sdwed006.jpgsdwed007.jpgsdwed008.jpgsdwed009.jpgsdwed010.jpgsdwed011.jpgsdwed012.jpgsdwed013.jpgThe winner for the favorite item of the day: Sean's amazing custom suit from Lord Willy's of New York! Justin was drooling over it all day long! I really like the idea of the groom spending a good amount of thought, time, and money on his suit. So many times we see rented suits, but come-on gentlemen...this IS your wedding day too. Why not drop it like its hot for such a memorable day, one that will only come around once in a lifetime?!
sdwed014.jpgDoesn't Dani make a gorgeous bride?! See what I was saying about her dress...dreamy, right!
sdwed020.jpgsdwed021.jpgMy Favorite shot of the day! Love the view of the wine country behind them!
sdwed022.jpgsdwed023.jpgsdwed024.jpgLet the details begin, here are some from the ceremony:
sdwed025.jpgsdwed026.jpgsdwed027.jpgsdwed028.jpgsdwed029.jpgDetails from the cocktail hour (also one exception from the ceremony on the top right), I REALLY dug the all of the tree and wood sculptures that scattered the grounds of this venue for the wedding.
sdwed030.jpgThe invitations and hand written calligraphy:
sdwed031.jpgsdwed032.jpgsdwed033.jpgRoom details from reception #1. This room was used for dinner and speeches. My favorite part about this setup was they vine tent with chandeliers suspended throughout the middle.
sdwed034.jpgsdwed035.jpgsdwed036.jpgAgain, Justin's brilliant mind put to work with this ring shot!
sdwed037.jpgsdwed038.jpgDetails from reception #2. Once dinner was over the guests were excused to a second room where dancing, cake cutting, and dessert took place. Notice the second version of the vine tent that helped carry over the continuity of the evening.
sdwed039.jpgsdwed040.jpgThe parents of the bride and groom congratulating each other on the dance floor.
sdwed041.jpgPlease, please, please click here to view more of our favorite images from this fabulous wedding. We had such a rough time narrowing down our favs for this post so the rest are featured in this slideshow. Check it out if you have a few minutes to spare!

Last, the next day Dani + Sean hosted a brunch for all of their out of town guests. We decided to stop by on our way out of town to check out more amazing work done by Sillapere, also to capture a few more details for Dani + Sean.

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Mike Cunningham said:
So rad. I now know where to buy my suit when I get married. Those suits kick Nordy's right in the Nards.
(10.19.09 11:36 PM)
megan welker said:
so excited to see this wedding up! you guys are fan-freakin-tastic!!! they turned out amazing! love the ones with the wine country behind them :)
(10.19.09 11:45 PM)
Steve Gerrard said:
Wow, wow and wow again. I want these guys to plan my wedding! Oh, hang on.. I'm already married. Doh!
(10.19.09 11:57 PM)
Kayleen T. said:
Amazing wedding and details! I love love the ring shot! How cool are those wood sculptures!
(10.20.09 12:07 AM)
Molly Williams said:
Big fan of yours. LOVED this wedding. Especially since the Carneros Inn was where we spent our honeymoon this past July. That place is to die for. Love, love love their whole wedding and of course your stellar photos.
(10.20.09 01:04 AM)
Jane Hasty said:
Just amazing! Thanks for sharing!
(10.20.09 06:45 AM)
Briony said:
what a gorgeous wedding. i love their little colorful details. so fun!
(10.20.09 07:42 AM)
shannon said:
i love her dress!!! these are so, so wonderful! what an amazing display of wedding photography!
(10.20.09 08:46 AM)
Kevin Strick said:
That was such a fabulous weekend and the photos are on point to match. Good job to everyone involved in making it happen, especially Sean & Dani. Kick ass.
(10.20.09 09:36 AM)
anda said:
oooo - NICE. the guys' suits are the neatest i have ever seen. another excellent amelia lyon wedding :)
(10.20.09 10:41 AM)
Mel said:
wow, what vivid color and character! I love how much thought went into not only the details of the wedding, but your duo's spectacular capturing of them~ Makes me want to get married again:)
(10.20.09 12:16 PM)
chelsey b said:
Love his mustache socks! So awesome.
(10.20.09 12:34 PM)
Michelle Stone said:
GORGEOUS! love his tux!! and yes, her dress IS dreamy!!
(10.20.09 01:01 PM)
Kirstin @ Weddings Unveiled said:
The groom's socks are ridiculous! I love the tree branch table. This was an awesome wedding and great photography as always!
(10.20.09 04:06 PM)
jackie wonders said:
OMG. this wedding was amazing and you guys totally showed how much you ROCK! i can't even wait one more week to gleen from your genius :)
(10.20.09 08:10 PM)
nancy said:
wow!!! My head is spinning from the details! And of course, you and justin captured them all amazingly. It's not fair for one couple to have SO much talent!! ;)
(10.21.09 12:38 AM)
Peter said:
You guys really put alot of love in your work. Doesnt get any better than this. Awesome!
(10.21.09 02:30 AM)
CReid said:
Sweet wedding... l love the green bow tie and the funky socks.
(10.21.09 03:01 AM)
imthiaz houseman said:
wow, i love the details. what a stunning wedding. gorgeous job!
(10.21.09 04:21 PM)
Dawn Alderman said:
(10.22.09 11:07 AM)
Araxi said:
Ohhhhhh I couldnt wait to see the images from this wedding I knew you were going to rock the images!!! Dani looked so beautiful and the details are truly something special. Beautiful work :)
(10.22.09 02:09 PM)
Jennifer Parsons said:
Thanks Amelia for posting the invitation images... I blogged about them... check it out!
(10.22.09 07:41 PM)
crystal said:
wow! what incredible photos + details! do you know who their calligrapher was?? it's soo beautiful!
(10.22.09 09:07 PM)
Lyndzee of EP said:
DAAANG girl,, you are a blogging machine. I'm gonna have to day that this wedding is freakin amazing. Not only is this couple adorable with rad style but I LOVVE all of the details. What an amazing day.
(10.23.09 12:16 AM)
Kellan said:
STUH-UH-UH-UH-ING!!! Her dress is ridiculously amazing and the green shoes. All the photos are incredible. I am always amazed how many different settings you guys can set up your off camera lighting with wedding agendas so tight a lot of times. Makes for so many diverse shots. Loved. Every. Single. One.
(10.23.09 05:58 AM)
amelialyon said:
Crystal, Thanks for the comment, not sure who the calligrapher was, but I can send you info to Sillapere and they let you know. Also, I have a girl down here and she is phenomenal if you would like her info I can send it your way as well! Email me
(10.23.09 08:04 AM)
Rosemary said:
Great images and beautiful event design. Sillapere so incredible...
(10.25.09 03:39 PM)
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