The last wedding we posted I had to shoot without Justin, now here's one that Justin had to shoot without me. This is a VERY rare occasion, as we try our best to be available together because that is how we like it best, but given the unusual circumstances, Justin did an amazing job and he had Jason Roger as a sidekick to help him out.

Patricia + Art were married on October 3rd. When editing this set of images I really fell in love with the old fashioned spanish theme. From Patricia's veil to the mariachi hat place cards, there was definitely a classic spanish feel to the entire day.

"bride to be"...
ap_wed001.jpgap_wed002.jpgLove these next two shots taken by Jason Roger.
ap_wed003.jpgap_wed004.jpgap_wed005.jpgap_wed006.jpgap_wed007.jpgap_wed008.jpgOne of the cutest flower girls I have ever seen!
ap_wed009.jpgap_wed010.jpgMy second favorite shot of the day! The forever talented Nicole DeAnne rocked Patty's hair and make-up!
ap_wed011.jpgMy favorite item of the day, Patricia's veil. I'm not usually a big fan of veils, but I really thought this one fit Patricia's look.
ap_wed015.jpgap_wed016.jpgap_wed017.jpgap_wed018.jpgap_wed019.jpgap_wed020.jpgap_wed021.jpgap_wed022.jpgap_wed023.jpgap_wed024.jpgap_wed025.jpgap_wed026.jpgap_wed027.jpgap_wed028.jpgap_wed029.jpgMy favorite shot of the day!
ap_wed030.jpgJustin (you can see him in the mirror) caught Patty by surprise, taking a break from it all.
ap_wed031.jpgap_wed032.jpgap_wed033.jpgap_wed034.jpgap_wed035.jpgap_wed036.jpgWhat is a wedding post without a slideshow attached at the bottom? Click here to see the day in its fullness!

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anapaul said:
My fav is the aerial view of the bridesmaids around the bride (2nd pic). Well done Justin & Jason!
(11.18.09 12:50 PM)
Lyndzee of EP said:
LOVE it. Hud did a great job representin!! LOVE the second shot,, I guess being 10' tall has it's advantages, eh?
(11.18.09 01:00 PM)
imthiaz houseman said:
what a beautiful set. i LOVE the 2nd image.
(11.18.09 01:04 PM)
Melissa Gartner said:
This post if AWESOMENESS!! Love the richness of the colors.
(11.18.09 01:11 PM)
Hy Lam said:
Amazing!!! Absolutely beautiful shots!
(11.18.09 02:02 PM)
Jenny said:
Love your use of light and the great moments captured !
(11.18.09 05:05 PM)
ohana photographers said:
j lizzledizzle didn't phone it in...he BROUGHT IT!!
(11.18.09 06:59 PM)
Jane Hasty said:
Just gorgeous! I love the altar shots!
(11.18.09 07:55 PM)
Vania -SimplyBloom Photography, LLC said:
her ring is so beautiful, and so are all these images!! love love!
(11.18.09 09:28 PM)
Debbie S said:
I love these! The one of the bride on the floor with the Corona and Justin in the mirror is AWESOME!!! He's not even looking in the camera to take the pics. cool.
(11.19.09 05:41 AM)
Melany said:
oh my gosh, can i just say that i LOVE that pic of the bride with a beer on the floor with her dress pooled around her?! so funny and cute. it seems like brides always try to look so perfect on their wedding day, even though it's SO stressful and makes you want to drink (whether you do drink or not...). ha!
(11.19.09 09:51 AM)
Rhiona said:
beautiful! love this set!!!
(11.19.09 04:46 PM)
Patricia Pico said:
AMAZING!! Thank you guys so much for the best pictures a bride could ask for! We missed you Amelia! but Jason and Justin were great! Words cannot describe the gratitude I have for being able to display these works of art as my very own wedding pictures!! LOVE YOU GUYS! YOU ROCK!
(11.19.09 05:21 PM)
Vilma Salguero said:
Amazing! Wonderful moments captured!
(11.19.09 06:11 PM)
jackie wonders said:
FOR.THE.LOVE. these are great.
(11.19.09 10:27 PM)
Alexandra said:
Wow wow wow your work is AWESOME!! Loving it :)
(11.20.09 10:09 AM)
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Once again, I heart LOVE shooting family weddings! I also heart LOVE visiting and shooting Idaho in September! When you put family, weddings, and Idaho in September all together it equals a very happy and content Amelia!

Justin's sweet cousin Ashley contacted us a few months ago to attend and shoot her wedding. We anxiously accepted because 1. we love Ashley and 2. we really needed a good excuse to visit family in Idaho! I ended up having to go alone because Justin needed to be on set at Yo Gabba Gabba!, but I lucked out with great help with some of Justin's other cousins Jeramy and his sweet wife Shelley (you may recall these two from their wedding we shot last September, also in Idaho).

Congrats to Ashley and her new man Jarom!

ja_wed002.jpgja_wed003.jpgja_wed004.jpgja_wed005.jpgja_wed006.jpgja_wed007.jpgja_wed008.jpgja_wed009.jpgja_wed010.jpgja_wed011.jpgMy favorite shot of the day!
ja_wed012.jpgja_wed013.jpgja_wed014.jpgThe reception was adorned with decor and flowers by Laura of The Lemon Drop in Idaho Falls, she totally rocked it! Especially with such simple colors, very elegant!
ja_wed016.jpgThis shot of Justin's grandparents with Ashley makes me happy!
ja_wed017.jpgja_wed018.jpgja_wed019.jpgClick here for their online slideshow!

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Emilie said:
Beautiful pics!!!
(11.17.09 01:00 AM)
John Johnston said:
Superb. Your favourite shot of the day is also very very nice. Was that a speedlight? or do you bring more power to weddings?
(11.17.09 04:04 AM)
Jane Hasty said:
Gorgeous wedding and stunning shots!
(11.17.09 05:50 AM)
Bianca Valentim said:
They look gorgeous! awesome images as always!
(11.17.09 07:15 AM)
Alyssa said:
Always stunning - your favorite is also mine! Beautiful wedding.
(11.17.09 08:28 AM)
yan palmer said:
hallelujah! what greatness in idaho, my home state! my favs are the first shot by the aspens, the flare in front of the temple, and the black and white of their two heads together. next time you are in idaho or utah, or the western hemisphere (okay, i know you live in CA, don't be a stranger!)
(11.17.09 09:16 AM)
Becka @Studio222 Photography said:
Love that starburst portrait!
(11.17.09 09:18 AM)
Brittany S said:
if only i would have known you were going to be here i would have stalked your awesomeness. not as many leaves when i shot there last week, but the trees still looked gnarly!
(11.17.09 09:23 AM)
Heather Brown said:
OH SASHY!!! You look like a princess. I am so sad I couldnt be there but these shots are AAAAAMAZING! I wouldnt expect any less though!! Amelia you are a rockstar!! I love your fav but my fav is the one of her laughing.. It is just so Ashley!!!!
(11.17.09 09:40 AM)
Marissa Rodriguez said:
The ring shot is awesome! I love their cake too! Such a beautiful wedding!!!
(11.17.09 10:09 AM)
Alexandra said:
I love your shots! They are so beautiful.
(11.17.09 01:52 PM)
jessie said:
Beautiful shots of some of my favorite beautiful people by a beautiful photographer.
(11.17.09 01:59 PM)
imthiaz houseman said:
wow, i love the details. the flowers are beautiful.
(11.18.09 01:05 PM)
Terrel said:
Amazing in every way, the photography uniquely captures the magic of this September wedding with all of its subtle details that made the day so special!
(12.04.09 04:55 PM)
Cheyenne Schultz said:
gorgeous wedding, gorgeous couple.
(12.04.09 10:01 PM)
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