Jennifer + Sebastien wedding is #3 out of the last four weddings to blog from 2009 and its a good one:). Of course it was an amazing day, how could anyone go wrong with a wedding set in Maui?! Jenn + Seb were married on November 10th of 2009 at lovely house off the shore of Kihei in Maui. Justin and I were particularly looking forward to their wedding because we ended up making a vacation out of it and stayed for six days! This was my first time to Hawaii so I was giddy the entire time!

On top of sharing such a wonderful day with Jenn + Seb, we had the best sky to work with as a backdrop and the ENTIRE group in attendance at this wedding were the sweetest, most loving friends and family one could ever meet! This was such a good day all around!
jsblog002.jpgjsblog003.jpgNicole DeAnne joined us on the trip and Jenn ended up hiring her to do the hair + make-up for the wedding day. I thought Jenn looked gorgeous!
jsblog004.jpgjsblog005.jpgjsblog006.jpgMy second favorite shot of the day!
jsblog014.jpgThe officiator did a great job, he made the entire group smile and laugh, he was perfect for Jenn + Seb!
My favorite shot of the day!
What a great first trip to Hawaii...Maui was certainly my favorite! Thank you to Jenn + Seb for having us out, you two are beautiful! Click here to see their online slideshow!
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denise Bovee said:
love theesssee! gorgeous gorgeous!!
(01.16.10 10:38 AM)
jenny said:
you always amaze me! beautiful location for a wedding..and i love the her peacock feather, nice touch :)
(01.16.10 11:19 AM)
anda said:
i'm typeless! beautiful!!
(01.16.10 11:44 AM)
angie + matt said:
It doesn't get any better than a gorgeous couple with an intimate wedding in Hawaii! So beautiful!
(01.16.10 12:41 PM)
jenn & seb said:
amelia and justin... words cannot express how STUNNING these photographs are. we couldn't be more pleased, i assure you! we are delighted you were able to lend your talents to our day and will cherish these moments through your pictures always! xx
(01.16.10 02:58 PM)
kayleen t. said:
Love, love, love it! I love your fave and his casual gray suit and sneakers! I miss Hawaii!
(01.16.10 03:28 PM)
Sandy said:
Hawaii weddings are stunning and your pics are as well. I love the vintage feel to all these photos!! I am just starting out in photography and I only hope I can take images as beautiful as this one day!
(01.16.10 05:32 PM)
linda geertsen said:
Maui. I hate to share my favorite place in the world, but okay. I love the intimacy of Jen + Seb's wedding. I really am speechless. Beautiful.
(01.16.10 09:15 PM)
pshemek said:
great photographs. i love them very much
(01.17.10 08:32 AM)
mindy said:
love love love love love. :)
(01.17.10 10:31 AM)
Caitlin said:
LOVE your work! Every single image from this wedding made me smile :O)
(01.17.10 06:34 PM)
Karen Buckle said:
These are fantastic - sunset on the beach never looked so good!
(01.17.10 09:59 PM)
Amalie Maren said: captured this so beautifully! Those shots with the sunset behind are absolutely amazing! Inspireddd! Thanks for sharing!
(01.17.10 10:50 PM)
Photographe Mariage A said:
Enormous post-- you make so many points that simply make knowledge for me. Thanks for this informative post.
(01.18.10 01:07 AM)
Caroline Delise said:
AMAZING!! The moments captured are fantastic! You can feel it! They look so wonderfully happy!
(01.18.10 07:00 AM)
CaTherine said:
Those are the most beautiful, natural, artistic and gorgeous wedding photos I have ever seen.
(01.18.10 09:14 AM)
erin said:
awesome, these are so stunning! Really vaptures the intimacy and uniqueness of the day. Jenn you are gorgeous!!!
(01.18.10 09:47 AM)
imthiaz houseman said:
these are so awesome. i love this set, what a great way to start the new year!
(01.18.10 12:35 PM)
Sarah Numada said:
You captured the emotion of the moment so beautifully. Wonderful photography. Jenni, you look stunning! The post-production of the photos is so captivating. :)
(01.18.10 12:39 PM)
Trisha Urton said:
WOW! Spectacular, stunning, amazing! Jenn & Seb, you two look so happy and so gorgeous!! What beautiful and artistic photography. Congratulations!
(01.18.10 08:44 PM)
alec vanderboom said:
awesome classy wedding. and great photographers to compliment it all. great job. i like the snow cone one a lot
(01.18.10 11:05 PM)
katie said:
simply breathtaking. the love is abundantly overflowing in each and every shot. purely beautiful
(01.19.10 08:33 AM)
Kyle said:
Your 2nd favorite shot of the day is awesome! Looks like the wedding party had fun - and that's the most important thing!
(01.19.10 09:16 AM)
Jaime Hamm said:
I have only seen wedding pic's like this in a magizine, I think these are truly the best ones I have seen.
(01.20.10 09:52 AM)
Iris and Light said:
You guys are seriously insane. Insanely cool! What an amazing perspective you get. So fresh creative! Keep up the truly inspiring work. Love it all!
(01.21.10 02:47 AM)
Amanda-Lauren said:
I've been a silent admirer for a while, but I felt the need to comment. I LOVE these :) Who am I kidding? I love all of your work!
(01.22.10 12:52 PM)
Katie Jane Parker said:
These are so gorgeous!!!
(01.27.10 07:46 PM)
pawel said:
I love your style. Awesom shots.
(11.25.10 02:28 PM)
Photographe mariage strasbourg said:
Wahouh ! Very beautiful pictures.
(06.05.11 03:40 AM)
grand rapids wedding photographer said:
What a beautiful couples and what a photography technique.Thanks for sharing.
(02.28.13 09:56 PM)
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Melissa + Bryan's wedding is #2 out of the last four weddings of 2009 and I am BEYOND excited to show this one off! They were married on October 24th, 2009 and held the entire event at Rancho Las Lomas in Silverado, California. We immediately fell in love with this location, there was so much to work with, we sort of had a creative flow overload! On top of such a rad location, we had Melissa + Bryan to work with, all of their amazing wedding details, and some of the best wedding vendors in the industry behind this amazing day (we'll be mentioning these vendors below)!

Melissa + Bryan's wedding was fun, funky, colorful, and romantic all rolled into one! So, without further ado we present to you the newly married Mr. & Mrs. Bryan Huber!

mbwed002.jpgmbwed003.jpgmbwed004.jpgMelissa worked so hard on her invites and save-the-dates, I thought they were beautiful! I especially loved the press-printing on these!
mbwed005.jpgmbwed006.jpgmbwed007.jpgmbwed008.jpgmbwed009.jpgmbwed010.jpgmbwed011.jpgmbwed012.jpgmbwed013.jpgmbwed014.jpgmbwed015.jpgmbwed016.jpgmbwed017.jpgmbwed018.jpgmbwed019.jpgmbwed020.jpgI usually never get to photograph Nicole DeAnne working on my brides. By the time Justin & I arrive to a wedding Nicole DeAnne has already done her magic and is back on the road off to another wedding. I was happy to get this shot when Melissa hired Nicole DeAnne come back for retouches before walking down the aisle. Like all of the brides Nicole DeAnne works on, Melissa looked stunning, to say the least!
mbwed021.jpgOhhhh let the details begin! I really liked the silver birds and vases! Keep scrolling below to see more of the little things that made up the brilliance of this day.
mbwed022.jpgThe archway where Melissa + Bryan tied the knot was breath-taking! We had seen the beautiful handy-work of The Treasured Petal the weekend before at Molly + John's wedding, so we were delighted to see Kristin (the brains and creative behind The Treasured Petal) there constructing this phenomenal archway when we arrived to Rancho Las Lomas! So glad we were able to have Kristin's mastermind at work two weekends in a row!
mbwed023.jpgAn emotional exchange of vows, it was very touching.
mbwed024.jpgmbwed025.jpgmbwed026.jpgmbwed027.jpgmbwed028.jpgmbwed029.jpgmbwed030.jpgmbwed031.jpgMy second favorite shot of the day, keep scrolling to see my first!
mbwed032.jpgmbwed033.jpgmbwed034.jpgmbwed035.jpgMore details! Courtney of Joyful Weddings & Events was the busy body of Melissa & Bryan's wedding day. Courtney and her team did a great job at organizing and collaborating the events of that day. It was an absolute delight working with them!
mbwed036.jpgmbwed037.jpgSomething blue.
THE RINGS & my favorite shot of the day! This was definitely a group effort. Justin shot it, our assistant helped the best man hold the rings still, and I was holding the flash in place...I would say it was an effort well worth the shot!
mbwed040.jpgMy favorite item of the day...the dessert station (that can count as one item...right?!)! The Sweet & Saucy Shop seriously makes the BEST cakes, cupcakes, and devilish desserts we have ever tasted! We're hoping we get to work with them many more times in the upcoming year!
Wow, what a sweet day! Thanks to Mr. & Mrs. Huber for having us out! Click here to see their online slideshow!
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Shannon said:
Her tattoos are so gorgeous. All of the details were so well put together. Beautiful wedding!
(01.09.10 12:55 PM)
emily quinton said:
Amelia!!!! AMAZING... ;-) Fabulous, fabulous wedding. You lucky thing getting this couple! And what a fantastic job you've done. Blown away...
(01.09.10 12:55 PM)
Meredith Williams said:
I love everything about this wedding! It's all so beautiful, every last detail :) That ring shot is stunning and I love the getting in the dress image too. Beautiful!!
(01.09.10 01:08 PM)
Noe Marinelli said:
This is def my favorite wedding post so far. Amazing work!
(01.09.10 01:12 PM)
Courtney Toney said:
Yay! Love the photos and it was absolutely wonderful to work with you!
(01.09.10 01:16 PM)
Samaria said:
I am in LOVE with her tatoos! These are such beautiful images:)
(01.09.10 01:19 PM)
Erin said:
Wow, Amelia, this is a fantastic wedding and gorgeous work as always! I'd love to feature this wedding on Apt#34! Let me know if you're interested :)
(01.09.10 01:20 PM)
Kayleen T. said:
Beautiful wedding and amazing details! Love the shot of the bridesmaids and bride and all their cool art on their arms/legs! Fantastic pictures!!
(01.09.10 01:43 PM)
Melody @ Sweet & Saucy Shop said:
So happy to finally get to work with you! The photos are absolutely gorgeous! This wedding was such a dream come of the sweetest couples EVER and they picked an amazing location and perfect vendors too! Love Courtney, Kristin, & Nicole's work!
(01.09.10 02:38 PM)
Bianca Valentim said:
I LOVE the red photo booth! awesome images... my favorite is also THE RING! :)
(01.09.10 04:08 PM)
Brandi said:
Yeah yeah tattooed hotties! Love all the details and the phone booth too.
(01.09.10 04:10 PM)
amy said:
Your photography is untouchable! I love loggin on here and getting CHILLS everytime I see your work! Great job! I love the sailor jerry tats on the bride/bridesmaid fun!! Anyway, just wanted to leave a comment, it's been too long!! Happy New Year!
(01.09.10 04:30 PM)
Memoree said:
Absolutely LOVE these images! The bride is STUNNING!!!
(01.09.10 08:38 PM)
joannelydia said:
LOVE this wedding!! amazing style!the cake is gorgeous! what a beautiful couple!
(01.09.10 09:18 PM)
jenny haas said:
wow! love all of these! great work :)
(01.09.10 09:25 PM)
Jenny said:
the car shot is awesome ! And the ring shot is so creative !
(01.09.10 10:15 PM)
AmyPunky Photography said:
This is R.A.D!!!
(01.10.10 02:27 AM)
Alexandra said:
These are SO MUCH FUN. I love them! How do you get that beautiful warm/yellow tint to all of your photos? It adds something so beautiful. I love it! All of these are so great, they must have been so pleased! Wow.
(01.10.10 07:31 AM)
Nicole Deanne said:
AMELIA & JUSTIN!!! Thanks for the shout out & love. I LOVE working with you guys! and not to mention your work is outstanding! Cant wait to post this wedding on my blog! Love you!
(01.10.10 12:47 PM)
Kip said:
(01.10.10 07:57 PM)
Angelica Tanneryd said:
I just love you pictures! I am kind of curios on what kind of post-processing you do to your pictures (I'm currently attending a year of study in photography and trying to pick up everything I can from photographers which work I love). Also, I wonder what type of flashes you use on these pictures. Regards, Angelica
(01.10.10 11:56 PM)
Krista said:
I loved there eng. session and was waiting to see the wedding. Beautiful!
(01.11.10 10:40 AM)
Brittany Fitch said:
LOVE RLL! Great job
(01.11.10 11:39 AM)
Melissa Huber said:
Amelia & Justin-Thank you so much for capturing our day perfectly! We will cherish these pictures forever. You are the best, best, bestttttt!
(01.11.10 11:47 AM)
Alan Valek said:
Wow. That is bad ass. Nice work.
(01.11.10 03:13 PM)
Lyndzee of EP said:
OOHHHH AMELIA,, I love all of the shots. It is ridiculous how gorgeous Melissa is,, freakin RIDICULOUS!! I'm gonna have to say my fav shot is the 8th one down where she's looking just over the veil. FAN-freakin-TASTIC!!
(01.11.10 04:47 PM)
kristin @ The Treasured Petal said:
I've been on pins and needles to see these images, and you guys did not disappoint! You captured everything amazingly! So fun working with you, and hope to see you a bunch this year!
(01.11.10 09:48 PM)
karl bratby said:
wow amazing work A....
(01.11.10 10:49 PM)
Mio said:
so cool collection man... lov your style ..
(01.12.10 01:33 AM)
karin dailey said:
(01.13.10 10:47 AM)
rebekah said:
just wondering where that dress is from? amazing work by the way. absolutely love the ring shot!
(01.14.10 08:04 AM)
Olivia said:
What a gorgeous wedding! All the details are just too cute! I'm pretty impressed with the ring shot, it turned out great!
(01.14.10 11:14 AM)
Chris said:
Wow.. you made awesome pictures of this couple! I wish there would be more weddings like this in germany.. and more cool photographers like you two :)
(01.14.10 01:45 PM)
Amalie Maren said:
Wow. Captured this day perfectly. Seriously intense - I love love love it!
(01.15.10 11:05 PM)
Kyle Richter said:
Love Love.. Love this wedding.! Awesome couple and great photos.. so fun.. cheers.. Kyle @ s28!
(01.16.10 11:50 AM)
Ravyn Stadick said:
I love these photos. This couple is just awesome ... Gorgeous details ... Great work! :)
(01.19.10 09:43 AM)
Erica B. said:
Just amazing!!
(01.22.10 11:02 AM)
Fotograf Lublin said:
I Love the details and the phone booth
(02.02.10 12:43 PM)
Bri E. said:
What a great wedding...Wonderful Photograhy! By far one of my favorite weddings I've seen thus far!
(03.19.10 02:45 PM)
Jessica said:
Absolutely fabulous photos! Amazing wedding!
(04.14.10 08:22 AM)
wddress said:
amazing! i have never seen so fabulous wedding!Beautiful wedding and amazing details! Love the shot of the bridesmaids and bride and all their cool art on their arms!
(07.29.11 12:23 AM)
grand rapids wedding photographer said:
great wedding..cake is very good looking..i want eat right now..thanks for sharing.
(02.28.13 10:15 PM)
portfolio ślubne said:
excellent quality of details (tattoo). perfect pictures
(02.13.15 09:11 AM)
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