When I think of Laura + Jorge's wedding day I think of two words: timeless fairytale! Their wedding day definitely had a look that'll last for ages! I especially loved Laura's wedding dress and their reception venue. The Vibiana in LA was a classy and fantastic place for their guests to eat and dance the night away.
My favorite detail of the day: Laura's dress!
lj_wed_blog002.jpglj_wed_blog003.jpglj_wed_blog004.jpglj_wed_blog005.jpglj_wed_blog006.jpgLaura couldn't stop smiling...loved it!
lj_wed_blog007.jpglj_wed_blog008.jpgMy favorite shot of the day! Laura's first time seeing herself all dressed up as a bride! Pure excitement!
lj_wed_blog009.jpglj_wed_blog010.jpglj_wed_blog011.jpglj_wed_blog012.jpglj_wed_blog013.jpglj_wed_blog014.jpglj_wed_blog015.jpglj_wed_blog016.jpglj_wed_blog017.jpglj_wed_blog018.jpglj_wed_blog019.jpglj_wed_blog020.jpglj_wed_blog021.jpgIt was so fun walking out of the church and being greeted with the sound of the mariachi band!
lj_wed_blog022.jpglj_wed_blog023.jpglj_wed_blog024.jpglj_wed_blog025.jpgLaura is a teacher, so fun how her students welcomed her and Jorge after the ceremony, they couldn't wait to give the bride a hug!
A big congratulations to Laura + Jorge! Be sure to click here to see more photos from their day!
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Rock This Moment said:
Digging that hallway shot with the off camera flash! sKilling it!
(09.04.12 03:49 PM)
Kiki said:
I love those. Really beautiful and timeless.
(09.04.12 03:52 PM)
Dominik said:
The first one is my favorite :)
(09.04.12 04:34 PM)
Ivor Tetteh-Lartey Photography said:
Happy looking bride during the preparations and creative use of light captures the essence of a beautiful summer wedding.
(09.06.12 07:43 AM)
Tosha said:
OMG! I totally fell in love with your work. These photos are wonderful. I so wish you were in my area for my wedding! :-) Great job! Best of luck in the future!
(09.06.12 05:24 PM)
Mercedes Snow said:
What a beautiful bride! Beautiful work, as always, Amelia! :)
(09.07.12 04:13 AM)
Paige and Blake said:
Love that smile shot and ADORE that mirror shot. What a lovely bride.
(09.10.12 08:26 AM)
Jane said:
Very nice pictures. So ;love it!
(09.14.12 01:14 AM)
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What a sweet wedding day Ben + Jeannie had! We started the day off in Newport Beach and then headed over the Strawberry Farms for a daytime reception. It was great working with such an easy going couple, zero stress, just love and enjoyment!

bj_wedblog012.jpgbj_wedblog013.jpgbj_wedblog014.jpgbj_wedblog015.jpgbj_wedblog016.jpgbj_wedblog017.jpgbj_wedblog018.jpgbj_wedblog019.jpgbj_wedblog020.jpgbj_wedblog021.jpgbj_wedblog022.jpgLOL! Ben + Jeannie had a fun time ringing the bell to the church after the ceremony!
bj_wedblog023.jpgSweetest flower girls ever!
bj_wedblog024.jpgbj_wedblog025.jpgbj_wedblog026.jpgbj_wedblog027.jpgbj_wedblog028.jpgbj_wedblog029.jpgbj_wedblog030.jpgbj_wedblog031.jpgbj_wedblog032.jpgbj_wedblog033.jpgbj_wedblog034.jpgbj_wedblog035.jpgMy favorite shot of the day!
Congratulations to Ben + Jeannie! Click here to see more on their wedding day slideshow!
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Brandon Lata said:
really great! love the composition of the negative space sky shots!
(07.26.12 06:58 PM)
Kate Haake said:
Love the sock photo!!
(07.27.12 08:35 AM)
Tina dela Rosa said:
You captured so many beautiful moments! Lovely work!
(08.02.12 12:52 PM)
Xavier Swanton said:
Superb photographs!
(08.03.12 04:04 AM)
wayne said:
inspiring images - thank!
(08.06.12 08:40 AM)
Unique Wedding Favors said:
What a lovely couple! Love these photos!
(08.06.12 07:23 PM)
Joseph Weigert said:
Really gorgeous wedding images!
(08.15.12 03:16 AM)
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