One of the funnest things to photograph on a wedding day (beside the bride and groom of course) are the set of rings! Ring-tography is what I like to call it! I do have to give credit to my talented husband Justin for most of these ring shots that were thought up and shot by him. I love looking over this collection in comparison to last year! Here are the best of rings from 2011!
Up next: Best of 2011....WEDDINGS!!! Be ready for it!:)
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Rock This Moment said:
Amazing stuff. That was my favorite part of assisting the Lyons, learning cool macro and lighting techniques for ring shots. You guys rock!
(01.26.12 12:53 PM)
Christina Elston said:
love these shots- those are some damn fancy rings!
(01.26.12 12:54 PM)
Kate Whitmore said:
This is one of my favorite posts of any you do throughout the year. I'm already in waiting for the Ringtography post of 2012.
(01.26.12 01:25 PM)
Emilia Jane said:
Positively stunning.
(01.26.12 01:40 PM)
Natalie Norton said:
STOP IT RIGHT NOW! That top image?! Deserves an award. AMAZING.
(01.28.12 03:07 PM)
heather said:
all are good - but five is sooo creative yet so simple! Love it!
(01.29.12 07:40 PM)
Jenelle Sewell said:
Beautiful work and soo creative!
(01.31.12 06:45 AM)
Paige said:
wow. LOVE these. some of the best ring shots I've seen. love your work.
(01.31.12 10:06 AM)
Jen said:
Hands down the best ring shots I've ever seen! I need to step mine up I think!!
(02.01.12 08:26 AM)
SR said:
Love them all!
(02.08.12 07:54 AM)
maria said:
awesome collection of images! i loved seeing how creative you got with these. really fun. thanks!
(04.01.12 04:12 PM)
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I loved the style of Kerrie + Jason's wedding, so different from any other wedding Justin and I have ever shot, it definitely had my creativity flowing! I've been looking forward to featuring this one since the day we shot it! The entire event was held at the Figueroa Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles. This hotel is stylin' and has a rad Moroccan decor, plus the food there is fantastic! I had a super rough time narrowing down my favorites so beware, this is about to be a very long photographic post! I hope you enjoy it all as much as I do!:)
kj_wedblog002.jpgDaughter and mother.
kj_wedblog003.jpgkj_wedblog004.jpgKerrie designed and made her own wedding dress! I loved the color and design, it fit Kerrie to a tee. Kerrie is also a great costume/jewelry designer, check out her work here!
kj_wedblog005.jpgkj_wedblog006.jpgkj_wedblog007.jpgkj_wedblog008.jpgkj_wedblog009.jpgkj_wedblog010.jpgkj_wedblog011.jpgkj_wedblog012.jpgkj_wedblog013.jpgThe bridesmaids' flapper-style dresses were my favorite detail of the day!
kj_wedblog014.jpgkj_wedblog015.jpgkj_wedblog016.jpgkj_wedblog017.jpgDaughter and father.
The ceremony was moody, so many candles and colors, definitely eye-candy!
kj_wedblog023.jpgkj_wedblog024.jpgkj_wedblog025.jpgImmediately after the ceremony we headed to the roof to catch the last bit of sunlight of the day.
My favorite shot of the day!
kj_wedblog044.jpgkj_wedblog045.jpgkj_wedblog046.jpgkj_wedblog047.jpgkj_wedblog048.jpgkj_wedblog049.jpgkj_wedblog050.jpgkj_wedblog051.jpgkj_wedblog052.jpgkj_wedblog053.jpgkj_wedblog054.jpgkj_wedblog055.jpgMother and son.
Want to see more? Click here for their slideshow!
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Alyssa Armstrong said:
Amelia, these are absolutely stunning. You are so so so incredible! The shot of them kissing with the stained glass behind them is definitely my favorite. You are so freaking rad!
(01.05.12 01:51 PM)
Rock This Moment said:
Another rad wedding presented by Justin and Amelia. Killed it always :) -Ryan
(01.05.12 01:56 PM)
erin said:
you go girl! what a unique wedding!
(01.05.12 01:56 PM)
matt sloan said:
gorgeous! i might just secretly wish my wedding was this amazing!!!
(01.05.12 02:00 PM)
The Detailed Life said:
What an interesting wedding! wow! great job.
(01.05.12 02:02 PM)
Becca said:
get the freak out! this is amazing. your lighting is amazing and inspirational. Great job. you rocked it!
(01.05.12 05:09 PM)
Lyndzee Ellsworth said:
She is a gypsy princess. Love them all!!
(01.06.12 04:41 PM)
Katy O said:
These are breathtaking! So inspiring!
(01.07.12 07:32 PM)
tate tullier said:
Amazing. Amazing!
(01.08.12 12:08 PM)
Angie Sloan said:
awww love the ring shot and love her! She reminds me so much of Arwen on LOTR! SOOOOOO GORGEOUS!!!!!!
(01.08.12 05:54 PM)
Jasmine* said:
Wowza!! Amelia, you're insane!! LOVE it!! xxxo
(01.09.12 11:07 AM)
SR said:
Love all of these!
(01.09.12 04:28 PM)
Amanda Patrice said:
Wow, their style really is amazing! As are the photos :)
(01.11.12 02:21 PM)
Kerrie Jensen said:
Thank you Amelia, these are breathtaking and will enjoy these photos forever and ever! Love, Kerrie & Jason
(01.13.12 10:07 AM)
Imagika said:
beautiful pictures, beautiful wedding, beautiful peeps!
(02.06.12 02:30 PM)
Ashley McMillan said:
The most beautiful wedding I have ever been to. All these pictures are a perfect representation of them. Awesome!
(02.06.12 02:33 PM)
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