I heart Tessa + Jay...seriously, I've been looking forward to their wedding day since I shot their engagement session in Downtown LA!

With Nancy from So Happi Together coordinating the day, Nicole DeAnne working the hair & make-up, & Jason Roger by my side as a second shooter, the day could only be amazing...and that it was!
jtw_blog002.jpgjtw_blog003.jpgjtw_blog004.jpgTessa's card to sweet!
jtw_blog005.jpgjtw_blog006.jpgJay's card to Tessa...adorable, "u are totally my type."
jtw_blog007.jpgjtw_blog008.jpgjtw_blog009.jpgjtw_blog010.jpgjtw_blog011.jpgjtw_blog012.jpgjtw_blog013.jpgjtw_blog014.jpgjtw_blog015.jpgjtw_blog016.jpgjtw_blog017.jpgjtw_blog018.jpgjtw_blog019.jpgjtw_blog020.jpgjtw_blog021.jpgjtw_blog022.jpgjtw_blog023.jpgjtw_blog024.jpgjtw_blog025.jpgjtw_blog026.jpgMy favorite shot of the day...classic, timeless, naturally lit....happy sighhhhh
jtw_blog027.jpgjtw_blog028.jpgjtw_blog029.jpgInstead of a sign in book, guests typed out a message to the bride & groom on an old typewriter.
Click here for more of Tessa + Jay's wedding photo-mania!
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kristine atienza said:
we LOVE tessa and jay! And you captured their day so beautifully! Great seeing you also, Amelia! Total dejavu seeing you rock a wedding in your preggo belly! :)
(07.18.11 03:16 PM)
Rachel Tatem said:
What a lovely and joy filled bride. Got to love the pun on her card. Great job yet again!
(07.18.11 03:29 PM)
Kathleen Witty said:
Wow, the pictures came out so amazing. Way to capture the personalities of Jay and Tessa! You can feel the love from the pics!
(07.18.11 03:30 PM)
Leigh-Ellen said:
What beautiful wedding details. LOVE their cake topper. Amazing set of photos.
(07.18.11 03:52 PM)
Melissa Co said:
My bestest and my kuya look UH-mazing!!!! Great job, Amelia. Beautiful. :)
(07.18.11 07:04 PM)
Ron Nery said:
These pics are hot. What an awesome wedding and a great photographer to capture it all. Superb!
(07.19.11 12:16 PM)
San San L said:
(07.19.11 04:25 PM)
Tessa Tina said:
We heart you too Amelia! And we heart these photos. They couldn't be anymore gorgeous even if I wanted them too. Thank you again for being a part of our day and telling our wedding day story through your beautiful images.
(07.19.11 09:48 PM)
nancy {so happi together} said:
Amelia! Thank you so much for capturing Tessa and Jay's love and wedding day so beautifully! They are just the most awesome and fun-loving couple. Seeing these pictures makes me miss them so much! Thank you for being you!
(07.21.11 12:48 AM)
Dianne Ramos said:
These pictures are absolutely amazing Amelia!!! You have completely captured their love and joy!! These bring back so many great memories from the day and I'm sure the happy couple will enjoy it for the rest of their lives together :) ~Dianne
(07.25.11 05:38 PM)
Brittney Pecore said:
What a fun wedding! absolutely beautiful!!!
(07.28.11 09:34 AM)
Marie Photographie said:
You have a really fun style. I love it! Notes She Wrote
(07.29.11 09:14 PM)
denver wedding photography said:
The couples rock. They are bubbly. You can see it in the pictures. great shots.
(08.03.11 09:57 AM)
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Jennifer + David are two sweet individuals! I was honored that they chose Justin and I to be their wedding photographers, especially since we had only met via email through Angel Swanson from Events of Love and Splendor. Both Jennifer + David had experienced a ton over the last year, not to mention surviving the huge earthquake that happened in Japan in March!

The entire wedding took place at the Ritz Carlton in Marina Del Rey.
Nicole DeAnne was Jennifer's hair & make-up this shot!
jdw_002.jpgjdw_003.jpgStrangely enough, this is my favorite shot of the day...intrigued by the innocence and symmetry of it!
jdw_013.jpgjdw_014.jpgjdw_015.jpgjdw_016.jpgjdw_017.jpgjdw_018.jpgjdw_019.jpgjdw_020.jpgjdw_021.jpgjdw_022.jpgjdw_023.jpgjdw_024.jpgjdw_025.jpgjdw_026.jpgjdw_027.jpgjdw_028.jpgMy second favorite shot of the day!
jdw_029.jpgjdw_030.jpgjdw_031.jpgjdw_032.jpgjdw_033.jpgjdw_034.jpgjdw_035.jpgjdw_036.jpgjdw_037.jpgjdw_038.jpgjdw_039.jpgjdw_040.jpgjdw_041.jpgjdw_042.jpgjdw_043.jpgMy favorite item of the day: Jenn's rose vine wedding band!
Click here for more photos with Jennifer + David's slideshow!
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brooke said:
your work is consistently breathtaking--truly amazing. it's one thing to have one great photo, but every single one of yours leaves me drooling. incredible!
(06.30.11 03:19 PM)
sandie said:
AWESOME!!! love the reflection on the ring shot..and your fave is mine too!!!
(06.30.11 03:29 PM)
Abbie said:
Very nice! These photos are gorgeous! Great job!!
(06.30.11 03:37 PM)
Paige Abeytia said:
You are so stinkin' awesome!!!
(06.30.11 03:51 PM)
Rachel said:
(06.30.11 04:05 PM)
E. Kitchens said:
LOVE that b&w close up of the bride- so classic and beautiful! also- epic ring shot!
(06.30.11 04:26 PM)
Kate Whitmore said:
The shadow on the ceiling? STOP. IT. I love that the creative side of your brains work double overtime.
(06.30.11 04:38 PM)
Rebecca said:
That dress is incredible! Amazing photography as usual!
(06.30.11 04:55 PM)
amy said:
gorgeous photos and i LOVE that dress!!!
(06.30.11 07:17 PM)
Weddingish said:
Stunning photographs! And what a gorgeous bride in an equally gorgeous dress... wow, what fun to photograph I bet! Lovely, lovely... everything.
(06.30.11 07:57 PM)
Kara Rush said:
It is so cool to experience this all in person, and then see how you've made it look even more beautiful in photographs! I am blown away by you two and your seriously rockin' talent. p.s. justin, RAD ring shot.
(06.30.11 08:14 PM)
Alyssa said:
Amelia, some of these literally took my breath away. I think this is the first time I've ever commented on your blog, but you have SUCH a gift and one of my biggest photography idols! :)
(06.30.11 10:18 PM)
the barbers said:
arrhhhh, guys you blow our minds every.single.time. the close up portraits are dreamlike but the expressions are real + THAT ring shot is just ridiculous. thank you for constantly inspiring us.
(07.01.11 03:17 AM)
Rachel Tatem said:
I love the way you use your style to tell a very specific story. Great job. The bride and groom looked at ease and like they were enjoying every minute of it which is what we are supposed to make happen!
(07.01.11 05:29 AM)
Stacey said:
What an amazing dress! What color! What a CAKE!!! You captured so much fun and feeling behind it all :-) Happy 4th!
(07.01.11 08:18 AM)
Jaimie Dee - Atlanta Wedding Photographer said:
OMG I LOVE the ring shot at the end! Looks so good! Such a creative eye. :)
(07.01.11 08:20 AM)
Austin Curtis said:
great shots all around as always, you geniuses you. great photo to end on too!
(07.01.11 09:12 AM)
Rog said:
tip top love this post rog was here i'll see you in an hour i can't wait to hug you I want to sit by you in the movies and I love this wedding it looks really good and i like it a lot.
(07.01.11 09:30 AM)
Lawrence Chan said:
The bride's dad is gangsta'!
(07.01.11 10:12 AM)
Jenelle Sewell said:
I heart this wedding! The bride is absolutely stunning! LOVE the black and white portrait of her face against the light. Gorgeous!
(07.01.11 11:05 AM)
Whitney Ulrich said:
I love ever single picture you take you are amazing and am stopping by to let you know that I featured one of your pictures that i just adore on my Pinterest loves of the Week #7 on my blog today.
(07.01.11 11:30 PM)
Myriah Grubbs said:
Love these, but ESPECIALLY love that ring shot!!!!! Fabulous!
(07.03.11 10:38 PM)
Tonya Peterson said:
Very cute Amelia. Great job on a wonderful wedding.
(07.04.11 10:06 PM)
Tiffany said:
I love the close up black and white of the bride and the one directly below it of the couple kissing... so intimate. Beautiful wedding!!
(07.05.11 06:06 AM)
SR said:
Love the shot in the empty ballroom!
(07.05.11 01:55 PM)
custom logo design said:
nice story like it, its amazing work i always like occasion photography because of its memorability.
(07.06.11 12:28 AM)
Minella said:
Wooow L.O.V.E ur photos! U'r a huge inspiration, and the couple look amazing!
(07.06.11 09:51 AM)
Brett said:
Awesome shoot. Your second fav shot is just killer. Well done!
(07.06.11 11:00 AM)
Justin said:
AWESOME shots in the lobby. The one of the feet sitting on the couch is great!
(07.06.11 07:19 PM)
Chantel Tripp said:
Amazing, amazing, amazing!! AHh love it! I wanted to cry looking at these!!
(07.06.11 10:01 PM)
Sara Carter said:
Steve and i were looking at these and after everysingleone i said out loud "just SO good!". Always amazed by you 2.
(07.07.11 12:25 AM)
Derren said:
Awesome post! Especially love the 2nd frame! Great work guys!
(07.07.11 09:09 PM)
Brittney Pecore said:
Beautiful couple! I love all the different angles you took. Great job!! :)
(07.09.11 01:02 PM)
wddress said:
wonderful wedding! the bride is so beautiful, love your posts, especially the wonderful pics
(07.29.11 12:26 AM)
paco said:
Dang, Make it rain!
(07.30.11 12:07 AM)
Kdub said:
Can you please list all the components of each wedding you shoot? I love the photos and all, but curious to see where these venues are held.
(10.25.11 01:48 PM)
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