Lara + Tim's wedding was glamorous with an English nautical twist! Okay...I admit it, I'm trying too hard to describe their awesome wedding day because the usual "awesome" just doesn't do it justice! Lara + Tim's wedding perfectly followed the feel of their engagement session with a by-the-sea-sailing theme. This was just right for them because Lara + Tim both have a passion for the ocean and sailing. They were married on August 22nd at the Trinity Baptist Church in Santa Monica (recognize this church, Father of the Bride was shot at this same church!) and had a sweet reception that followed at The California Yacht Club in Marina Del Rey.
lt_blog002.jpgThese next two shots were taken by Jason Roger, so glad that he and Emily Ruth helped me out that day!
lt_blog003.jpglt_blog004.jpglt_blog005.jpglt_blog006.jpglt_blog007.jpgLara looked gorgeous, to say the least. I was so excited when I heard she hired Nicole DeAnne to do her hair and make-up!
lt_blog008.jpgMy favorite shot of the day!
lt_blog009.jpglt_blog010.jpglt_blog011.jpglt_blog012.jpgMy favorite item of the day...Tim's "proper" English suit, complete with ascot! Since Tim and all of his groomsmen are true Englishmen they brought all of the suits over from England.

lt_blog013.jpgThe flower girl!
lt_blog014.jpgThe father of the bride!
lt_blog015.jpgI loved Lara's contagious smile that day!
lt_blog016.jpglt_blog017.jpglt_blog018.jpglt_blog019.jpglt_blog020.jpglt_blog021.jpglt_blog022.jpglt_blog023.jpglt_blog024.jpglt_blog025.jpglt_blog026.jpglt_blog027.jpglt_blog028.jpglt_blog029.jpglt_blog030.jpglt_blog031.jpgSee what I mean by glamorous with an English nautical twist?!
lt_blog032.jpglt_blog033.jpgI love this shot of Lara's hair, she had Nicole DeAnne come back to bring her hair down for the reception.
lt_blog034.jpgAwesome speeches given by the best man and maid of honor!
Don't go yet, click here for their online slideshow! Thank you, thank you to Lara + Tim for letting us be a part of your wedding day!!! We enjoyed every minute!

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Heather Brown said:
Love love the ring shot... Amazing to say the least!! Awesome cant describe your photography either!!
(10.01.09 05:41 PM)
Glenda said:
Oh my Amelia... honey you just absolutely rocked this wedding! That stained glass shot is so gorgeous I almost cried! Everyone of these are just amazing - bravo!!
(10.01.09 06:06 PM)
stikman said:
your favorite is also my favorite, even before I saw it was your fav! haha Great series here. Another job well done. They should be super stoked.
(10.01.09 06:08 PM)
jenny haas said:
your work always inspires me! I think I'm in love with you..haha
(10.01.09 06:41 PM)
Rensche van Dyk said:
So beautiful. You guys are so talented!
(10.02.09 12:03 AM)
Allison Davis said:
Totally rocked it is right! LOVE that stain glass photo! It is just stunning! Amazing work. :)
(10.02.09 07:40 AM)
shannon said:
so gorgeous!! these are just amazing. her dress is awesome!! you captured this wedding perfectly!
(10.02.09 09:22 AM)
Angel said:
These are So Beautiful! Her dress is AMAZING! Thats my favorite Wedding Dress I have ever seen!
(10.02.09 12:25 PM)
yan palmer said:
you better watch it, a girl could get used to these daily posts of incredible! holy taledo. how much could i pay you to let me second for you? the favorite shot of the day, agreed, agreed, it blew my mind, but also, those two of the bride and groom where she's leaning on the perfect touch of yellow and they look so confidently in love? sheesh.
(10.02.09 12:40 PM)
megan welker said:
ahhhh love it!! the one where theyre at the dock and he has his chin on her shoulder! another wonderfully photographed wedding :)
(10.02.09 01:13 PM)
anda said:
That is THE ring shot of awesomeness! I love all the black and whites as well ... grainy goodness.
(10.02.09 02:46 PM)
amelialyon said:
LOL! I'm trying to blog more! I'll definitely keep you in mind if I am ever in need of a second shooter:)
(10.02.09 03:09 PM)
Michelle Stone said:
in..freakin..credible. you guys are so awesome!!
(10.02.09 08:13 PM)
Lizzy Peterson said:
I love this wedding! I think it is one of my favorite that you have done. But I am sure I've said that before :) You are simply amazing!
(10.02.09 10:37 PM)
Lucy, AL, Chloe & Bump said:
Stunning - just amazing x
(10.03.09 12:53 AM)
Becky said:
Wow! That picture of the bride in front of the stained glass window is perfection! Beautiful work!!!
(10.03.09 06:18 AM)
Cody said:
these are so gorgeous! what a beautiful bride!
(10.03.09 09:51 PM)
Daniel said:
FANFREAKINTASTIC ... I love the feel of this shoot ... Great work!
(10.05.09 12:52 PM)
kristen hollly said:
Yum, loving this! Love the textures and tones, and her DRESS! Hello love!
(10.05.09 07:53 PM)
Lyndzee of EP said:
LOVE the ring shot. LOVE it!
(10.06.09 05:30 PM)
brandelyn said:
where have you been hiding? or rather, where have I been hiding? love love love your work. :)
(10.07.09 01:34 PM)
annabella brandon said:
omg great job. and that dress is stunning
(10.08.09 02:17 PM)
rosaura said:
i can't stop looking at your blog. awesome sauce x 1000! the bride in front of the stained glass just totally stopped me in my tracks! wow! what lens did you use there? 35mm? love you guys!
(10.09.09 11:15 AM)
Rhonda said:
Absolutely stunning. These pics really capture the day - some are funny, some are touching, but they're all BEAUTIFUL!
(10.12.09 03:39 PM)
Wollongong Wedding Photography said:
Just Love Your Work And You Found The Satisfaction On It...
(10.14.09 12:37 AM)
kathryn said:
These are absolutely beautiful!!!! This is the church where my brother got married!!!! As well as some good friends of ours. You did a much better job photographing this wedding than the jerk of a photographer they had!
(10.15.09 04:00 PM)
Jan Rooney said:
Wow, Lara....what amazing photos. They truly are gorgeous. You and Tim look like movie stars!!!! Very classy....What a fun time we had!!!! Blessings to you two.... Love, Jan
(10.26.09 07:10 PM)
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Alicia + Joey: full of life, character, and color! I already expected their wedding to be just this after the few hours we spent with them while shooting their engagement session. August 21st was an awesome day for a wedding, and it just so happened that it was the only day in the middle of the summer that it rained in San Diego. The old saying of "rain means good luck on your wedding day" must be true because Alicia + Joey are two of a kind!ajblog001.jpgajblog002.jpgajblog003.jpgajblog004.jpgMy favorite shot of the day!
I think this image perfectly displays Joey and his awesome personality, he had me giggling all day long:)
ajblog009.jpgajblog010.jpgajblog011.jpgajblog012.jpgajblog013.jpgajblog014.jpgajblog015.jpgajblog016.jpgajblog017.jpgSecond favorite shot of the day!
ajblog018.jpgMy favorite item of the day, Alicia's feathered bouquet complete with broach.
ajblog020.jpgAfter the official ceremony took place at the LDS San Diego Temple, Alicia + Joey had a ring ceremony at the reception venue.
ajblog021.jpgajblog022.jpgAs a gift, Joey gave all of his groomsmen pocket watches.
Happy marriage to Alicia + Joey, so excited for you both! Be sure to check out their slideshow! Also last, but certainly not least, a huge thank you to Jason + Emily of Roger Ruth Photography for helping me out that day!

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megan welker said:
your second fav is my faav for sure!! and love the ring shot with the peacock feather :) woop woop another fabulous wedding amelia!
(09.30.09 11:22 PM)
brooke bowland said:
love the personality that you were able to capture. stunning work as always...
(10.01.09 12:38 AM)
Bobby Earle said:
Good freaking lord! These last two weddings... Freaky naughty good. Bobby
(10.01.09 02:17 AM)
Jane Hasty said:
Awesome shots-llokslike a great time despite the weather!
(10.01.09 05:52 AM)
Chad Zellner said:
(10.01.09 08:39 AM)
stanflan said:
lyons balling out. way to work it.
(10.01.09 08:45 AM)
Anna said:
Lovin' all the shots in this set! Your bride & groom are soooo sassy :D Thanks fr sharing
(10.01.09 09:04 AM)
chelsey said:
I love the color of the bridesmaids dresses. Looks like they had a serious party!
(10.01.09 10:02 AM)
Mel said:
I LOVE the fairytale feel that is present in the images in front of the temple...remindes me of a castle! Beautiful job as always~
(10.01.09 01:43 PM)
Emilie said:
They are so cool and funny!!!
(10.01.09 03:59 PM)
Jenny said:
The wedding party shot in front of that church is AWESOME ! I love it that you bring out the clouds and the church, but not overpower the people.
(10.01.09 05:26 PM)
Heather Kincaid said:
LOVE those bride and groom portraits! So great!
(10.04.09 07:44 PM)
Rochelle (aussie) said:
Awesome Awesome Awesome and again Awesome! Loved the ring shot nice one!
(10.04.09 10:51 PM)
Lyndzee of EP said:
I love all of the colors and the bouquet was definitely amazing. You know me and feathers,,,, they make me happy,, and so do your pictures!!
(10.06.09 05:28 PM)