Lauren + Landon's wedding was one of the last weddings we shot in 2011, it was a delightful way to end the year with two AWESOMELY in love people!!

ll_wedblog003.jpgThe groomsmen had their fun with Landon, I was dying laughing behind my camera for these!
ll_wedblog004.jpgll_wedblog005.jpgll_wedblog006.jpgLOVED, LOVED, LOVED the bridesmaids' shoes! Each pair was hand picked by Lauren!
ll_wedblog007.jpgll_wedblog008.jpgMy favorite detail of the day was Lauren's bouquet! It felt very whimsical!
ll_wedblog009.jpgll_wedblog010.jpgll_wedblog011.jpgll_wedblog012.jpgll_wedblog013.jpgll_wedblog014.jpgll_wedblog015.jpgAfter shooting at the temple we ventured out to the was GREAT because the beach was empty, so it was just Lauren, Landon, the sand, the water, and the sunset....LOVED it!
ll_wedblog016.jpgll_wedblog017.jpgMy favorite shot of the day...the guy with his bike on the side adds a nice touch to the shot too!
A HUGE congratulations to Lauren & Landon!! Click here to see their slideshow!
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ellen patton said:
Wow -- beautiful shots! I love the ones on the beach. And the bridesmaids' shoes. Very cool.
(02.09.12 05:50 PM)
Leah said:
HOE-LEE-TAH-MOL-EEEEE! love love LOOOOOVE these! Love her dress love the bm shoes love the bouquet love the beach pics! Just lots and lots of loving for these pictures. oh thank you for sharing!!
(02.09.12 11:26 PM)
Rachel Tatem said:
First: great job! I love how much fun they had. Every shot doesn't look stiff and undesired it looks relaxed and enjoyed, great job capturing that
(02.10.12 05:41 AM)
Lyndzee Ellsworth said:
Fun wedding. And yes I agree on the bridesmaids shoes. I'll take them all please.
(02.10.12 05:26 PM)
tara polly said:
so in love with all of the design choices in this wedding and your BEAUTIFUL photography work - wow, wow, wow! just perfect.
(02.10.12 10:13 PM)
celeste M. said:
Wow! always the coolest pictures! thanks for sharing!
(02.13.12 08:40 AM)
Lisa said:
Wow, so many great frames! Love those beach portraits. Well done. :)
(02.14.12 02:00 PM)
Awesome Job as always! Love the beach shots.
(02.15.12 11:38 PM)
karleen said:
Truly stunning photographs you made here! And what a stunning couple & wedding! I see the love and the fun in every image. Thank you for sharing!
(02.21.12 08:23 AM)
Kristen Morrill said:
Beautiful!!! So gorgeous! Do you know where Lauren got her dress or how I could contact her to find out?
(02.22.12 11:48 AM)
Steven said:
Beautiful and fun images. So creative!
(02.25.12 12:58 AM)
Steven said:
Beautiful and fun images. So creative!
(02.25.12 12:58 AM)
Philadelphia wedding photographer said:
Every shout is just perfectly taken.
(03.15.12 06:25 AM)
Bea said:
cute!! so cute!
(03.16.12 04:02 PM)
Fotograf Fotopromedia said:
Gorgeous photos! A beautiful wedding of a beautiful couple.
(04.04.12 05:47 AM)
Lindsay Pastor said:
I'm huge fan of your photography and this wedding is no exception to the amazing pictures you capture. Lovin the bridesmaid outfits and shoes! Where they wearing tops/skirts or dresses?
(01.29.13 07:00 PM)
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AND NOW, what I've been waiting all month long to post....the BEST OF WEDDINGS from 2011!!! What a FANTASTIC wedding year it has been, Justin and I couldn't be more happy with the wedding clients we were able to work with! This makes us even more excited for 2012 weddings!
2012 wedding season HERE WE COME!
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Sara Lucero said:
Wow! We are so honored to be amongst all these beautiful people and photographs! Not gonna lie... I was really crossing my fingers that we'd make the cut! :) We love seeing your work on our walls. Will you ever get tired of me telling you how amazing you are?! :) xo
(01.31.12 01:58 PM)
amelialyon said:
Sara, You're sweet! :) Of course you guys made the cut, what a fun shoot that was!:)
(01.31.12 10:55 PM)
Jen said:
Your photos inspire me EVERY SINGLE TIME! Thanks for always sharing :)
(02.01.12 08:21 AM)
David Ferguson | Brisbane wedding photographer said:
Awesome Amelia, inspired me to put together my favourites of the year. Great year good luck for 2012!
(02.06.12 10:21 PM)
SR said:
Yay! So glad to see our wedding here! I wish we could do it again this year!
(02.08.12 07:52 AM)
Fernando said:
Love your work as always!! We have been following your work for a couple of years now. And it's still awesome.!
(03.06.12 04:27 AM)
Missy said:
Wow. Very inspiring.
(05.06.12 06:05 PM)
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