AND NOW, what I've been waiting all month long to post....the BEST OF WEDDINGS from 2011!!! What a FANTASTIC wedding year it has been, Justin and I couldn't be more happy with the wedding clients we were able to work with! This makes us even more excited for 2012 weddings!
2012 wedding season HERE WE COME!

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Sara Lucero said:
Wow! We are so honored to be amongst all these beautiful people and photographs! Not gonna lie... I was really crossing my fingers that we'd make the cut! :) We love seeing your work on our walls. Will you ever get tired of me telling you how amazing you are?! :) xo
(01.31.12 01:58 PM)
amelialyon said:
Sara, You're sweet! :) Of course you guys made the cut, what a fun shoot that was!:)
(01.31.12 10:55 PM)
Jen said:
Your photos inspire me EVERY SINGLE TIME! Thanks for always sharing :)
(02.01.12 08:21 AM)
David Ferguson | Brisbane wedding photographer said:
Awesome Amelia, inspired me to put together my favourites of the year. Great year good luck for 2012!
(02.06.12 10:21 PM)
SR said:
Yay! So glad to see our wedding here! I wish we could do it again this year!
(02.08.12 07:52 AM)
Fernando said:
Love your work as always!! We have been following your work for a couple of years now. And it's still awesome.!
(03.06.12 04:27 AM)
Missy said:
Wow. Very inspiring.
(05.06.12 06:05 PM)