Therese & Jim were married on May 15th at Shutters in Santa Monica. I thought this venue was gorgeous! We had the sweet opportunity to work with Amanda Auer & team with In The Now Weddings & Events, they totally rocked it!jt_blog001.jpg
jt_blog002.jpgjt_blog003.jpgjt_blog004.jpgjt_blog005.jpgjt_blog006.jpgjt_blog007.jpgjt_blog008.jpgjt_blog009.jpgjt_blog010.jpgjt_blog011.jpgjt_blog012.jpgjt_blog013.jpgjt_blog014.jpgjt_blog015.jpgjt_blog016.jpgjt_blog017.jpgjt_blog018.jpgjt_blog019.jpgMy favorite shot of the day!
jt_blog020.jpgjt_blog021.jpgjt_blog022.jpgjt_blog023.jpgClick here for Therese + Jim's wedding slideshow!
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Kip Beelman said:
You are incredibly incredible.
(07.13.10 03:39 PM)
Rog said:
Hey guys. The ringshot...I don't get it, but I like it. Wait let me look again....nope, still don't get it, but I still like it. You guys are good enough to actually go pro at this wedding photography stuff. I don't know, just something to think about. Maybe you'll heed my words and make something of yourselves someday. I only wish the best for you. That's why I want you to get off the couch and do something. Pay your dues to society would ya!? I'm sorry for yelling. It's just that I see your talent and know that you could take it so far and still you only shoot weddings on weekends. You have the power to make it cool to get married on a Tuesday and you don't. Maybe if you were only available for weddings on Tuesdays.....people would take you more serious as artists. All I ask is that you think about it. Give it a chance to breath. You can't suffocate an idea with so much promise. Then other photographers would follow in your footsteps, only choosing different weekdays. Then as a group you could cover/specialize in everyday of the week. But all of this I've just said is dependent on you going pro. I've slacked in commenting in recent amazing posts and for this I am sorry. I hope I've made you smile today. This was my intention. I love you guys.
(07.13.10 03:41 PM)
Therese Annes said:
Wow! I'm speechless. Thank you for capturing all the special moments on our big day. Jim and I had such a fun time working with you and Justin. If only you could photograph our entire lives together!
(07.13.10 03:51 PM)
Nathan Walker said:
love all the detail shots! such a beautiful session - yet again :)
(07.13.10 03:54 PM)
Phyllis Cheung said:
Beautiful photos! My favorite one is the one of them all in the library. Just gorgeous!
(07.13.10 04:06 PM)
Tracy Wallace said:
Can't beat what Kip said. 'you are incredibly incredible' If i can capture images as half as good as you can one day. I'll be a happy gal :)
(07.13.10 04:41 PM)
Ariel Renae said:
absolutely gorgeous.
(07.13.10 05:18 PM)
Jessica Hills said:
You are seriously SO AMAZING! I am a huge fan. These turned out so good. I love your use of off-camera flash in them.
(07.13.10 07:53 PM)
Gedas Girdvainis said:
love it!!!
(07.13.10 11:29 PM)
Ravyn said:
Awesome photos. That ring shot in mind boggling. Water?? Mirror?? Whatever it is ... it's pretty cool.
(07.14.10 06:22 AM)
Katie said:
Beautiful!!! As always!!! I showed my husband your blog, and he said you guys are his fave!
(07.14.10 10:06 AM)
The Memory Journalists said:
This is stunning work! What a gorgeous couple. Thanks for sharing.
(07.14.10 05:47 PM)
Amanda Auer said:
Ames! SO delighted by these images. What a perfect way to capture Therese in all of her radiating beauty. Swooning for these!! xoxo, A.
(07.14.10 06:01 PM)
Stacey said:
These are so lovely and classy. I adore that ring shot, too - extra bling! :)
(07.15.10 07:23 AM)
Photographer said:
Absolutely amazing photos! I love the one with everyone in it, it's so classy, and just brilliant!
(07.16.10 05:32 AM)
wedding napkins said:
Absolutely stunning, you got it right! I love your style!
(07.20.10 07:11 PM)
Linda Chaparro said:
You look amazing and so perfectly happy....In 3 weeks I'll be right there with you!!! I can't wait!!! Please tell your family hello for me and I wish you nothing but happiness and health forever.. Love Linda and Travis..almost Snyder
(09.17.10 12:49 AM)
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Crystal + Mike were married on May 14th at the Wilson Creek Winery in Temecula. I always look forward to shooting in wine country, so romantic, it's really hard to NOT find gorgeous places to shoot!
mc_blog002.jpgThe sky really gets me in this image, it's my favorite shot of the day!
mc_blog003.jpgmc_blog004.jpgmc_blog005.jpgmc_blog006.jpgmc_blog007.jpgmc_blog008.jpgmc_blog009.jpgmc_blog010.jpgmc_blog011.jpgmc_blog012.jpgmc_blog013.jpgmc_blog014.jpgmc_blog015.jpgmc_blog016.jpgmc_blog017.jpgmc_blog018.jpgmc_blog019.jpgCrystal looked amazing! Nicole DeAnne came out for her hair & make-up!
mc_blog020.jpgmc_blog022.jpgCrystal folded 1,000 origami cranes...ONE THOUSAND! That's how much she loves Mike!
Want more?! Check out their slideshow by clicking here!
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Jen said:
these are sooo beautiful!! the one under the viney trellis is amazing :)
(07.08.10 12:37 PM)
Ariel Renae said:
absolutely stunning.
(07.08.10 03:52 PM)
Tracy said:
so amazing. Love them all especially the vineyard shots. Such a high standard of photography. I'm a huge fan.
(07.08.10 04:37 PM)
arenda said:
these are amazing! love the shadow shot! :)
(07.08.10 10:21 PM)
Katie Jane Parker said:
LOVE the ones of them in the vineyard!
(07.10.10 11:10 AM)
Becky McArthur said:
Love, love these! Once guys did AMAZING!!
(07.10.10 09:07 PM)
Shelley Freckleton said:
Gorgeous!! :D
(07.11.10 03:32 PM)
Lora Ayers said:
I love how you framed them in the vineyard!
(07.12.10 11:42 AM)
Rensche van Dyk said:
I love these! Great job guys. Beautiful couple and wedding.
(07.14.10 12:36 PM)
wedding napkin said:
You guys are so awesome. I love the kissing scene with sun between them. :)
(07.20.10 07:23 PM)
M&C said:
Thank you so much Amelia!!!! You guys did such an AWESOME job at our wedding! Can't thank you enough for capturing such incredible memories for us!
(07.20.10 11:13 PM)
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