MJ + John were married on March 13th in Los Angeles. They had booked us literally six weeks prior to the wedding date due to MJ's father falling ill and they wanted to move the wedding forward to be sure he would be well enough to attend the big day. What a wonderful day it was and everyone was so grateful to see MJ's father in attendance.

MJ + John pulled a beautiful wedding off in just six weeks! It was a lovely day, to say the least!
MJ with her father just before walking down the aisle.
My favorite shot of the day!
Be sure to click here for an online slideshow to see the complete story of MJ + John's wedding day!

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Amanda Patrice said:
You got such amazing moments with her dad. Beautiful work... As usual :-)
(05.12.10 02:05 PM)
jackie wonders said:
oh my...LOVELY. you can just feel the thick layer of love in that wedding! you two are incredible. i loved every last bit of this :)
(05.12.10 02:20 PM)
paula said:
(05.12.10 02:22 PM)
Micah Cordes said:
unbelievable shoot! Love it all!
(05.12.10 02:23 PM)
Kayleen T. said:
I love it! So beautiful and the coloring is lovely!
(05.12.10 03:24 PM)
Katherine said:
Love these! so sweet!
(05.12.10 03:52 PM)
arenda said:
the shots of the bride + her dad are so sweet. :) also love the shot of the officiant holding the rings - nicely done!!
(05.12.10 04:09 PM)
Marielle Hayes Photography said:
You seriously were born to be a photographer. This wedding (and every single photograph you take) is stunning. Fabulous work!
(05.12.10 09:39 PM)
Veronica Abello said:
My favorite shot is the one when the groom sees her in her wedding dress and you can only see her face and the back of his head. There is so much emotion in her face, it's indescribable
(05.12.10 10:07 PM)
little mick said:
SO Nice! what else can I say?!
(05.13.10 02:32 AM)
Nelly said:
The last photo of MJ hugging her father brought tears to my eyes. Litterally....I feel that will happen to me come my wedding day.
(05.13.10 12:10 PM)
JenRahrig said:
fabulous as always!
(05.13.10 03:15 PM)
Keana Clay said:
Amazing is an understatement. Can't wait 'til I'm able to attend one of your seminars.
(05.15.10 12:04 PM)
Jamie Lapeyrolerie said:
Beautiful! I love the first look and the pictures with her dad - so touching!
(05.16.10 07:21 AM)
Christina Brosnan said:
My favourite thing about your photos is that you make me think. "Wow how does she do that?!" Lovely stuff as always Amelia!
(05.18.10 06:54 AM)
Braedon Flynn said:
This wedding came out stunning. Love everything!
(05.20.10 09:09 AM)
Emma Rose Photography said:
What a gorgeous collection! I've stumbled on your website and now am a big fan!!
(05.20.10 10:38 AM)
Ariel Renae said:
These are GORGEOUS! Love love love them! Thank you for sharing and always inspiring!! :)
(05.20.10 12:41 PM)
bridget said:
the photo of the mom and dad huddled together just teared me up. amazing!
(05.26.10 06:48 AM)
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Meet my beautiful cousin Heather and her new handsome husband James! Heather + James have known each other ever since they were little tykes! A few years after high school they fell in love, James left to serve a two year church mission in Chile Santiago, Heather waited for him, James came home, proposed, now they get to be married!:) I love their's definitely one of patience and endurance, and displays genuine passion.

Heather + James were married at the LDS Temple in Santa Monica, the details of their day were nothing short of amazing..seriously! I'm going to take a moment (ahem...clear my throat) to brag about my family and how well they can pull together to put on a amazing wedding. Many may already know that I basically grew up in the wedding industry with my grandparents who started a catering company and opened up a gown shop in the 1950's. Now, fifty plus years later, I have uncles and cousins that cater, cousins that are amazing florists, make-up artists, dj's, bakers, photographers, ALL family! You name it, we got it and we do it for the wedding industry!! Anyway, Heather + James' wedding really showed the beauty of family pulling together to make their day a dream come true (plus, James' dad and grandpa can make some killer meatballs)!

jh_blog_003.jpgjh_blog_004.jpgjh_blog_005.jpgjh_blog_006.jpgjh_blog_007.jpgjh_blog_008.jpgjh_blog_009.jpgjh_blog_010.jpgjh_blog_011.jpgjh_blog_012.jpgjh_blog_013.jpgjh_blog_014.jpgjh_blog_015.jpgjh_blog_016.jpgjh_blog_017.jpgjh_blog_018.jpgjh_blog_019.jpgDid I mention that it RAINED that day?! It was crazy, but still the wedding came together beautifully!
jh_blog_020.jpgNotice two dresses, Heather wanted me to take a few shots of her in her mother's wedding dress, this was the dress Heather chose to be married in.
jh_blog_021.jpgjh_blog_022.jpgjh_blog_023.jpgMy favorite shot of the day, taken by Justin!
Oh, the details:) Heather + James went with a colorful vintage circus/carnival feel. There was a candy bar, an old fashioned soda bar, a cotton candy station, a few old-mobiles, and a bunch of huge balloons.
jh_blog_025.jpgjh_blog_026.jpgjh_blog_027.jpgjh_blog_028.jpgjh_blog_029.jpgjh_blog_030.jpgjh_blog_031.jpgjh_blog_032.jpgjh_blog_033.jpgMy second favorite shot of the day!
jh_blog_034.jpgjh_blog_035.jpgjh_blog_036.jpgjh_blog_037.jpgThe grand exit!
Family weddings are always a blast! Click here to see their day in it's entirety with an online slideshow. Happy wedding James + Heather...and welcome to the family James!
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Anna Kim Photography said:
These are so inspiring! You guys have such a nice style. I must make it to the mainland so I can attend one of your workshops. Aloha!
(04.13.10 12:22 PM)
Melissa@ The Loveliest Day said:
I love all the bright pops of color in this wedding- so fun! Her going away dress is just adorable, I love it too:) Amazing images as always, Amelia & Justin!
(04.13.10 12:24 PM)
Kayleen T. said:
Ooh these are the pix you showed us, love the cool lighting! Love their color combo and all her different dresses, stylish couple fo sho! :)
(04.13.10 12:41 PM)
Supermar said:
The LA Temple is my fave. The second to last shot ("Married") is perfection.
(04.13.10 12:59 PM)
Kyle said:
Hey, I live in Santiago, Chile! I used to go jogging by the temple all the time when we had an apartment nearby there. Love this wedding, btw, the colors are SO gorgeous. And of the course, the photography. But, that's a given :)
(04.13.10 01:09 PM)
Rog said:
Man, all these hunnies in your family Amelia! Lyndzee's gotta be related to you somehow....because she's a hunnie. I heard Shade Tree shot this wedding as well. Where the Ef is the footage?! I'll bet it's pretty "ok" :)
(04.13.10 01:14 PM)
paula said:
wow, i love everything about this wedding! awesome images, you guys rock!!!!!
(04.13.10 01:18 PM)
Heidi said:
Your photos are stunning, especially the one of the couple leaning over the table and kissing in front of those lights. Thanks for sharing!
(04.13.10 01:20 PM)
Laura Lawson said:
Awesome, I love every shot immensely.
(04.13.10 01:22 PM)
Elaine Gates said:
just awesome! you seem the the perfect photographer to match the couple's style!
(04.13.10 01:23 PM)
yan palmer said:
your posts make me so happy. sprinkled with such a pleasant mix of sunshine and edge. keep them coming! and congrats to your cousin, heather and her new hubby james!
(04.13.10 01:54 PM)
Allison said:
Oh my goodness! Everything about this Wedding day is perfect. It takes a jungle doesn't it :) All of that talent in one family really reminds me of my own family soooo much talent what a great legacy. Thank you for sharing these I am feeling inspired.
(04.13.10 02:38 PM)
Susan Keller said:
Amelia!!! I love these images ever so much! And the color palate!!! It's as if they chose their colors to perfectly take advantage of your signature toning :-).
(04.13.10 03:52 PM)
Ale said:
Beautiful wedding! I absolutely adore the vintage touch and the colors. Very cute story and it seems it was definitely worth the wait. It's a very big distance from here Santiago, Chile to the States!
(04.13.10 04:05 PM)
Mollie said:
Yay! I love them! They are so perfect. Congrats Heather and James. Enjoy Idaho!
(04.13.10 04:32 PM)
Courtney said:
I had to link to this... it's so very cute! I love how all the details came together so beautifully. What a lucky couple to have such a talented family!
(04.13.10 06:19 PM)
Marielle Hayes said:
This wedding is insanely gorgeous! I've been blog stalking you for forever now & I just have to say how incredible your work is! It is evident in every photograph that you take that you truly LOVE your job! Fabulous, fabulous job capturing this gorgeous wedding!
(04.13.10 06:59 PM)
Kathryn said:
I suddenly want to redo my wedding (and trust me I loved my wedding!) and copy this one. I am in Awe!
(04.13.10 07:05 PM)
Melissa Brandman said:
I love the color combos here - so creative! Looks like it was a beautiful and fun wedding.
(04.13.10 09:56 PM)
Christie said:
Is it just me, or does the Groom look like Superman's Clark Kent. I LOVE IT! This couple has creative character BURSTING from every seam. Very cool wedding!
(04.14.10 09:05 AM)
Laurel Pankratz said:
All so adorable! Great wedding and fun couple!
(04.14.10 10:48 AM)
Drew Renner - AKA Shade Tree Films said:
Justin and Amelia...You've done it again. Its is so fun to get distracted on your blog when I should be editing. It was awesome sauce working with you two again. Love love the stills!! Its so much fun to see what you create when we are right next to you.
(04.14.10 11:49 AM)
courtney b said:
what a freakin awesome wedding! i loved her style, and mixed with your post processing = amazing! great job!!!
(04.14.10 12:05 PM)
April said:
I LOVE the temple images!
(04.14.10 12:30 PM)
Erica said:
These shots are absolutely gorgeous and what a beautiful wedding! My favourite is the kissing shot under the lights - just perfect! Amazing work.
(04.14.10 02:50 PM)
Josh said:
Fabulous work Amelia :) Huge fan of your work.
(04.15.10 06:11 AM)
Becka @Studio222 Photography said:
Love the lights and that candy table is out of this world!
(04.15.10 06:16 AM)
Dominoe Imus said:
I love how stylish and cute this couple is! You were definitely the perfect photographer for them, you did an amazing job capturing the fun colors and personalities. Gorgeous!
(04.15.10 09:29 AM)
heather williams said:
i have been waiting for these to pop up on your blog and i LOVE them! my absolute favorite are the one's with the clear umbrella! some brides would have thought their day was ruined with rain, but heather just bought some cute umbrella's, moved the reception indoors, and embraced it! such a fun day!
(04.15.10 01:28 PM)
Lara said:
Oh my. I love love love these colors! Just perfect! My heart skipped a beat when I saw this wedding.
(04.15.10 02:48 PM)
kristen said:
Holy. Canole. Use of light is amaaaazing. And I want her get away dress!
(04.15.10 03:47 PM)
Stephanie P. said:
WOAH!!! What a killer wedding - super stylish. Love the shots with the colored gels! Simply Chic!!! C=
(04.15.10 10:17 PM)
candice Brooke said:
This wedding is awesome!!!! Love the lighting!
(04.16.10 11:52 AM)
Drew W said:
Amazing work Amelia and Justin. I love their classic style and how well your photography and processing complimented it. Simply stunning!
(04.16.10 02:41 PM)
Paige + Blake said:
Loving the LA Temple right now! beautiful as usual A and J!
(04.17.10 01:56 PM)
Amber Reinink said:
stunning! i'm absolutely smitten with the second image.
(04.19.10 05:37 AM)
Emily Heizer Photography said:
DUDE! She styled the bridal party AWESOMELY! AWESOME! Those are almost MY wedding colors too- great inspirtational post for me Amelia! (Did I ever mention my kitty cat is named Amelia? lol)
(04.20.10 03:06 AM)
Sindy said:
What a beautiful wedding!!! I love your style and creativity :-)
(04.24.10 10:01 AM)
nancy said:
hi, loved the photos...looks like so much fun! congrats! we have a wedding coming up and wanted to serve "vintage" soda pops like you did. do you have a wholesale/discount source for them? would so very much appreciate any info. thanks and best wishes!
(05.14.10 06:21 PM)
Marsha said:
Love your wedding - such fun. Love the sodas.......such a cute idea. Would you tell me more info on where you purchased those. My daughter is getting married next month and wondered about doing something like that. That so much and best of luck to you on your new lives together!
(06.10.10 07:02 PM)
Sarah said:
WOW! Your photos are amazing, and such unique posing ideas and candids. I LOVE IT!
(07.12.10 12:00 PM)
Kiah said:
Hi I love these photos first off. I was wondering if you knew the brides email or how i could get in contact with her. I love her dress and want to know where she bought it!
(07.06.11 11:09 PM)
Kristin Cahill said:
Beautiful wedding! Her dress is amazing - any chance I could find out who made it/where she got it?
(11.14.11 02:50 PM)
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