Karen + Jason were married on Treasure Island in San Francisco on April 17th. Karen, being a native to San Francisco, was especially passionate about the wedding venue. She + Jason loved that you could see most of city from where they tied the knot! Their wedding day was nothing short of fantastic! I had Jason Roger there to help me out. We laughed, shot, danced, ate, and thoroughly enjoyed the entire day, until late into the night along with Karen, Jason, and all their close loved ones in attendance!
My favorite shot of the day!
My favorite detail of the day was the 80's cover band called Pop Rocks! They were radical!!

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Marielle Hayes Photography said:
This wedding makes me happy. What a gorgeous couple, venue & looks like it was a gorgeous day! Your photography is incredible-fabulous work as always!
(05.21.10 12:52 AM)
Cathy said:
Awesomeness as always, guys! I love the third shot, the one under the palm tree. Wishing we had those here in Indiana. :)
(05.21.10 07:54 AM)
Ariel Renae said:
Another GORGEOUS wedding story! Love it!!!! Love all the colors in this one!!!
(05.21.10 09:18 AM)
Shari said:
beautiful! loved that i already saw these before they were on your blog (at the workshop!) tee-hee! hope you're having a happy mommy day!
(05.21.10 10:39 AM)
Michelle Guzman said:
Love the beautiful light and trees. So pretty!
(05.21.10 04:23 PM)
JenRahrig said:
I absolutely LOVE the shot with the tongue!! You're inspiring Amelia :)
(05.21.10 06:57 PM)
Rog said:
Glad to see you're up to the same new tricks. The shot where they were holding hands behind her back...! I tripped when I saw that. I was sitting down, but then tripped and fell on my nards. Please feel free to edit that right out. Well done suckas!
(05.21.10 11:26 PM)
Tamryn Henn said:
this set just made me swoon....swoon!! love it.
(05.21.10 11:34 PM)
Jessica said:
okay. okay. time to come clean. you are HANDS DOWN my most favorite of all photographers in the whole entire WORLD. its true. no lies. thank you for all the fabulous work.
(05.22.10 01:11 PM)
Lora Ayers said:
I love these, especially the ones outdoors at night with the sky in the background, and the reception shots!
(05.24.10 09:00 AM)
Karen + Jason said:
These shots make the day look better than the it actually even was and it was OUR wedding day so that says a lot ;) Amelia rocks!
(05.25.10 09:26 PM)
Gennadiy ( the assistant) said:
Amelia, it was my pleasure to assist you! ( image #093 - my favorite )
(05.26.10 05:18 PM)
The Memory Journalists said:
Spectacular! This wedding is going to get published for sure. One of the best I've seen this year.
(06.01.10 11:49 AM)
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MJ + John were married on March 13th in Los Angeles. They had booked us literally six weeks prior to the wedding date due to MJ's father falling ill and they wanted to move the wedding forward to be sure he would be well enough to attend the big day. What a wonderful day it was and everyone was so grateful to see MJ's father in attendance.

MJ + John pulled a beautiful wedding off in just six weeks! It was a lovely day, to say the least!
MJ with her father just before walking down the aisle.
My favorite shot of the day!
Be sure to click here for an online slideshow to see the complete story of MJ + John's wedding day!

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Amanda Patrice said:
You got such amazing moments with her dad. Beautiful work... As usual :-)
(05.12.10 02:05 PM)
jackie wonders said:
oh my...LOVELY. you can just feel the thick layer of love in that wedding! you two are incredible. i loved every last bit of this :)
(05.12.10 02:20 PM)
paula said:
(05.12.10 02:22 PM)
Micah Cordes said:
unbelievable shoot! Love it all!
(05.12.10 02:23 PM)
Kayleen T. said:
I love it! So beautiful and the coloring is lovely!
(05.12.10 03:24 PM)
Katherine said:
Love these! so sweet!
(05.12.10 03:52 PM)
arenda said:
the shots of the bride + her dad are so sweet. :) also love the shot of the officiant holding the rings - nicely done!!
(05.12.10 04:09 PM)
Marielle Hayes Photography said:
You seriously were born to be a photographer. This wedding (and every single photograph you take) is stunning. Fabulous work!
(05.12.10 09:39 PM)
Veronica Abello said:
My favorite shot is the one when the groom sees her in her wedding dress and you can only see her face and the back of his head. There is so much emotion in her face, it's indescribable
(05.12.10 10:07 PM)
little mick said:
SO Nice! what else can I say?!
(05.13.10 02:32 AM)
Nelly said:
The last photo of MJ hugging her father brought tears to my eyes. Litterally....I feel that will happen to me come my wedding day.
(05.13.10 12:10 PM)
JenRahrig said:
fabulous as always!
(05.13.10 03:15 PM)
Keana Clay said:
Amazing is an understatement. Can't wait 'til I'm able to attend one of your seminars.
(05.15.10 12:04 PM)
Jamie Lapeyrolerie said:
Beautiful! I love the first look and the pictures with her dad - so touching!
(05.16.10 07:21 AM)
Christina Brosnan said:
My favourite thing about your photos is that you make me think. "Wow how does she do that?!" Lovely stuff as always Amelia!
(05.18.10 06:54 AM)
Braedon Flynn said:
This wedding came out stunning. Love everything!
(05.20.10 09:09 AM)
Emma Rose Photography said:
What a gorgeous collection! I've stumbled on your website and now am a big fan!!
(05.20.10 10:38 AM)
Ariel Renae said:
These are GORGEOUS! Love love love them! Thank you for sharing and always inspiring!! :)
(05.20.10 12:41 PM)
bridget said:
the photo of the mom and dad huddled together just teared me up. amazing!
(05.26.10 06:48 AM)
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