Aaaaaand now Onn + Jonathan's wedding!

Their day was held at the Green Gables Wedding Estate in San Marcos California, this venue was PERFECT for Onn + Jonathan's shabby chic wedding style. I also LOVED Onn's dress, truly set the tone for the entire wedding day!
oj_wedblog016.jpgoj_wedblog017.jpgoj_wedblog018.jpgoj_wedblog019.jpgoj_wedblog020.jpgoj_wedblog021.jpgoj_wedblog022.jpgoj_wedblog023.jpgoj_wedblog024.jpgoj_wedblog025.jpgoj_wedblog026.jpgoj_wedblog027.jpgoj_wedblog028.jpgoj_wedblog029.jpgoj_wedblog030.jpgoj_wedblog031.jpgoj_wedblog032.jpgoj_wedblog033.jpgoj_wedblog034.jpgoj_wedblog035.jpgoj_wedblog036.jpgoj_wedblog037.jpgThese next two photos make me feel oh so happy! Both my favorite shot(s) of the day!
oj_wedblog038.jpgoj_wedblog039.jpgoj_wedblog040.jpgCheck out all the fun DIY stuff Onn + Jonathan put together for the wedding day, loved all the fun details!
Check out their slideshow!

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Malinda said:
Love them all! Awesome ring shot:)
(11.06.13 12:19 PM)
David Ryan said:
Love these wedding images. The black and white photographs have a great vintage vibe to them. The image of the engagement ring and wedding rings is interesting, the fire in the background makes it very unusual but it works great.
(12.22.13 09:12 AM)
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I've been waiting to show off Stephanie + Michael's fun wedding with a Cinco De Mayo twist, which is fitting since their wedding took place on May 4th, but I needed to hold my breath until after this great wedding was featured on the Green Wedding Shoes Blog

We had such a lovely day working with Stephanie + Michael and we LOVED the stylist/event planning work of the Amorology Weddings team!!!

ms_wedblog_002.jpgms_wedblog_003.jpgms_wedblog_004.jpgms_wedblog_005.jpgms_wedblog_006.jpgms_wedblog_007.jpgms_wedblog_008.jpgms_wedblog_009.jpgms_wedblog_010.jpgms_wedblog_011.jpgms_wedblog_012.jpgms_wedblog_014.jpgms_wedblog_015.jpgms_wedblog_016.jpgms_wedblog_017.jpgms_wedblog_018.jpgms_wedblog_019.jpgms_wedblog_020.jpgms_wedblog_021.jpgms_wedblog_022.jpgms_wedblog_023.jpgms_wedblog_024.jpgms_wedblog_025.jpgms_wedblog_026.jpgms_wedblog_027.jpgms_wedblog_028.jpgms_wedblog_029.jpgms_wedblog_030.jpgMy favorite shot of the day!
ms_wedblog_031.jpgms_wedblog_032.jpgms_wedblog_033.jpgms_wedblog_034.jpgms_wedblog_035.jpgms_wedblog_036.jpgms_wedblog_037.jpgMy favorite detail of the day, the seating assignment wall with mini piƱatas!

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canvas print said:
I want that cake. were did you get it from. the photos are so cool.
(09.18.13 08:41 AM)
canvas prints said:
the gold balls and the cake looks lovely. you had such an awesome style at the wedding.
(09.24.13 07:55 AM)
Mawiyah said:
Just found your site - GORGEOUS!!!
(09.26.13 03:45 PM)
Orange County Photographer said:
Your photos are absolutely stunning. I really love your detail shots and the beach photos!
(09.28.13 03:45 PM)
Shelise Murray said:
Stunning! What a beautiful wedding and I just love love love the shot of dad tearing up. You did a beautiful job capturing the love!
(10.01.13 08:49 AM)
Nikolay Mirchev said:
amazing work! love the pictures taken at the beach!
(10.16.13 03:04 PM)
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