Shirley + Sam are beautiful together, enough said! Plus, they got married at one of my favorite venues in Sierra Madre called the Villa Del Sol d'Oro (you'll see why when you spot the raddest tree I've ever laid eyes on). August 21st, 2010 was a sweet day!
ss_wed001.jpgss_wed002.jpgI was super excited to have Angie Sloan second shoot for me, she rocked it! Here's one of her shots on the left, along with the next image below. Thanks Ang!
Sam took it upon himself to make sure Shirley had her "something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue". Look what he gave her for her "something blue", lol!
Notice the box in Sam's hands....
ss_wed008.jpgss_wed009.jpgss_wed010.jpg's what Sam gave Shirley for her "something new" me some diamond tear-shaped earrings!
ss_wed019.jpgss_wed020.jpgBehold...the raddest tree I've ever seen! This would be my favorite item of the day!
ss_wed022.jpgMy favorite shot of the day!
Check out Shirley + Sam's slideshow, click here!
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Troy Grover said:
(10.06.10 10:24 PM)
Dan O'Day said:
I'm excited too! killer job Amelia :)
(10.06.10 11:49 PM)
Travis Shumate said:
Beautiful job, Amelia. Very classy.
(10.07.10 12:59 PM)
angie said:
YAY! Thanks for having me out, that was such a perfect day!
(10.07.10 03:07 PM)
Hilary said:
Could some one please tell me who is the designer of her dress, it's gorgeous!!
(10.07.10 07:25 PM)
Shirley said:
we LOVE the photos, Amelia!! THANK YOU!! and angie, thank you for rocking it out with amelia. the shot of sam standing on the toilet is by far one of my favs from the day. you braved the heat, did your thing AND had a smile on your face the whole time. thank you :) @Hilary - i got the dress at a small boutique in Pasadena called "The Ivory Suite." I think the designer is Tamara... but I can be wrong. sorry i can't be more help!
(10.08.10 08:52 AM)
small said:
Yes! Rad venue! Also, I loooove that pic of the groom standing on the toilet! So funny!
(10.08.10 08:13 PM)
Christine Pobke said:
Um. Yes. I'm glad I don't have to type out every thought that went through my brains as I was looking through this wedding post... it went something like this: "Oh god...GAWD!! That shot! Dang. Oh ooh! Wow! I need to do something like that... How do they think outside the box like this? Hmmm... Must take a different kind of brain.. OOH! PRETTINESS!" etc. I'm embarrassed for myself. PS killer wedding. :)
(10.10.10 11:47 PM)
Kristin said:
*sigh* i love your photos. dreamy. thanks :)
(10.12.10 09:29 AM)
Sarah Frenzel said:
Fabulous as always Amelia!! And you were right that venue looks Ah-mazing!! Kep it up girl friend!!
(10.27.10 06:28 PM)
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Lauryn + Jimmy were married on August 14th, 2010. The day started off at one of my favorite hotels in LA called the SLS Hotel! I had the talented Denise Bovee by my side as a second shooter and Nick Radford as an assistant that day. Lauryn + Jimmy's wedding was full of so much eye candy that I almost had a creative overload. That's definitely a GOOD problem to have!

lj_blog002.jpglj_blog003.jpgLauryn had two pairs of shoes for her wedding!
lj_blog004.jpglj_blog005.jpglj_blog006.jpglj_blog007.jpglj_blog008.jpglj_blog009.jpglj_blog010.jpglj_blog011.jpglj_blog012.jpglj_blog013.jpgMy favorite shot of the day!
....and of course, what would a wedding blog post be without an online slideshow?! Click here to see it!
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Krista Photography said:
these are lovely!
(09.30.10 08:25 PM)
Mel said:
Oh my, I love the details of this event, simply stunning!
(09.30.10 08:54 PM)
Lindsey Joy said:
These are beautiful Amelia! I always love your use of off camera flash!!
(10.01.10 08:53 AM)
Heather Wilkinson said:
So, I check here fairly often and I just wanted to tell you that your images ALWAYS blow my mind. You're just so fabulous and I love everything about your work.... technical & creative. Fabulous.
(10.02.10 07:51 AM)
jenberry said:
the black and white looking down the hallway at the bride (after your favorite, which is ridiculous as well - in a good way) is so full of moment, full of anticipation, full of energy. so unique and gorgeous.
(10.02.10 05:25 PM)
Amy Arrington said:
What a sweet couple! Beautiful light and gorgeous images.
(10.04.10 05:46 AM)
andi said:
really beautiful job as always. your off-camera flash is so amazing and creative.
(10.05.10 12:07 PM)
Jay Hsiang Studio said:
the first look photos are my favorite! and on a side note, that is one of the best dips above. haha great stuff!
(10.05.10 03:09 PM)
Lauryn said:
Amelia, I just saw the rest of the picture and I LOVE them. Thank you so much for capturing our day so beautifully.
(10.05.10 11:57 PM)
John Johnston said:
Never get bored looking at your blog posts. Terrific work as ever guys.
(10.06.10 02:29 PM)
Melissa Allen said:
Absolutely gorgeous! It always thrills me to see The Ebell of Los Angeles through the eyes of talented photographers, and you've wow'd me for sure! Can't wait to have you back at the Ebell very soon...!
(10.08.10 12:28 PM)
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