Eiman + Todd's wedding was absolutely delightful! They were hitched at the Tournament Players Club in Valencia on October 1st and I'm super excited that I finally get to show off their wedding on the blog!
te_wed001.jpgte_wed002.jpgte_wed003.jpgte_wed004.jpgte_wed005.jpgte_wed006.jpgte_wed007.jpgte_wed008.jpgte_wed009.jpgte_wed010.jpgte_wed011.jpgte_wed012.jpgte_wed013.jpgMy favorite item(s) of the day: the parasols each bridesmaid had in hand!
te_wed014.jpgte_wed015.jpgte_wed016.jpgte_wed017.jpgte_wed018.jpgte_wed019.jpgte_wed020.jpgte_wed021.jpgte_wed022.jpgte_wed023.jpgte_wed024.jpgte_wed025.jpgte_wed026.jpgte_wed027.jpgte_wed028.jpgte_wed029.jpgte_wed030.jpgMy favorite shot of the day! The clouds were bonkers that day!
Click here to see Eiman & Todd's slideshow!
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Marielle Hayes Photography said:
These are all beautiful! Love the one with the crazy clouds. Looks like it was a perfectly fabulous wedding!
(12.08.10 08:36 AM)
Mel said:
I love, love, love this session!! Simply stunning!
(12.08.10 09:30 AM)
amanda klein said:
AHHHH that ring shot is AH-mazing! They all are! Beautiful work :)
(12.10.10 02:41 PM)
Jill: louisville wedding photographer said:
Great photos! I almost feel like I was actually there! Here is a bit of a random question, do you use film or are you digital? I personally use both and I'm curious to see what you use. Thanks for sharing!
(07.15.11 08:28 AM)
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Viv + Lloyd's wedding was truly amazing! Amazing in decor, amazing in emotion, & amazing in love! The big day took place right in front of Public Library in the heart of Downtown LA. Not only was this venue killer, but the decor rocked it too!

Also, I wanted to give a big shout out to all the fun vendors I got to work with that day:

Nancy & team with So Happi Together coordinated the event, Nicole DeAnne worked the lovely Hair & Make-up, My Sweet & Saucy and their to-die-for desserts, & Will Kim as my second shooter.

lv_wed022.jpglv_wed023.jpglv_wed024.jpglv_wed025.jpgI couldn't choose between these two, but they are both my favorite shots of the day!
lv_wed026.jpglv_wed027.jpglv_wed028.jpglv_wed029.jpglv_wed030.jpgSecond favorite shot of the day! Loved the teeny-tiny heart confetti that was passed out at the ceremony!
lv_wed031.jpglv_wed032.jpglv_wed033.jpglv_wed034.jpglv_wed035.jpglv_wed036.jpglv_wed037.jpglv_wed038.jpglv_wed039.jpgMy favorite item of the day: the little heart pillow with colored pin-heads used for the money dance.
lv_wed040.jpgSo fun, there was a silhouette artist for all the guests to get their silhouettes cut out, brilliant!
Viv + Lloyd, I can't even say how radical it was to be at your wedding! Here's your online slideshow with more pics from the day & a special song...I think you'll recognize it!
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nancy {so happi together} said:
AMELIA!!! You know you are my hero and I love you to bits and pieces. You totally ROCKED Viv and Lloyd's wedding and made the day complete. So glad you like the heart pillow with pins! Our team "borrowed" it from the photo booth prop table and set in the pins as an impromptu pin-cushion! yay!! ;)
(11.23.10 06:30 PM)
anda said:
GORGE!!! Absolutely phenomenal!!!
(11.23.10 06:34 PM)
alyda said:
wowowowowow!! every shot is incredible!!
(11.23.10 07:07 PM)
Katie said:
This may just very well be the best wedding and couple ever. Looks like a freaking amazing wedding!!
(11.23.10 07:59 PM)
Megan Plenge said:
WOW! LOVE all the emotion during the ceremony! You captured it perfectly and it's obvious they are SO in love. Beautiful...just beautiful!
(11.23.10 08:00 PM)
wrecklessgirl said:
(11.23.10 09:21 PM)
Nelly said:
Amazing! You captured every moment at the perfect moment!!! LOVE!! Can you tell me who designed her dress and the source of where I can try it on? Thank you!
(11.23.10 10:07 PM)
jane said:
super hip and elegant all in one breath! amazing!
(11.23.10 10:30 PM)
Heather Wilkinson said:
Of all of the thousands of talented photographers out there, your blog is one of 3 that I frequent. You blow my mind every time! GORGEOUS.
(11.24.10 03:32 PM)
SR said:
Amazing photographs for an amazing wedding!
(11.24.10 04:30 PM)
Amy Arrington said:
Wow! These photos are stunning Amelia! Love!
(11.24.10 06:51 PM)
Amelia Aw said:
Its beautiful, so beautiful i cant describe it in words. (:
(11.26.10 02:49 AM)
Rachael Clegg said:
this is one of the most amazing wedding set ive ever seen. nice job!!
(11.27.10 02:23 AM)
Ashlee @ Ashlee Lauren Photography said:
What great moments you captured! :) It's almost like being there.
(11.27.10 10:12 AM)
Az said:
That is one beautifully photographed wedding, and such a great looking couple too.
(11.28.10 11:50 PM)
matt sloan said:
(11.30.10 11:23 AM)
Alison said:
What a magical wedding. Your photography always takes my breath away, Amelia
(12.01.10 10:07 PM)
Obi said:
lovely work , really like the tones
(12.02.10 08:07 AM)
Billykidd said:
Between this gorgeous and amazingly animated couple and your seriously ridiculous photography skills... these pictures just give me the chills. Amazing.
(12.02.10 02:36 PM)
jen lauren grant said:
GORGEOUS!!!! You're so crazy talented, lady!!
(12.06.10 02:20 PM)
Drae said:
So crazy good! I can feel the fun. I gotta know where I can get that ring... the "Mrs. B" one. Do you know??
(12.10.10 12:13 AM)
Viv said:
thanks for all the nice comments! I got the ring from heist jewelry on etsy and my dress is the marisa 808!
(01.18.11 10:47 PM)
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