Eiman + Todd are friends with one of our past clients and Todd was a groomsman at that same wedding. I was delighted that they hired Justin and I, it's always good to keep business among people we already had the pleasure of working with!
et_blog002.jpget_blog003.jpgMy favorite shot of the day!

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Mel said:
Holy Gams!
(08.10.10 06:13 PM)
Annika said: (08.10.10 09:02 PM)
Sam Whittaker said:
Wow. These are seriously fantastic.
(08.11.10 10:52 AM)
Michele B said:
Way to utilize the locations! Love, love love this session!!!!!!!
(08.11.10 11:58 AM)
Jesse Tenorio said:
Love The Standard! Great shots.
(08.11.10 01:30 PM)
Joe+Kathrina said:
Seriously, how are you so awesome?! Love this!
(08.12.10 05:15 PM)
Christina Brosnan said:
I love your use of light in these photos! Stunning set of images as always!
(08.15.10 01:45 AM)
bobbi said:
that escalator shot... I AM NOT WORTHY!!!!! Amazing work as always :) :) :)
(08.15.10 01:16 PM)
leanne said:
I love the picture behind the gate!! I love them all!!!
(08.19.10 12:14 AM)
Anna | wedding Napkin said:
Such a great photography you have. I love all your pics. :)
(01.04.11 07:04 PM)