Everyone remember this gorgeous couple?! If not, click here to see their engagement session taken a few months back in Downtown LA.

Anne + Mark were married on August 29th, 2008. The ceremony took place at The Santa Clara Church in Oxnard and the beautiful reception was held at the Spanish Hills Country Club in Camarillo. I loved the details of this wedding, and to top it all off, Mark + Anne looked quite fabulous themselves!





Gotta love the ol' RR!

Anne has got some of the most amazing and photogenic eyes I have ever shot!



My favorite shot of the day! I realize that its a little out of the norm and doesn't even feature the couple, but I thought it was an amazing and overwhelming moment!

Mark, watching his bride walk down that aisle!




Here's my second favorite shot of the day, taken by my handsome Justin!




I have to give credit where credit is due, my little sis did an amazing job with the Hair/Make-up of the bridesmaids! Good job Nicole DeAnne!




The beautifully arranged flowers were done by Shirvan Designs.
The evening and events were coordinated by Richelle Gregorio of Rare Designs Inc., she ran the whole night so smoothly!



I'm crazy into chandeliers right now, so I couldn't stop myself from posting this next shot!

The Father/Daughter dance.

A huge congratulations to the new Mr. + Mrs. Mark Quest! We took so many shots at this wedding, to get the full effect click here to see more!

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diana said:
everytime i look at your site, your pictures truly truly take my breath away.
(10.01.08 12:59 AM)
Chung Nguyen said:
Your favorite shot? AMAZING SHOT! Look at all those adoring photographers! (:
(10.01.08 01:03 AM)
erika verginelli said:
wow!!! stunning job!
(10.01.08 06:23 AM)
Brandi said:
Amazing work as always. Love your favorite shots as well both the friends and family shot and the mirror shot. Gorgeous.
(10.01.08 07:13 AM)
Kari said:
love me the hot ring shot!!!
(10.01.08 07:17 AM)
Jamie said:
I LOVE YOUR WORK! Coloring, views, you name it. I love it.
(10.01.08 08:57 AM)
wrecklessgirl said:
goodness gracious! so lovely! (and is it me or is everyone at the wedding a supermodel?)
(10.01.08 10:50 AM)
Ryel j said:
These are so surreal!! I can see why you're so excited to post them... they're outta this world!
(10.01.08 11:45 AM)
heather said:
the pic of the new Mrs. Quest getting out of the "Rolls" is one of the most stunning photos...ever! good work, again and again.
(10.01.08 12:42 PM)
sandie said:
love that shot of all the "other" photographers!!!!! my fave is the shoe shot! you rock.. again :)
(10.01.08 12:51 PM)
jackie Wonders said:
what a glamorous couple..with a great last name too! i love justin's rearview shot & that iceee ring shot. kudos...again:)
(10.01.08 01:29 PM)
angie + matt said:
Sweet wedding guys! That couple is smokin hot!!! I love the RING SHOT!:)
(10.01.08 08:44 PM)
sarah rhoads said:
dangsies this wedding looks killer kids. what a hawt couple
(10.02.08 10:12 AM)
Hanssie said:
That rearview mirror shot is pretty awesome!
(10.03.08 01:23 AM)
Oh yes, I remember them,, the epitomes of hotness. How fun it is to capture such amazing moments. I would have to say that their centerpieces are the best Ive seen yet. Great yob!!
(10.03.08 05:04 PM)
Karin said:
holy snot! what a beautiful couple! WOW! stunning. simply stunning imagery!
(10.03.08 06:10 PM)
Brooke said:
WOW!! Your stuff is AMAZING! I found your page through Molly Janes blog... LOVE IT!! Im currently a student and plan on majoring in photography.. But Im discouraged. Seeing your work excites me though :) Your awesome!!
(10.04.08 07:31 PM)
Omi said:
These are wonderful! I always love your stuff, but I HAD to comment this time, because I'm blown away! Great Job!
(10.04.08 08:54 PM)
Agnes said:
Love Love LOVE!!! The detail shots are just super! And your favorite shot is so cute and endearing. . . I bet the couple loves it too. You rock as usual, Amelia.
(10.06.08 03:05 AM)
Laura E @ Southern Weddings said:
Wow. Love the photo of the bride getting out of the car - she is so stunning.
(10.06.08 05:43 AM)
aaron said:
what an extravagant wedding. beautiful photos!
(10.06.08 09:55 AM)
nicole green said:
amazing! i want you guys to shoot my wedding! (whenever that may be). i'm sure you'll be the first i call when i'm planning.
(10.06.08 04:34 PM)
alfie said:
oh my..what a beautiful shots u got there btw what is the song name in the slideshow?love em i wanna get em as my wedding song thanks in advanced cheers
(10.16.08 04:00 PM)
Red 5 Studios said:
Incredible work guys! It was a pleasure working with you guys that day and I'm blown away by the images. Fantastic. - Loyd
(05.08.09 01:12 PM)