The world welcomes baby Fox! It's always fun to photograph brand new little babies, so sweet, so pure, so perfect!
fox_002.jpgI had to photograph all the fun little details of Fox's nursery. I love all the little-man stuff, reminds me of what I liked to collect for my boys when they were first born.
Fox's parents are so happy!
fox_004.jpgBe sure to stop by Fox's mom's blog, Paige runs a fun personal blog!
fox_005.jpgfox_006.jpgfox_007.jpgfox_008.jpgfox_009.jpgfox_010.jpgMy favorite shot of the day!
fox_011.jpgfox_012.jpgfox_013.jpgThis photo makes me smile ear to ear! Gotta love the newborn cross eyed thing, especially since they can't really see all the way at this point in life, I ADORE this photo!

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rog said:
I was just thinking that I'd love to look at a blog of a boy named fox at, That's so weird.
(12.14.10 02:59 PM)
amber said:
little cutie! and i love his name!
(12.14.10 03:30 PM)
Stacey Hedman said:
Let's hear it for the knitters in da houuuse! Adorable! I'm about to shoot two different newborns this weekend and love the chance to see your work too :-)
(12.14.10 05:20 PM)
Sarah Henry said:
Love the cross-eyed photo - gotta find a hat like that for our baby boy
(12.14.10 05:57 PM)
Paige Evans said:
I've said it before and I'll say it again - thank you soooooo much :) Maybe we can make this a yearly tradition - having you take our pictures that is, not having a baby every year haha.
(12.14.10 08:15 PM)
SR said:
Fantastic work, as usual!
(12.15.10 01:44 PM)
small said:
These photos are so sweet! Especially the cross-eyed photo- Hilarious!
(12.16.10 08:11 AM)
Supermar said:
I'm so jealous that my friend Paige got to do a photo shoot with the one and only Amelia! Amazing pics as usual.
(12.17.10 12:37 PM)
Aly said:
what a gorgeous baby boy! and youre totally right about the cross-eyed photo...overwhelming giggles came out of nowhere!
(12.18.10 07:32 PM)
Melissa said:
Adorable photos!!
(12.20.10 02:35 PM)
Rebecca said:
What a beautiful baby and how adapt that they have a Shiba Inu dog too!
(12.21.10 01:51 PM)
Jessica F said:
LOVE THIS!! Oh and I have to ask you...can you ask your clients where they got the sock monkey hat?? My sister in law is having her baby in a week or so and her soon to be son's room is a sock monkey theme! She would just die if I got her a hat like that....thanks in advance girly!
(12.23.10 08:51 AM)
Paige Evans said:
The sock monkey hat was purchased from - I don't remember which shop though. But if you search "sock monkey hat" a bunch of listings come up - just pick your fave! Hope that helps!
(12.24.10 05:18 AM)
Shamima Sultana said:
wow...what a cute baby...and really its such a nice family.. i think photographer would be very happy to capture them in a frame..BTW nice photography:)
(12.27.10 12:41 AM)
Canvas Art said:
These photos are amazing. I am really impressed.
(01.01.11 11:22 PM)