Molly + John's wedding is 1 of 4 more weddings we need to post that were shot in 2009. I'm so excited to show off these last four weddings...I'm in love with each one's style, setting, and story. So here goes with the first of four!

Molly + John were married on October 17th, 2009 at one of our favorite places to shoot, The Shade Hotel in Manhattan Beach (this is also the home of our next LYON-SHOP to take place on January 12th). Everything about The Shade Hotel screams style, from the straight lines, to the long green curtains, to the whirl wind fire places in each hotel room...we heart this location! On top of such an amazing location we had the ever fantastic Molly + John to work with! Great style, sweet personalities, and they were ready to party the minute we showed up (you'll see that I actually got dragged into it their party if you make your way down to the bottom of this post)!

jmwed001.jpgjmwed002.jpgThe lovely Molly had here hair & make-up done by the ever fab Nicole DeAnne!
jmwed003.jpgjmwed004.jpgjmwed005.jpgjmwed006.jpgjmwed007.jpgjmwed008.jpgThese next two shots are perfecto! Justin shot these and I adore them!
jmwed009.jpgjmwed010.jpgjmwed011.jpgjmwed012.jpgjmwed013.jpgjmwed014.jpgjmwed015.jpgjmwed016.jpgjmwed017.jpgjmwed018.jpgjmwed019.jpgjmwed020.jpgMy favorite item of the day: Molly took her AMAZING calligraphy skill and HAND-WROTE out all of these ceremony/reception fans!
jmwed021.jpgjmwed022.jpgjmwed023.jpgjmwed024.jpgjmwed025.jpgjmwed026.jpgThe details!
jmwed027.jpgjmwed028.jpgMy favorite shot of the day...simple, but I'm I like how real it is. I caught this just as Molly + John walked out to greet their guests at their reception!
jmwed029.jpgjmwed030.jpgThen the dance party began...
jmwed031.jpgjmwed032.jpgjmwed033.jpgjmwed034.jpg....and we got caught in the party! John convinced me to go out onto the dance floor with them, it was fun:)
jmwed035.jpgjmwed036.jpgWhat would a wedding post be without a slideshow?! Don't forget to click here to see more from Molly + John's wedding day.

Here's one down, now only three weddings from 2009 to go, keep a look out!

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John Edgar said:
Simply beautiful. Your work never stops inspiring me....
(01.05.10 02:34 PM)
Kayleen T. said:
Beautiful pictures, way to break it down at the end Amelia! ;)
(01.05.10 02:46 PM)
Melissa Gartner said:
Love the Shade hotel. Love love love all the shots. Love the B&W series of the Bride & Groom having fun. AWESOMENESS!!
(01.05.10 03:26 PM)
Anna B said:
Oh, Amelia, how freaking cute are you?!? Love this wedding. Filled with all sorts of goodness and light...literally.
(01.05.10 03:27 PM)
Marissa Rodriguez said:
Seriously, ridiculously and totally AMAZING!!!
(01.05.10 05:19 PM)
Katherine said:
(01.05.10 07:54 PM)
Kyle said:
great set - the ceremony image is very nice
(01.05.10 08:39 PM)
Schantel said:
Awesome work!!!!!
(01.05.10 10:06 PM)
Feuza said:
that shot of seeing the bride through the grooms legs is cool as ever!!! and loved how you got down, and I can not believe she hand wrote all that stuff, so pretty
(01.05.10 10:40 PM)
Jenny said:
Love your perspective of the wedding !
(01.05.10 11:58 PM)
Kat Speyer said:
(01.06.10 12:07 AM)
Lisa H. Chang said:
The photo of them walking into the reception is epic!
(01.06.10 04:15 AM)
imthiaz houseman said:
sweet set. you look like you were having such a great time! nice work as always.
(01.06.10 11:43 AM)
Alexandra said:
Beautiful shots! Love the last two :) Looks like you're always having fun :)
(01.06.10 09:44 PM)
Chelsey said:
You're so talented. Awesome photos... as usual. Love the brides makeup!
(01.07.10 01:38 PM)
amelialyon said:
Thanks for your sweet comment. Molly had her hair and make-up done by Nicole DeAnne (
(01.07.10 01:56 PM)