Since we were out of town for so long, we tried our best to keep up with everything, but with all of the crazy events over the past month our blogging habits have slowed down and I am DETERMINED to get back to blogging twice a week again. So here's a second entry for the week, and maybe if you're all lucky:) we'll get a third post up before the week is over!

Introducing Molly + John! We shot their engagement session in Long Beach near the Aquarium. I've been excited about posting this session because it really displays a wide array of natural lit images (minus my favorite shot of the day shot with off camera flash). Plus, these photos show Molly + John's personality so well, they were and are great together, especially for our camera!
mj_eng003.jpgMy favorite shot of the day!

mj_eng004.jpgmj_eng005.jpgmj_eng006.jpgmj_eng007.jpgmj_eng008.jpgThe Canon 45mm tilt shift really grabs that faded natural light like no other! 
Wedding soon to follow in October!

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Lori Anderson said:
Beautiful photos! A tilt-shift, some flare, and a lighthouse = good times!
(08.05.09 03:05 PM)
rich m said:
Wow - these are so gorgeous - I'm jealous of your skills AND of the couple who gets to be in these, so pretty :)
(08.05.09 03:38 PM)
allyson magda said:
beautiful work! love the area you shot these!
(08.05.09 03:53 PM)
Michelle Stone said:
I adore everything you guys do! These, as usual, ROCK!!!!!
(08.05.09 03:57 PM)
Lindsey Joy said:
This couple really looks rad in front of your camera!! I'm lovin' all the lens flare & your b&w recipe for this session. This HAS to be a sign in book for the wedding!!! BEAUTIFUL!
(08.05.09 04:05 PM)
Kayleen T. said:
Wow! just so beautiful and the flare is yummy!
(08.05.09 04:17 PM)
Karen Slate said:
love the angles, colors, and the little lens flare!
(08.05.09 04:38 PM)
Briony said:
these are marvelous!
(08.05.09 06:12 PM)
Lesley said:
gorgeous, as always.
(08.05.09 06:21 PM)
Carolyn Egerszegi said:
Crazy-gorgeous, as usual!
(08.05.09 08:47 PM)
Kara Wieler said:
These are fabulous. Love the light. My fav is the first lighthouse pic, fantastic!
(08.05.09 09:44 PM)
elena wilken said:
those TS shots are amazing! beautiful work!
(08.05.09 11:08 PM)
Candice {The Beautiful Mess} said:
exquisite. the color is SO rich and the chemistry between the couple is fantastic! great work lyon fam!
(08.06.09 05:48 AM)
Melissa Gartner said:
Love this post! Lots of colors, the green dress rocks and not to mention awesome light!!
(08.06.09 09:42 AM)
shannon said:
what amazing light! gorgeous shots, gorgeous couple!!!
(08.07.09 01:02 PM)
Jacob said:
these are great. i've been looking at your photos a lot lately and i cant get over how amazing the skin tones are. how the heck do you do that?
(08.09.09 05:13 PM)
alec vanderboom said:
awesome awesome shots. way to make good use of the harbor.
(08.10.09 12:45 PM)
Deborah Brandon said:
lush light / fabulous flare - love the moments captured - sooooooooooooo romantic - your skills are amazing :)
(08.10.09 09:38 PM)
Feuza said:
Wow- I get so inspired by your work, I can stare at these for hours.
(08.13.09 12:12 PM)