Jennifer + Sebastien wedding is #3 out of the last four weddings to blog from 2009 and its a good one:). Of course it was an amazing day, how could anyone go wrong with a wedding set in Maui?! Jenn + Seb were married on November 10th of 2009 at lovely house off the shore of Kihei in Maui. Justin and I were particularly looking forward to their wedding because we ended up making a vacation out of it and stayed for six days! This was my first time to Hawaii so I was giddy the entire time!

On top of sharing such a wonderful day with Jenn + Seb, we had the best sky to work with as a backdrop and the ENTIRE group in attendance at this wedding were the sweetest, most loving friends and family one could ever meet! This was such a good day all around!
jsblog002.jpgjsblog003.jpgNicole DeAnne joined us on the trip and Jenn ended up hiring her to do the hair + make-up for the wedding day. I thought Jenn looked gorgeous!
jsblog004.jpgjsblog005.jpgjsblog006.jpgMy second favorite shot of the day!
jsblog014.jpgThe officiator did a great job, he made the entire group smile and laugh, he was perfect for Jenn + Seb!
My favorite shot of the day!
What a great first trip to Hawaii...Maui was certainly my favorite! Thank you to Jenn + Seb for having us out, you two are beautiful! Click here to see their online slideshow!

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denise Bovee said:
love theesssee! gorgeous gorgeous!!
(01.16.10 10:38 AM)
jenny said:
you always amaze me! beautiful location for a wedding..and i love the her peacock feather, nice touch :)
(01.16.10 11:19 AM)
anda said:
i'm typeless! beautiful!!
(01.16.10 11:44 AM)
angie + matt said:
It doesn't get any better than a gorgeous couple with an intimate wedding in Hawaii! So beautiful!
(01.16.10 12:41 PM)
jenn & seb said:
amelia and justin... words cannot express how STUNNING these photographs are. we couldn't be more pleased, i assure you! we are delighted you were able to lend your talents to our day and will cherish these moments through your pictures always! xx
(01.16.10 02:58 PM)
kayleen t. said:
Love, love, love it! I love your fave and his casual gray suit and sneakers! I miss Hawaii!
(01.16.10 03:28 PM)
Sandy said:
Hawaii weddings are stunning and your pics are as well. I love the vintage feel to all these photos!! I am just starting out in photography and I only hope I can take images as beautiful as this one day!
(01.16.10 05:32 PM)
linda geertsen said:
Maui. I hate to share my favorite place in the world, but okay. I love the intimacy of Jen + Seb's wedding. I really am speechless. Beautiful.
(01.16.10 09:15 PM)
pshemek said:
great photographs. i love them very much
(01.17.10 08:32 AM)
mindy said:
love love love love love. :)
(01.17.10 10:31 AM)
Caitlin said:
LOVE your work! Every single image from this wedding made me smile :O)
(01.17.10 06:34 PM)
Karen Buckle said:
These are fantastic - sunset on the beach never looked so good!
(01.17.10 09:59 PM)
Amalie Maren said: captured this so beautifully! Those shots with the sunset behind are absolutely amazing! Inspireddd! Thanks for sharing!
(01.17.10 10:50 PM)
Photographe Mariage A said:
Enormous post-- you make so many points that simply make knowledge for me. Thanks for this informative post.
(01.18.10 01:07 AM)
Caroline Delise said:
AMAZING!! The moments captured are fantastic! You can feel it! They look so wonderfully happy!
(01.18.10 07:00 AM)
CaTherine said:
Those are the most beautiful, natural, artistic and gorgeous wedding photos I have ever seen.
(01.18.10 09:14 AM)
erin said:
awesome, these are so stunning! Really vaptures the intimacy and uniqueness of the day. Jenn you are gorgeous!!!
(01.18.10 09:47 AM)
imthiaz houseman said:
these are so awesome. i love this set, what a great way to start the new year!
(01.18.10 12:35 PM)
Sarah Numada said:
You captured the emotion of the moment so beautifully. Wonderful photography. Jenni, you look stunning! The post-production of the photos is so captivating. :)
(01.18.10 12:39 PM)
Trisha Urton said:
WOW! Spectacular, stunning, amazing! Jenn & Seb, you two look so happy and so gorgeous!! What beautiful and artistic photography. Congratulations!
(01.18.10 08:44 PM)
alec vanderboom said:
awesome classy wedding. and great photographers to compliment it all. great job. i like the snow cone one a lot
(01.18.10 11:05 PM)
katie said:
simply breathtaking. the love is abundantly overflowing in each and every shot. purely beautiful
(01.19.10 08:33 AM)
Kyle said:
Your 2nd favorite shot of the day is awesome! Looks like the wedding party had fun - and that's the most important thing!
(01.19.10 09:16 AM)
Jaime Hamm said:
I have only seen wedding pic's like this in a magizine, I think these are truly the best ones I have seen.
(01.20.10 09:52 AM)
Iris and Light said:
You guys are seriously insane. Insanely cool! What an amazing perspective you get. So fresh creative! Keep up the truly inspiring work. Love it all!
(01.21.10 02:47 AM)
Amanda-Lauren said:
I've been a silent admirer for a while, but I felt the need to comment. I LOVE these :) Who am I kidding? I love all of your work!
(01.22.10 12:52 PM)
Katie Jane Parker said:
These are so gorgeous!!!
(01.27.10 07:46 PM)
pawel said:
I love your style. Awesom shots.
(11.25.10 02:28 PM)
Photographe mariage strasbourg said:
Wahouh ! Very beautiful pictures.
(06.05.11 03:40 AM)
grand rapids wedding photographer said:
What a beautiful couples and what a photography technique.Thanks for sharing.
(02.28.13 09:56 PM)