Now that you've seen their engagement session we are ready to unveil the wedding of Claudine + David! They were married on September 19th at the Sacred Heart Chapel on the campus of LMU with a sweet reception that followed with their closest friends and family.

Claudine + David were great in front of our cameras, although they did admit that it felt super weird for them and sort backwards. Both Claudine and David are talent producers by day and are usually working behind the scenes with photographers and stylists for their clients. I thought it was great that they finally got to be the ones in the lime-light on their wedding day!

My favorite item of the day, Claudine's shoes!
cd_wed002.jpgcd_wed003.jpgcd_wed004.jpgcd_wed005.jpgcd_wed006.jpgcd_wed007.jpgcd_wed008.jpgcd_wed009.jpgcd_wed010.jpgcd_wed011.jpgcd_wed012.jpgcd_wed013.jpgcd_wed014.jpgcd_wed015.jpgcd_wed016.jpgcd_wed017.jpgcd_wed018.jpgcd_wed019.jpgcd_wed020.jpgcd_wed021.jpgMy favorite shot of the day!
cd_wed031.jpgcd_wed032.jpgMe with the fab duo team of Events of Love and Splendor. LOVED working with Angel and Ana!

Don't forget to check out their slideshow with more photos by clicking here!

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Emilie said:
Is Claudine French? Her dress is stunning!! :) Love your pics!!!
(11.05.09 04:53 PM)
Alexandra said:
These are awesome!! Beautiful, beautiful! :)
(11.05.09 05:30 PM)
angel swanson said:
looooove! thank you for your fabulous talent that day; working with you guys is always SO much fun! these images seriously take my breath away. it helps that claudine & david are g-g-g-gorgeous! xoxo
(11.05.09 06:29 PM)
Amanda Patrice said:
LOVE the blurry one! You do what you want and it's always awesome!
(11.05.09 11:29 PM)
jenny said:
LOVE these! That ring shot is epic!
(11.06.09 06:58 AM)
angie + matt said:
Love her shoes! Love the ring shot! Love this wedding! Love that you both are wearing polka dots!
(11.06.09 08:22 AM)
Jenna said:
The dancing shots are fabulous, particularly the last one. It captures that "first dance" moment so perfectly.
(11.06.09 11:38 AM)
Chad Jarae said:
Beautiful! I love every frame!
(11.06.09 03:07 PM)
Mel said:
Oh Amelia, these are breathtaking~ Great job!
(11.06.09 05:11 PM)
imthiaz houseman said:
what a great wedding, love the b&w dancing photo.
(11.09.09 10:10 AM)
Orkun ISIN said:
Dear Claudine, Congratulations. We wish you both a happy marriage with love, but the most of all respect to each other until the eternity. I look forward to know David. Please remember that you have an uncle and a home in Turkey. We would love to welcome you both here in Istanbul. Love from all of us at ISIN's family (Tugce, Filiz and Orkun)
(11.16.09 02:13 AM)
lizelle Lotter said:
Man oh man oh man. Would you ever come to SA? I will give you a place to stay, just come share your awesome talent with us! Man oh man oh man. :-)
(11.30.09 06:06 AM)
Miah said:
LMU is great. Nice post filled with the good stuff. Keep the inspiration coming!
(12.01.09 10:17 AM)