Heather + John were married on February 20th at the Center Club in Costa Mesa. I loved the classic look of their wedding day and the venue just added to that. Justin and I showed up to the Hyatt in Huntington Beach to catch some pre-ceremony shots and the first thing I discovered when I walked into Heather's suite were the mounds of scattered yellow rose petals John had left for her earlier that morning. It was a fun detail that started the day off on the right foot.

I give you Mr. & Mrs. Stratman!

hjblog_001.jpghjblog_002.jpghjblog_003.jpghjblog_004.jpghjblog_005.jpghjblog_006.jpghjblog_007.jpghjblog_008.jpgMy favorite shot of the day!
hjblog_009.jpghjblog_010.jpghjblog_011.jpghjblog_012.jpgThe fancy ladies made me smile:)
My second favorite shot of the day!
hjblog_030.jpgBe sure to click here to see Heather + John's online slideshow!

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maggie fortson said:
AMAZING! As usual :) I just adore your use of natural and artificial light! Perfect, perfect, perfect!
(03.23.10 10:46 PM)
Kayleen T. said:
Love the group shot and your fave! Great pix!
(03.23.10 11:20 PM)
Karen Buckle said:
You guys are so creative - love your work!!!
(03.23.10 11:42 PM)
yan palmer said:
freak. you do not disappoint. i think most humans are composed primarily of water, but you're composed primarily of creative. that is all.
(03.24.10 12:08 AM)
Joseph Yarrow Bristol Wedding Photographer said:
Wow, I've really enjoyed looking through these! you're the best! I'm going to get addicted to following your blog! Shame! =)
(03.24.10 01:38 AM)
Hannah Lundberg said:
Love, love, love. These are absolutely gorgeous. The processing, the lighting, the dragged shutters - everything! Just beautiful!
(03.24.10 02:42 AM)
Sarah Hess said:
Wow! Good balancing with the rings! How in the world did you get that diamond to stay up!?! Love all the shots noticing the trees and what a great way to photograph such a small wedding party! Love the harsh front lighting and back lighting!
(03.24.10 06:27 AM)
graham said:
Fancy Ladies. love it.
(03.24.10 07:18 AM)
paul said:
your fav is my fav!
(03.24.10 07:39 AM)
Ryan Huston said:
Very very lovely! I am in LOVE with the three sunburst shots! BUT I do have to say that your favorite is also my favorite! I stopped for about 30 seconds just to take it all in! Fantastico!
(03.24.10 08:30 AM)
Catherine Guidry said:
WOW! I LOVE the series of images of them inside the glass where her skirt is raised and his back is to the camera. In addition to so many others. Your a very talented photographer, and I really enjoy your work!!! Beautiful.
(03.24.10 12:17 PM)
Steven Elmer said:
The fancy ladies area a crack up, I love em :P
(03.24.10 12:44 PM)
angie + matt said:
I love the cute little grannies,that is the best!!! Your fave shot is so beautiful too!
(03.24.10 01:33 PM)
FragolaProductions said:
love the wedding. amazing pictures! :)
(03.24.10 02:50 PM)
Jaq said:
Inspiring. Every time I look.
(03.24.10 06:23 PM)
Veronica Abello said:
Good pictures. In the picture of the ceremony where you can see all the guests, on the left side there's a lady sitting down front row with a wine colored dress and she looks like Kathy Bates. Funny.
(03.25.10 08:06 AM)
jean smith said:
sigh. so freaking amazing...
(03.25.10 11:46 AM)
jenna walker said:
i love the closeup of the two of them - beautiful work you guys! hope you are well and happy!
(03.26.10 06:03 AM)
Andrew Collings said:
(03.26.10 07:34 AM)
Fotograf lublin said:
Wow! Awesome images!
(12.19.11 01:39 PM)